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BMC - Basic Maintenance Concept – Understanding Reactive, Preventive, Predictive, Proactive Maintenance


About the Course

This course covers the four strategies of Basic Maintenance Concept which are Reactive, Preventive, Predictive and Proactive and when each of them is feasible to use.  Reactive Maintenance is a type of maintenance strategy that simply means fixing it only when it fails as the saying goes when it ain’t broke  don’t fix it when it fails then we come and fix it.  In Preventive Maintenance is performed on a fixed or scheduled time-based interval. Parts in which the rate of wear is directly related with age are subject to this type of  tasks.  Predictive Maintenance is performed not based on time but rather on  the condition of equipment with the aide of diagnostic monitoring tools to determine the potential failures and lastly in Proactive Maintenance we are interested to determine the Root Cause of the failure and correct it permanently to prevent recurring failures from happening again in our equipment.

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