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· I was able to realize that there is a deeper knowledge than the Preventive Maintenance.  As such, The 12 Disciplines taught upon will serve as an important tool in discussing my clients the importance of managing and practicing power management in their system.  From Willer de leon


· Predictive Maintenance and Lubrication Strategy was discussed exhaustedly.  If applied properly in our company, it will reduce its maintenance costs dramatically.  Preventive Maintenance, the most abused term of maintenance was dwarfed by the importance of Predictive Maintenance on the operation of Facilities of any entity.  From Vicente Sia, Facility Management, OKADA, Manila


· The training was given in a window into the world of maintenance and the way on how to applied it into the real world of manufacturing operations.  From Edison Palpallatoc, Plant Manager


· Straightforward, educational, unique style of training, and entertaining.  Simple but full of new ideas wer presented.  From Noridel Gabito, Assistant Director, OKADA Manila


· I have learned how to improve my maintenance strategy in order to have a reliability and more efficient and save on cost way of doing maintaining my assets.  I have learned the steps of where to start and how to decide on what to do to have a successful maintenance strategy.  From Joseph R. Plaza Jr., E&I Superintendent, Power Plant Maintenance


· The training materials and content are very relevant to the course.  Additional inputs like video clips and stories of other experiences were an eye opening for us to learn from.  The venue is conducive for learning Overall, this is an effective and fun training.  From Freya Rebulado, Asset Register and Planning Engineer


· The facilitator is well experience with all the topics discussed in the training program.  Good audio visual presentation.  From Andres Rodell, Maintenance superintendent, Modec


· Practical and timely in our industry.  The training was based on tested principles.  Provide basic understanding on the different maintenance techniques and principles.  From George Garcia, Operations Manager, Universal Rovina Corporation, Tolong


· The solid technical experience of the facilitator.  The quality of the training materials.  The training skills of the facilitator on shifting between slides from different slides to exemplify the explanations and answers to the class room despite of the high volume of the training materials taught in 3 days.  Excellent class room condition.  Excellent organization including meals, snacks.  Coverage of the power generation industry.  Possibility to exhaust ideas with other experience training colleagues.  From Sorin Schebesch, Maintenance Manager



· Excellent knowledge about the 12 Disciplines which is very useful to my industry for improve reliability and availability.  For Autonomous Maintenance, I would like to apply to my industry.  All points covered with practical example.  This is the beauty of this course and Rolly also.  I think the programed and hope the time can be increased from 2 to 3 days.  From Bhavic Patel, Manager, Reliance Industry


· Rich training materials.  All points were well explained.  Very useful and refreshing experience.  Emphasis on RCM and CBM was really good.  From Vivek Joshi, Manager


· I understand the lubrication management, decision making chart, Predictive Maintenance etc.,  I really will start to these strategies in my plant.  All the contents of the training, trainer interaction, training module covering time management everything is excellent.  From Abhijit Biscoas, Additional Senior Manager, Mechanical


· Good leverage of the trainer.  Clear trainer and answer to questions.  Give simple examples to clear doubts.  Effective slide powerpoint with plenty of information.  From Anil, Senior Manager


· How to implement various maintenance techniques was on of the good points about the training session.  The training contents was good and precise.  Knew about the various maintenance disciplines.  From Surg Naik, Assistant Manager, Engineering, Abbott


· Knew about the various ways of doing maintenance.  Knew about assessment in each discipline so as to conclude right.  Sequential way of doing maintenance and solving our problems on breakdown.  Implementation of all the 12 Disciplines in my industry.  From Ashok Chodankar, Manager Engineering Abbott


· Basics in depth.  Clear vision of maintenance management.   Very good approach.  Holistic view and approach on the 12 Disciplines.  From Guarave Modi, Assistant Manager, Mechanical


· Very good and extensive training with examples to relate upon.  Kept me engage into the lecture for the full day.  From April Gaur, Graduate Engineer Trainee


· The facts and materials on powerpoint was based on the exact practical condition as the actual condition  followed by today’s industries.  The culture of industries can be change by using the practices adapted in this training which will impact positively on the long term basis.  From Shiv Kumar, Regional Maintenance Executive, Engineering, ITC


· Training with relevant examples.  We come to know the role of process people in maintenance.  Course material is given for reference.  Detail explanation on the RCM procedure.  From Ghopal, Senior Manager


· Presentation and contents provided by Rolly Sir were useful ti carry out maintenance of instruments in industries.  Instead of following manuals of equipment blindly he provided vision to carry out the procedure which was experience and with scientific approach.  Incorporation of songs and videos in the presentation make it more interesting.  Mathematical support has provided to every concept.  From Rupali Dhawde, Severage Operation


· All points capture in this training was very useful for maintenance people.  All points in this training module have very details and easy to understand.  Trainer have a very good knowledge about World Class Maintenance Management.  From Amol Bhambore, Assistant Manager



· The trainer is a very good speaker.  He explained every point very clearly example.  From Satnarain Sharma, Engineer, MEP Services


· The training session was good and explained the how we can reduce the breakdown through the 12 disciplines of maintenance as well as Predictive Maintenance and Spare Parts Inventory and storage of oil used in process machines.  From Lalit Saxeen, Manager, Engineering, Alkem


· The presentation skills of the trainer is very good.  Topics covered under this training are very useful to us.  From Jitander Kumar, Deputy Manager, MEP Services and OAM


· This training covers all the topics with very defined modules.  Especially every topic covered was related to the basic problems which we always deliberate in our company.  RCFA Analysis method is really very good and very helpful for me.  RCM evaluation method is super awesome especially in doing that kind of exercise.  RCM analysis and tasks decision method chart is very good.  From Udit Khandelwal, Engineer, MEP Services Division


· Important aspects of maintenance was covered in this training.  The trainer was well connected with everyone in the class.  From Aztil Motun, Mines Maintenance


· Very concise and relevant.  No off looping around.  Directly useful and effective.  From Guaran Goliva


· Provide practical approaches to maintenance issues.  Definitive approach to understanding CBM.  Clear understanding on RCM.  Role of lubrication and oil science and the Rolling Stones.  From Amiket Singh


· Roles and responsibilities of maintenance function explained.  Meaning of maintenance.  Difference between Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.  Difference between FMEA and RCM/TPM.  Understanding about the different types of failures and patterns and how to deal with each type of failure.  Importance of training to achieve a culture change in an industry.  From Jafin Mahajan, Executive Maintenance


· Very well explained.  Training is related to real world situation.  Good materials.  Rolling Stones.  Easily understood and can bring huge changes in my industry.  From Sachin Kumar, Engineer


· The training was very much related with our site work of maintenance of equipment.  TPM is very effective tool to implement in our organization and this definitely is going to improve my skills to my organization here at ONGC.  Preventive Maintenance is definitely going to improve the reliability of equipment.  From Aryendra Singh, Well Services Maintenance


· Well structured training.  Help me realize other important aspects of maintenance like the reliability of machine is more important than availability.  From Vicente Sia, Facility Management, OKADA, Manila


· The training was given in a window into the world of maintenance and the way on how to applied it into the real world of manufacturing operations.  From Manish Sawaiyan, Mechanical Maintenance, ONGC


· Enlightened.  Great initiatives in the direction of good maintenance practices.  From Bejoy Varumese, Mechanical Maintenance, ONGC


· Interactive, knowledgeable trainer, easy flow, understandable and well grasped, timely and disciplined.  From Ruma Kalita, ATSM-MH Asset


· Training was very helpful for knowledge of techniques which can be used for reliable maintenance.  I learned quantification of various breakdown, function failures and prioritization of maintenance issues and later resolution for betterment of maintenance.  I learnt about maintenance Life Cycle.  From Vinay Singh Saini


· The training was very informative in how to address the issue of creation of tasks lists based on real time problems addressed on site.  Understanding of applicability of Predictive Maintenance was very explicit.  Exercises carried out to make the point by instructor was very nice..  From Prashant Singh


· Excellent speaker with both theoretical and practical knowledge shared case study of Planned Maintenance implemented by him.  Excellent study and presentation materials.  On the spot quizzes to learn about my performance and group exercises as well.  From Raman Sharma



· Explanation of being an engineer for a service team, we have learned to be a pro active maintenance engineer and follow it throughout the life span.  From Subhra Sanicar, Chowdhury


· Good to know about Basic Equipment Condition.  Basic lubrication strategy was an eye opener.  Giving practical examples on types of failures and maintenance KPI’s was really informative.  From Raj Bidika, Smelter Maintenance


· It is a great opportunity for young engineers like me to enhance my knowledge and learn about the various interesting aspects of maintenance management.  I am privileged to attend this two days training programmed and will look forward in the future to attend these programmed.  Cheers Sir Rolly Sir.  From Debarashi Mukherjee, MEP Service


· Very excellent programmed.  Knowledge gained about maintenance.  From K. Mahesh, Deputy Manager


· Very brainstorming and logic.  Knowledge transferring have been done in an interesting way.  Really feel what world class maintenance is.  From Felix Sitanggang, Supervisor, PT Sarihusada



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 Online TrainingRSA Reliability can provide your industry online training on courses that can benefit your industry.  Online training can be done with a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 2 days.  Send us an email, and we will provide you with our proposal.

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 2021 Training Schedule: If you are interested in attending any of our public workshops and master class for 2021.  Send us an email or register online.

 RSA Books: If you  are interested in buying any of our books on reliability and maintenance, they are available in hardcopy, paperback and Kindle format.  These books I wrote are in series and it is best if you consider starting with World Class Maintenance, The 12 Disciplines first to understand each of the disciplines on maintenance.  This is a book which is highly recommended for every single maintenance in industries.  Limited copies.

 In-house Training: Should your industry be interested in any of the courses we provide for in-house training, kindly send us an email, and we will provide you with a proposal.  We are now accepting reservations for in-house training for both local and international countries

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All books are written are in series based on the original concept of my first book on World Class Maintenance Management, The 12 Disciplines.  Each of these books represented a specific maintenance discipline and explained as detailed as it can be.  You can purchase these books  individually or in series depending on the book that best suit your industry.  RSA Reliability and Maintenance books are available at  www.amazon.com or check out your local bookstore.  I know and understand what it is like to be in maintenance, as this is my life.  These books do not only cover the technical jargon on reliability and maintenance, but it is also a book that makes every single  maintenance proud that they belong to the maintenance function.  If you have been living through the day to day pressures of doing maintenance, then this is your story.  If you are interested in this book, send me an email.  Click Here!

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