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RCFA - Root Cause Failure Analysis – Understanding Equipment Failures


About the Course

It is a common practice due to lack of time and information that equipment and system failures are often investigated at a superficial level.  As a result both operators and maintenance keep running unreliable plant, which cause repeated losses and become experts at fixing rather than eliminating the failure. This training you will learn to apply several practical systematic methods for analyzing performance problems to uncover the root cause that will eventually end all recurring problem making us proactive. Most maintenance are contended with fixing and repairing failures, in fact we accept them as a normal routine work, stock up piles of spare parts in our inventory to make sure that they are available whenever a failure occurs. Fixing failures is a thing of the past for companies who would like to improve their equipment reliability, their secret, they analyze their failures and determine the Root Cause of the problem so that appropriate solutions can be adopted. Trouble shooting is no longer an effective strategy.  In today’s competitive world, the “Analysts” find real solutions to problems, that’s why the need to understand Root Cause Failure Analysis is a must.

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