· Able to deliver the discipline with his experiences and also actual facts or theory.  Well known trainer and every or any left out can be get from his web.  Very motivated trainer.  From Mohammad Aziz Sulaiman, Malaysia


· Knowledgeable instructor.  Good methodologies given in reducing maintenance costs.  Introduction of multiple predictive maintenance tasks.  Good introduction on lubrication management.  From Navaraj, Semiconductor, Malaysia


· The training breakdown the whole concept of world class maintenance management into 12 disciplines which is easy for the attendees to digest.  In addition, it provide the execution plan or roadmap to achieve.  From Yew Onn Tit, Plastic Injection, Malaysia


· I have learned much new knowledge from this training class and I really enjoy your training.  I have learned all about maintenance management.  How to maintenance of spare parts long life equipment and also how to manage equipment.  And now I know, we can minimize the failure.  Thanks a lot Mr. Rolly, from Nur Amira Buhari. Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia


· Trainer was too good, have good command on the subject matter.  Content was relevant to my day to day problems.  From R.M. Tripath, TAFE, Motors and Tractors, India


· The course contains all subject and points.  The presentation and delivery is very good.  RCFA and reliability topics was very good and its very helpful to our day to day activities.  From Dharmesh, Manager, Adani Ports, India


· Good knowledge of the subject.  Practical examples with theory provided.  Very participative and supportive.  Able to clear all doubts.  Good way of teaching and makes everybody comfortable and enjoy.  From Anesh Demoh, Asian Paints, India


· The training content was excellent and the faculty was excellent as well.  It is very much relevant to my working area.  From Debashis Kr. GAIL (India) Ltd.,


· Fantastic in explaining the theories.  Very interactive session.  What I can understand is that a very sensitive person though us how to love equipment and the process should start from my side by implementing change within myself.  I will try to implement RCM for some of our critical equipment and I will also communicate and share the training materials and learning’s with my peers and subordinates.  From Samir Bandyo Padhyar, Power Plant, India


· Training has given good insight for lubricant of equipment and possible improvement in the system.  Knowledge on Root Cause Failure Analysis.  Knowledge on various methods of predictive maintenance and different types of failure modes are subsequent maintenance strategies.  Covering method for selection of different types of maintenance strategy on the basis of the failure patterns.  From Atok Karsal, Senior Manager, TATA Chemicals Ltd.,


· The content of the training was excellent.  The presentation and the faculty was amazing.  From N. Karthikeyan, AM Pipeline, HPGL, Mittab Pipeline Ltd.,


· Content is very good.  Advance techniques have been told.  Concept of PM had been told very simply and the 12 concepts have been kept in a very good manner.  From Naveen Kumar, Manager, JK Tyres


· The presenter kept every participant engaged.  The way he presented was exciting and done in a casual manner with most capturing of the subject. The music and timely jokes complemented the training right to the end.  From R. Ngcobo, SAPREF, Durban, South Africa


· Very informative information.  Quality of the material is very much an eye opener to us.  I hope SAPREF as a whole takes what you have shown us to heart and implement the changes.  From Salesh Benny, SAFREF, South Africa


· Captivating, vibrant, knowledgeable, humorous, valuable, motivational, a wonderful presentation.  From Cleo Nelson, Mechanical Fitter, SAFREF


· Dynamic, course made fun and enjoyable.  Course content was very applicable to my job.  Information was useful and enlightening.  Course facilitator (Rolly) was very knowledgeable and was very open to address queries during the course. From Warren Knowler, SAPREF


· Fantastic course.  Can recommend it anytime to anyone who requires longevity in their equipment.  Have learnt much and stay awake for two days in case I missed something.  From Amilcar de Carvalho, SAFREF, South Africa


· Presentation excellent, time management good, information presented excellent, examples given excellent, relation to my work excellent.  The course was excellently presented and straight to the point.  From Dumisani, SAPREF, South Africa



· Facilitator was excellent.  There was never a dull moment.  Music and jokes were in good taste and always relevant to the course content.  Course itself was very good.  I gained a lot of knowledge and will apply it to my job.  The facilitator was very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  From Denny Lazarus, SAPREF, South Africa


· A very clear explanation of basics of lubrication which highlights the potential of significant benefits which could be achieved by a comprehensive application of the same at SAPREF. From T. Mbanga, SAPREF, South Africa


· Very informative and the facilitator is very knowledgeable on the subject.  He has a very interesting and entertaining way of teaching the subject matter.  A very friendly and cheerful facilitator.  The best I have met so far.  Rotating Equipment, SAPREF


· Everything. Trainer was absolutely brilliant.  The best training I had in my 20 years at SAPREF.  Rolly is an amazing facilitator, comedian and guitarist.  From Nolan Gopal Naidoo, Maintenance


· It was not only about the topic of the course, it also contained motivation on a very personal level.  It was very informative, I learnt lubrication and all the other aspects of the PM activities.  From Nomsi Ngubane, Maintenance, SAPREF


· The course content was excellent and informative.  Helped me realize deficiencies at SAPREF.  The facilitator was brilliant.  From Karl Mudar, Rotating Equipment Maintenance, SAPREF 


· All the content was very good and informative.  The videos are very good and make the course interesting.  The music was excellent.  A job well done.  From Bradley Richards, Quality Controller


· I have learnt the proper procedure in conducting RCFA.  I have already identified the difference between a problem solving and RCFA which is a good start before conducting an RCFA.  From Ralph Baguio, Petron Bataan Refinery


· It serves as a guide for lead investigators in the defect elimination team on knowing where to start and where to stop.  Also, reminds us people in the industry that it is important to take things slow when it comes to restoration of problems and failures so as to avoid destroying evidences to be able to pinpoint the root cause, thus avoiding future recurrence of failures.  From John Michael Calupas


· The training is a perfect combination of a technical and inspirational training.  Mr. Angeles uses very practical and real life situations to explain his points in videos regarding Michael Jackson which creates a relaxing atmosphere.  Mr. Angeles is very patient in answering all our questions.  We see very  much his passion and expertise with the subject matter.  He has a broad knowledge in other fields like history (when he discussed the story of JFK’s life.  I personally enjoy and learned a lot from this training.  I will truly keep all my notes for reference in the future.  Mr. Angeles is indeed a world class trainer.  From Lisaer Pineda, Process Engineer, Petron


· The use of videos that are related to the topic is very helpful that made the training very interesting and easy to understand.  From D. S. Bernabe


· Clarifies the difference between RCFA, RCA and problem solving.  Introduction of latent causes that will further improve human error reduction.  The training is unbiased, frank and direct to the point.  Facilitator diverts the topic a bit for the attendees to understand fully the topic.  From Jeffery Babasoro


· Clarified the RCFA process will be very useful.  Made me realize that without knowing the mechanisms of failure, it would be very difficult to know the root cause.  Learned that evidences must never be manipulated.  Name withheld


· Enumerates practical application of training subject.  Dig deeper on how to properly apply the learning’s acquired.  The trainer teaches learning’s that can also be applied in real life not only with the technical aspect.  He deals with the subject matter on a personal level.  From Madison Carpio




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