This book is easy to read (take it from a selective reader), and the flow of thought is smooth relatable; to maintenance, production, and quality people.  The book provides general and specific inputs to prepare a maintenance roadmap for an organization. The author, a maintenance guy, a facilitator, and a trainer shares his vast experience in the actual maintenance task, implementation of maintenance strategy, and analysis of maintenance management issues.  This book has a well-established link from the initial book that Rolly released.  The way the book was written is just like having Rolly in front of you, explaining with passion the different topics about maintenance strategy – book well written.  The TPM-PM implementation and TPM lessons shared by Rolly give the reader of this book a glimpse guidance on what needs to be done plus the pitfalls that need to be avoided. As each organization forms and develops its own maintenance culture, this book is a good reference.  From Charles D. Mendoza, Sr. Quality Improvement Engineer/TQM/TPM, STMicroelectronics Inc.

Rolly, your people-focus on reliability improvement, and your commitment to helping people grow through improving their understanding of equipment and of themselves come through loud and clear in the book. The workplace stories you tell will resonate with people working in operations and maintenance in every industry.  I like that you have provided practical answers with explanations and examples of how companies can move up the path to world-class maintenance performance.  You have written about   TPM, RCM, and RCA with great passion and obvious depth of knowledge and experience.  I’ve learned much more about the right way to use those tools by reading your book than I ever understood before.  There is no doubt that the World Class Maintenance Management - The 12 Disciplines book will become a well-thumbed reference book for me.  Rolly, I’ve been fortunate to come across you and value your honest perspectives and insights on doing maintenance right. I share your desires for what maintenance can become and do for a company and hope to combine our efforts in the future.  From  Mike Sondalini,  Reliability Consultant, Lifetime-Reliability, Australia

This new book, published in May 2020, is the most comprehensive maintenance management book written to date.  That includes my Handbook of Maintenance Management. In 344 pages, he lays out the history of maintenance management and state of the art today.  Rolly has deep experience and understanding in RCM and TPM (an unusual combination), which adds depth to the discussion.  He includes a detailed and practical glossary of keywords and their meanings.  I want to make a few specific points.  The assessment tool is great, and I will definitely upgrade my own assessment tool with his improvements.  It covers all aspects of managing maintenance.  Asset management: This is one of the best introductions to asset management and a detailed rundown of ISO 5500X I've read.  It shows through examples of how asset management can help the organization's effectiveness.  Life cycle management is certainly part of asset management.  In this case, the life cycle discussion shows definitively how most reliability is not under the control of the maintenance function.  He says that reliability is a company's responsibility.  Good graphics on the iceberg of costs to own and run a machine.  Good maintenance practices may require a change in the corporation.  The section on change management is well thought out and complete.  Congratulations on publishing what will become the standard text in the field.  By Joel Levitt, President of Springfield Resources and Book Author

Never accept failures in your plant. Troubleshooting and repair is no longer an effective strategy, In today's competitive world of manufacturing, the analyst find real solutions to their equipment problems. Remember that when our people become really good at repairing failures then something is wrong since they are doing it much too often but when we expect a different result from the same things that we are doing, it just ain't possible, the Chinese called this insanity.


This book contains significant and relevant theory and idealism. I never read this kind of book before, but it hits the core value of TPM.  It is indeed maintenance quite necessary in any kind of manufacturing company.  I salute for all technicalities, which I don’t know it comes from before; I have learned a lot from this book.  As technical personnel, I can say that it’s very much informative and vibrant. It makes a lot of sense in dealing with the alternative way of maintenance. All throughout, I was amazed by the author’s knowledge.  Proud being a Filipino. Thank you for sharing this kind of book with us; the author is really a mastermind in this TPM world.  I absolutely enjoyed reading it even though I’m not really a reading enthusiast. I miss the Rolling Stone part, which you gave the color on this book. Kudos Mr. Rolly Angeles for a good job. I now truly understand and felt being one of the maintenance team.  This book has a heart and is very lively.  I hope you continue to spread the meaningful story of the maintenance people.  We owe you all the knowledge and being a part of this team review.  Congratulations, Mr. Rolly, this is a heck of a success.  Thank you. From Wilma S. Magbujos, Process Technician, Transitions Optical Phil's Inc., Philippines


Many industries suffer from different problems on lubrication such as overlubrication, under lubrication, bearing failures, no proper procedures on lubrication, storage problems, leaks, spillage, wrong selection of lubricant, mixing of lubricants, high lubrication costs, grease incompatibility and too many failures attributed to lubrication related issues but the biggest problem of all is education on lubrication.  Education is no excuse for maintenance.  My inspiration in writing these books come from maintenance people who seek better ways despite the odds and their day to day pressures. Education is where we acquire knowledge to build our skills so we can do maintenance correctly.  It is my hope that these books reach out to industries in search of discovering ways to improve their maintenance human resources.  What I believe is if we improve the knowledge of maintenance people, then they can use that knowledge to better preserve and sustain their equipment and assets.  If you have been living through the day to day pressures of doing maintenance, you are included in my books.  From Rolly Angeles


After reading your book on lubrication - I've initiated a oil contamination control project (offline filtration and bypass) and I've just got buy in for the trial. I'm evolving that to all lubricants/liquids in trains and plant equipment. All I can say your books are irreplaceable wealth of knowledge that are so simplified for even non technical person can understand!  From Kristijan Apostolski

If we are experiencing many Stock-outs and Emergency Buying, then something is wrong with the Store Room Operations. The lives of the Store Room Personnel depends on their performance, and this can only be measured by the KPI's presented here. Store Room Inventory accuracy must also be maintained, or we might be accused of pilferage at the very least or worse with qualified theft. We just need to know how to measure our performance before our manager tells us to go home and stay at home since our performance is below par.  The included MRO Decision Diagram is also a plus factor for Store Room personnel in decision making, whether to Stock or Not a Spare Part.  The recommendations of OEM suppliers should also be taken with a grain of salt since they are in business to make money while Rolly. Angeles, the author of this book, is trying to help us save our money.  Most of my Non-moving Stock is the Spare Parts recommended by the OEM Supplier and have been in the Stockroom for nearly 30 years, gathering dust.  The Problems and Solutions presented here by the author is an excellent reference for Store Room Personnel whose voice has gone hoarse, shouting to his managers for help in his work. With this book, he can just hand it to them with the instructions to PLEASE READ!!! ASAP.  All in all, I would like to recommend this book to all Maintenance Personnel, Management, or the One Man Army (Storekeeper). All of his books should also be made as a Reference for Engineering, Vocational, and TESDA courses.  Lastly, Sir Rolly, Thank You, God Bless, and Stay Safe.  From  Rolando C.P. Daclan, Spare Parts Supervisor, AB Heineken Phils. Inc. (ABHP), El Salvador Plant

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Mr. Rolly is one of the World Class Best Trainers I have come across during my 28 years career. The course was built up very methodically in the simplest way. His presentation skills and his command of the various Maintenance Strategies made the Workshop very interesting.  Mr. Rolly is one of the few Maintenance Professionals I have come across, attached, and dedicated to the Maintenance Profession. His wealth of experience and his humor made the RCM Workshop even more interesting. The structuring and delivery of the concept enable all the participants to initiate RCM studies very confidently. The training material provided by Mr. Rolly was excellent and was prepared with great care to ensure that all the participants have fully been benefited. I am sure that all the participants in this three-day Workshop have been benefited from his technical and intellectual sharing of his knowledge.  From Srinagesh Dy, General Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd., India


AI appreciate the various types of failure modes, maintenance strategies used, and how RCM compares with other methods.  I have also seen why RCM is simple to understand and straightforward.  It had also helped me to see the difference between RCM and RRM.  The benefits of RCM are clear to all. From Oyoyo David, SPDC / Mechanical Supervisor, Nigeria


Hi Rolly, great article with a humorous pitch! I just started learning about TPM but I have been immersed in RCM for 10 years and also spent 2 years working on OEE projects in the mining industry. One of our focuses in those OEE projects was Operational Best Practices, a lot of losses are generated by operators not optimally operating (they could produce more) or abusing the machine, causing damage and costly downtime. In round 5: Operators' involvement in maintenance, you only mention that operators must do their share of maintenance but the mentioned Operational Best Practices would have a way bigger impact, at least in my world of mobile heavy equipment. From RSA Newsletter Subscriber


By reading all previous books/publications - I've found that Rolly's comprehensive knowledge and experience is translated in easy to read, understand, and easy to apply in the real world. Highly recommended material for everyone who wants to advance or starts to discover the Maintenance and Reliability world or proactively solve many issues that makes your day a nightmare! M&R 101 material. From Kristijan Apostolski

The training is a perfect combination of technical and inspirational training. Mr. Angeles uses very practical and real-life situations to explain his points in videos regarding Michael Jackson which creates a relaxing atmosphere. Mr. Angeles is very patient in answering all our questions. We see his passion and expertise very much with the subject matter. He has a broad knowledge in other fields like history (when he discussed JFK's life story. I personally enjoyed and learned a lot from this training. I will truly keep all my notes for reference in the future. Mr. Angeles is indeed a world-class trainer. From Lisaer Pineda, Process Engineer, Petron Corporation


Informative, interesting, and new revelation. This training is full of information new to my knowledge. Root Cause Failure Analysis becomes a thing that needs to be given priority whenever there is equipment or parts that fail. By ignoring it, a fatal incident could happen. This training teaches participants how to conduct Root Cause Failure Analysis in the workplace. It is full of relevant workshops and real situations in life. Rolly was somehow able to elevate every worth not just because of the diploma but this principle I can apply in every aspect of life. From Ernesto Salarda, Chemist, Energy Development Corporation



This is not just about a technical book on maintenance, it is a book that makes everyone in maintenance feel proud that they belong to the maintenance function.  If you have been living through the day to day struggles and pressures of doing maintenance, then this is your story. From the Author Rolly Angeles

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