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MRR - Maintenance - Roadmap to Reliability


About the Course

This course covers a strategy for maintenance people to achieve a high reliability of their equipment and assets through the principles of Planned Maintenance Four Phases to Zero unplanned breakdown strategy.  Phase 1 deals with Stabilizing MTBF, main activity involved here is restoration by establishing Equipment Basic Equipment Condition.  Phase 2 deals with Addressing Equipment Weaknesses in Design and addressing them to prolong the lifespan of parts. Phase 3 and 4 of Planned Maintenance deals with developing a Maintenance Tasks Selection Diagram in order to classify which parts will fall on the different maintenance tasks available.  This is where Reliability Centered Maintenance can be used.  Phase 4 if Planned Maintenance is about Predicting Failures through a system known as Condition-Based Maintenance and the use of Diagnostic tools to monitor condition of parts.


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