· This training is very important for me as part of maintenance engineering because we are encountering a lot of troubles without tracing the root cause of the breakdown.  It may help us in trouble shooting, analyzing the failure with the guidance of this training.  I can apply this system at the production line, also an additional information to understand and to eliminate hardship in repairing.  From Rowell Sarmiento, Continental Temic, Philippines


· I believe that the training goal is achieved, open our management’s perspective in the fast pacing industry.  The training concept make the delegates more adaptive.  From Laurence Talens, Continental Temic, Philippines


· High level of expertise of the facilitator.  Well organized training course.  Highly motivational to the participants.  Training materials are prepared well.  On time training conduct.  Clear delivery of terms and explanations and highly recommendable to other industries. From Domel Tabuzo, Temic


· The training is very helpful and informative.  It may apply and useful to the workplace.  Visual aids, reading materials and workshop is outstanding.  It may recommend to other colleagues and co-worker.  The trainer is very intelligent and capable to handle question from the trainees.  The trainer have a full knowledge and experience on the subject matter.  From Valentino Banayat, Continental Temic


· Root Cause Failure Analysis is a very interesting course.  I have learned that its not only a problem solving wherein when you hit the target it stop but its all about change.  From Peejay Queddeng


· Real events were used as a sample with complete details, data, video and picture.  Actual presentation materials were provided to all participants free of charge.  Workshops are based on real events with real results.  The facilitator was lively which created open discussions.  Facilitator has a good sense of humor.  From Noel Tugonon, Continental Temic


· The speaker is expert on the subject matter.  Preparation and materials are excellent.  Manner of presentation is really great, especially the jokes that makes the training more lively.  From Renato Corn Cruz, Continental Temic


· Visual presentations and materials are adequate for the course. The facilitator/trainer is diligent enough to answer delegates inquiry.  Interactions between facilitator is greatly exercised during the training.  Workshops had made the delegates to think to work as a team and to relate to the company’s real/actual scenario.  The facilitator is very active, alert and very motivating in his own special way to encourage delegates to decide for a change for the betterment.  From Allan Dimailig, Temic



· Very good and beneficial course in that I can now distinguish between Basic Principles/Discipline and advance Disciplines, RCFA, RCM, CBM and I will implement what I have learnt in the last 3 days when I get home in my company.  And the most important I have gotten from Rolly is to be a humble maintenance person and not to stop believing.  From Teddy Kangwa, Mining, South Africa


· The training was fantastic and very applicable to my own organization.  Good explanation, good interaction, good coverage for all disciplines of maintenance and very good examples.  Rolly, you are fantastic and friendly.  From Cipriano Baltazar, Mining, South Africa


· Presentation are of high quality.  Learning’s learned will go a long way.  Overall good course.  From Daniel Ncwadi, Rand Water


· The training was well prepared and stationary was provided. The facilitator is very knowledgeable.   His vast experience in engineering field most important conveying the whole theme of training to be understandable.  From Sandile Mkhize, Water Sector


· Good points about this training is that we learn what is TPM, how it is run, how it will properly work in our plant , how we can have great achievement on TPM in our PIPAVAV’s Shipyard Limited.  Stars are many, moon is one.  TPM Authors are many, but Rolly Angeles is a good one.  From D. Sasanka Kumar PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· This training will facilitate in implementing of Autonomous Maintenance in our organization, PIPAVAV.  In this training, we learnt that operators can work as maintenance people. Maintenance people and operators should work together.  We were able to know about self-empowerment through this training. From Ajeet Singh, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· Autonomous Maintenance 8 pillars and 7 Steps Journey, After some touching good message given by Mr. Rolly and try to improve how to understood.  Mr. Rolly teaching method was very nice and all step teaching attend leave a good message. From Jitendra K. PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· I learnt very much because of this training.  Production and maintenance are not each other’s enemy or customer but they are all partner.  We will make constant changes in production and maintenance in improving the skills of operators by training.  We will work as a team and make changes in our organization.  From Vishal Bambhanider, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· Nicely presented about Autonomous Maintenance, useful for daily activities. Have to reduce machine and equipment downtime.  Also how we can take our company towards zero breakdown.  Reduction of machine maintenance cost and get good knowledge about lubrication and maintenance.  From Amish Raval, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India



· Better understanding about lubrication management in term or a better way how to determine the lubricant condition and its necessary analysis can be done.  It is a good way to change normal norm of maintenance perception that give priority to Preventive Maintenance only.  The better and proactive way is predictive maintenance where it is based on its condition and not on scheduled maintenance.  Good presentation and excellent content for this course.  From Mohamad Azman Bin Drahman, Bintulu Port, Malaysia


· Points out new or can be said “shock” information about lubrication strategy.  This information will guide for a new method in doing maintenance.  Good presentation, friendly, humble and most important sincere, thumbs up. From Ahmad Fairuzhizam B. Ahmad Hisham, Automotive, Malaysia


· Mind blowing and mind opening solution to handle lubricant cost control and maintenance costs for lubricant cost control and maintenance costs for lubricant and total machine since knowing operating fluid characteristic and contamination will prolong equipment lifetime and enhance MTBF. From Mohammad Waspi Kassim, Miyasu (M) SDN, BHD., Malaysia


· Got a very clear understanding about PM.  Presentation is very good and easy to understand.  Materials got from the trainer is very useful and helpful for further procedure to start PM.  This training is helpful to me to start my PM with confidence and much more clarity towards my objectives.  From Sathveer Potlupi, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· It is very much noticeable that Mr. Rolly Angeles had gone through the basic maintenance experience and had given his heart to his job.  He knows the subject deeply. From Gopal Chunhun. PIPAVAV, Gujarat India


· I am very inspired to my duty and role about maintenance.  This is a very good training about maintenance and about the maintenance people.  From Piyush Adroja, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· Trainer was very knowledgeable, majority of the members, almost all from maintenance team have attended.  One thing sure is about the training is all maintenance people will sing the same song or at least will know the song which we are talking or explaining about.  From Sri Balaji, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· With a good knowledge contents, it was really new things that I’ve learned.  As a G.E.T. it was my first training within my first month, I didn’t know how it was practically, but still I understood most of the things that Mr. Rolly learned.  But the main things are the forms that you have provided us.  From Anand Mehta, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· This training is able to show the path that how we can implement TPM in our organization in an effective manner.  We also enjoy the whole training due to Mr. Rolly’s friendly nature and deep knowledge about the training source.  From Ajeet Singh, PIPAVAV, Gujarat, India


· Good points about this training are all inspiring videos, all examples given by Rolly, way of presentation, reality about maintenance, all the sheet, forms on MTBF, how to implement Planned Maintenance in our plant.  Also respect about maintenance and its people and also give inspiration and increase the moral of maintenance people.  Thanks, I get this opportunity in my life.  From Mihir  Upadhyay, Gujarat, India



· The training is very informative and significant to the conduct of maintenance activities/tasks in the power plant.  RCM is a very appropriate tool, approach to maintenance that must be adapted and implemented.  Autonomous Maintenance is something that must be realized.  From Bonifacio Huete Jr., EDC, Bachman, Bicol, Philippines


· Very informative, factual and straightforwardly presented and explained.  Will be very helpful in increasing our efficiency at work and keeping our equipment, maintenance cost at a minimum while making operations output high.  From Jose Cecil Joel Sanosa, EDC, Bachman, Bicol, Philippines


· Clearly defined and explained all the requirements needed and strategies that can be selected and followed to  improve our current maintenance practices to a dynamic and world class maintenance management strategies.  From Ranilo Forcadela, EDC, Bachman, Bicol,  Philippines


· Define and practice the right maintenance activities.  Defined the difference between experience from planned and skilled performance on maintenance.  Also maintenance work does not only involved the maintenance group but the whole organization as well. From Ariel Ardales, Bachman, Phil's.,


· Sir Rolly delivers the subject loud and clear with quality visual presentation.  From Steve Sia, EDC, Bachman, Bicol, Philippines


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