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AMS - Advance Maintenance Strategies on RCFA and RCM


About the Course

This course covers two of the most important strategies on maintenance which is how to conduct a Root Cause Failure Analysis and deriving the correct maintenance tasks for our equipment and assets through the use of Reliability-Centered Maintenance.  RCFA will provide the delegates with an understanding on how to probe or investigate equipment related failures by determining the physical, human, system and finally the latent cause of the problem while RCM provides a detailed approach on how to derive the correct maintenance tasks for our equipment and assets with the aid of an algorithm or Decision Diagram.  RCFA will help you to learn what a true and meaningful Root  Cause Failure Analysis and how deep the probe should be to finally uncover the root causes that will eventually end recurring failures and breakdowns while RCM will determine the maintenance requirements of any physical asset in its present operating context.  RCM is done by asking seven questions about our asset or system that is being maintained.

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