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RCM - Reliability-Centered Maintenance for Industries


About the Course

Not all equipment are created  equal even if  they are of the same type of equipment. Much of the maintenance requirements have much more to do on how the equipment will be operated or based on the operating condition of the equipment.  This course covers the principles of RCM which is a process used to determine the maintenance requirements of any physical asset in its present operating context. It entails us by asking the seven questions about the asset that is being maintained.  This course provides an indebt details and understanding that the aim of maintenance is not about eliminating failures but rather understanding that each failure have their unique form of consequences and that the degreed of maintenance requirements should be based upon the consequences of failure itself.  Likewise, this course allows us to understand that the best maintenance strategy should not just be confined to the limits of a traditional Preventive Maintenance only.  Maintenance must understand that the behavior of failure occurs in three patterns which is Infant Mortality failures, random failures and age-related or wear out failures and that only around 20% of equipment failures conform to an age-related pattern.

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