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To My Dear Friends on Maintenance and Reliability



People in my field never compete. These people are my circle of friends on reliability and maintenance.  They are instrumental in my work.  These people have inspired and helped me through my work and passion for driving reliability and maintenance improvement in industries, and I will forever be grateful to them.  It is an honor and privilege to know these humble people.  Their work is such a remarkable achievement in the field of reliability and maintenance. They have been blessed with this knowledge and continue to share them not only with their clients but with their fellow colleagues in the field. Allow me to say thank you for your unselfish contribution to mankind. These people are not my competitors; they are simply my friends.






Dave Thompson is a reliability consultant based in the UK and one of my first clients to purchase some materials on RCFA for references. Since then, Dave and I have been communicating.  Dave also was responsible for recommending me for some work in Nigeria and introducing me to Mr. Nnebocha.


Dave’s Message:


I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Rolly personally, but we have corresponded with each other during early 2007.  Due to my workload, I recommended Rolly for an RCM project that I could not fulfill.  The client was extremely satisfied with him, and hopefully, there will be more work from that source.

Emmanuel Nnebocha is the Managing Director of Hermann and Cross Ltd., which is located in Nigeria that provides Asset Maintenance Management as well as  Consultation and Risk Analysis Assessment with their clients.  Should you be interested in their services, you can reach him through his website at www.hermanncross.com


Emmanuel’s Message:


I wish to thank Rolly for taking up the challenge to make the trip to Nigeria. He took up this challenge mainly out of his interest to spread the Classical RCM gospel. His short stay in our country to conduct the RCM Training & Facilitation was very successful, and on behalf of all the participants from Shell, Saipem, and Hermann & Cross Ltd, we say 'Thank You' and look forward to your next visit to Nigeria.

Harald van der Avoird is the Managing Director of Avoird Business Consulting located at Sint Hubertuslaan, Balen, Belgium.  Like myself, his expertise includes TPM, SMED, Kaizen, 5s, kanban, TQM, SMED, RCM, FMEA, Lean Manufacturing, Teamwork.  Should you be interested in Harald’s training as well as his work and services.


Harald’s Message:


I happened to meet Rolly when I was looking for more information about TPM and RCM. As a TPM/RCM trainer in Belgium, Germany, and Holland, I am impressed by the outstanding information he gave me personally about these two items. I am convinced Rolly is also an excellent trainer and is the right person to advise both these items. I hope he will be contacted more and more in the future by people starting with their TPM and RCM.

Hermie hails from the Philippines and specializes in lubrication, tribology, oil contamination control, and failure analysis.  Hermie had a vast amount of knowledge and experience.  He had worked with Caltex, Mobil, Pall Corp. and currently residing in Canada, working with Petro-Canada as their Senior Account Manager. Hermie is also a member of STLE (Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers). I owe much of my knowledge on lubrication and contamination to this person.


Hermie’s Message:


Rolly is so passionate about anything that is maintenance-related and anything that can help maintenance people improve their system and practices. He can combine his years of maintenance experience with new ideas from his research and study and his interaction with maintenance gurus. I have worked with Rolly conducting seminars and was very impressed with his knowledge of the subject he teaches. He is an asset to the maintenance world, and I just wish him success.

Florence Nair is the Chief Training Program Producer and Project Manager Global Intelligence based in Mumbai, India, which is a reputable training organization that provides workshops, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and in-house training programs on a wide array of courses.  I am very much obliged to be selected as one of their resource speakers in reliability and maintenance.


Florence Message:


How important has Rolly become to India can be best judged by his multiple entries in India in just 6 months. He has worked hard over this subject in maintenance for years, which he happily gives out to students within 3 days of learning. It is a continuous process though he professes, yet he has answers even for the future uncalled for mystery in Maintenance. Global, our conference company in India, is proud to promote Rolly and his works all over India and abroad. It seems he has become a well-known discovery to all the solutions related to the maintenance of problematic monsters. All the best, Rolly.


Bob Nelms is the founder and President of Failsafe Network.  He has a wide experience in helping industries with the Latent Cause Analysis. He believes that much can we learn from the things that go wrong. His work has most inspired me in developing my materials on Root Cause Failure Analysis.  You can reach him on his website at Failsafe-Network.


Bob’s Message:


I have been communicating with Rolly on an increasing basis ever since he joined our international Root Cause Forum. The more I talk with him, the more impressed I am w/ his breadth of experience in reliability-related fields. Rolly and I have been sharing thoughts and materials relating to Root Cause Analysis and are considering forming a professional affiliation to expose Rolly to some of Failsafe’s clients and also to expose some of Rolly’s clients to Failsafe.


Terrence O Hanlon, a CMRP and publisher on one of the most successful websites on Maintenance and Reliability.  To friends, he is known as the Reliability Evangelist.  Tons of articles, web presentations, and lively discussion board and forum are just some of the highlights of Reliabilityweb.com.  I am much privileged to be part of their forum community.


Terrence Message:


Congratulations on such a great knowledge sharing site.  You are a very good person to help the maintenance and reliability community, and you will build a good customer base as a result. I also want to thank you for all the knowledge you contribute to the forums.  You are doing a great job, and we support your fine work.

Dr. William Corcoran, Ph.D.,  specializes in Nuclear Safety, Event Investigations, Organizational Learning, Self-assessment, Safety Oversight, Quality Assurance. His work includes saving lives, careers, pain, and assets through thoughtful inquiry. Working with high hazard industry clients to improve the control of risk. Dr. Corcoran host a forum  at Firebird forum and Root Cause State of the Practice


Dr. Bill’s Message:


I am proud to have Rolly Angeles as an internet colleague. His responses to requests for help in cyberspace show him to be competent, thoughtful, generous, and, above all, compassionate to his clients' workers. He is truly able to see the world through the eyes of the people closest to the machines.


Vee Narayan is a successful trainer for 14 years.  He is a specialist in areas such as Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis, and other Maintenance Management subjects. He has written books on Effective Maintenance Management – Risk and Reliability Strategies for Optimizing Performance.  Read more about Vee on Effective Maintenance.


Vee’s Message:


As a well experienced RCFA and TPM practitioner, Rolly Angeles is the man I would turn to if I needed help in the Far East. He has a fund of knowledge, a patient approach to those who are less well informed, and an eagerness to help.

Larry Bachus, or more commonly known as the “Pump Guy,” has more than 30 years of experience in industrial pumps.  Although I was very close to meeting Larry in India last 2008, the day I arrived was the day he departed since we both served as a resource speaker at a conference.  I hope one day to meet Larry and do a joint conference together for the benefit of the delegates.  All I can say about Larry is that if you have pump and seal problems in your industry, Larry is the one that you can count on. You can reach Larry Bachus at his website on http://www.bachusinc.com


Larry’s Message:


Although Rolly and I live and work on opposite sides of the planet, our travels take us to some of the same places.  My wish is to do a joint Seminar with Rolly. Rolly is dedicated to his work and mission.  I believe our joint information on Reliability Centered Maintenance and Industrial Pumps will complement each other and most benefit the seminar attendees. I believe Rolly and I will make a good team. 

Larry Bachus

Bachus Company Inc.


Mike Sondalini is a consultant and trainer in Industrial Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Quality Management System,  Lean Manufacturing, and a Six Sigma Consultant.  Mike hails from Perth, Western Australia, and has more than 30 years of experience in maintenance, which spans from mechanical engineering, strategic asset management to rotating equipment. To know more about Mike and his work, his website can be reached at http://www.lifetime-reliability.com


Mike’s Message:


Rolly Angeles first contacted me to let me know that he provided industrial maintenance and reliability training. Improving industrial maintenance performance is a passion we share in common.  His resume as an industrial maintenance trainer was strong, and his coverage of industrial maintenance and reliability improvement training courses broad.  When I looked at his industrial maintenance and reliability website, I could see that he was a man committed to his love of seeing a world-class maintenance performance in industrial operations.  When I learned that Rolly was getting his first book published, World Class Maintenance Management: the 12 Disciplines, I made sure that I was on his list of first edition buyers. His obvious experience and knowledge of the important details that produce world-class maintenance and reliability performance came through strongly in that wonderful maintenance management book.  Most importantly, he keeps nothing hidden from you when he works with you, and you can be sure that he only wants the very best results for your operation that he can deliver.

C. Robert Nelms

Failsafe Network


Terrence O Hanlon



Dr. William Corcoran Firebird Forum


Vee Narayan

Effective Maintenance


Dave Thompson

Ramsoft Ltd.


Harald van der Avoird

Avoird Consulting


Emmanuel Nnebocha

Hermann & Cross Ltd


Hermie Dumbrige

Petro Canada


Florence Nair

Global Intelligence


Mike Sondalini



Howard Witt is one of the veterans when it comes to the subject of reliability and maintenance.  Based in Australia, I met Howard last April 2013 as we were both speakers for a conference in Malaysia sponsored by Asia Iknowledge.  As I get to chat with Howard, he displayed a wide knowledge on the subject of maintenance.  My thinking with this guy is that Howard is like the Rolling Stones; the more they age, the better they become.


Howard’s Message:


Rolly’s book on “World Class Maintenance Management” comprehensively explains the 12 Disciplines and provides a valuable reference for maintenance personnel. He has a dynamic, vibrant personality, which he uses to presents the knowledge and wisdom condensed in his book in interesting and dynamic ways. He has a broad knowledge of maintenance and operator involvement in achieving the greatest profitability of the production plant. Rolly is an excellent experienced trainer in Reliability and Maintenance Best Practice.

Howard Witt

Reliability Consultant


I would like to thank Peter Todd for writing the foreword message of my new book on Maintenance - Roadmap to Reliability.  Peter has over 40 years of experience in maintenance and reliability engineering, mostly in a heavy industry environment.  For the last eleven years, Peter has worked for SIRF Roundtables, which is a membership network aimed at sharing best practice information.  He also has experience in Condition Monitoring and, for the last 8 years, has run the SIRF Condition Monitoring and Lubrication National Forum with over 200 people attending.


Peter’s Message:


The unique strength that Rolly Angeles brings to this book is that he has had significant expertise in implementing both TPM and RCM and so can bring these two methodologies together seamlessly. There are very few people who have had experience in both approaches.  All this technical stuff that gets me excited might not mean much to many of you. Luckily Rolly keeps things interesting with his engaging stories, his personal insights, and his fast pace, all of which keep things moving along. I love the words of wisdom at the start of each chapter and the multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter that checks you have understood what you have read.

Peter Todd

Reliability Engineer

SIRF Roundtable


R. Keith Mobley, in my honest and humble opinion, is probably one of the prophets on reliability and maintenance and has written more than 20+++ books on this subject.  I am lucky that he is one of my connection on Linkedin and consider him as a dear and wonderful friend.  50 years of combined business, finance, engineering, and consulting experience.  He is one of the main Principal Consultant of Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.  He has written 25 textbooks, including McGraw-Hill's Maintenance Engineering Handbook and Elsevier's Plant Engineering Handbook, Total Plant Performance Management, and a comprehensive plant engineering book series.  You can reach Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. through their website at https://www.lce.com


Keith’s Message:


Rolly is totally unique, and perhaps the most passionate person I have met—especially when it concerns reliability and maintenance. We have been sharing philosophies for the past year, and while I sometimes have trouble following his logic, it is clear we share far more than we disagree on.  I admire his passion, his energy, and his absolute commitment to helping others in their journey toward reliability. At times, our philosophical discussions have become heated, but in the end, we have always come to a consensus that both could accept.

R. Keith Mobley

Book Author,


Dr. Nathan Wright brings 40 years of professional management experience to his consultancy and the leaders it serves.  He authored books on The Death of Reliability and Maintenance and Reliability Certification - Exam Guide.  Like myself, Dr. Nathan provides coaching and consultation on his passion for reliability at the comfort and convenience of their own facility.  From CEOs to front-line leaders, anyone who needs to effectively lead, train, and manage a workforce and their resulting work products can benefit from his expertise and counsel.  You can reach him on his website at www.tps-solutions.com

Dr. Nathan Wright

Reliability & Maintenance


Joel Levitt is one of the people I admired, and lucky to have connected with him on Linkedin.  He is widely known worldwide as a leading educator in reliability and maintenance management. He has trained more than 17,000+++ maintenance people from different organizations in more than 25 countries.  He has more than 30 years of experience in many facets of maintenance.  Since 1980, he has been the president of Springfield Resources, a management/consulting firm servicing clients on a wide range of maintenance issues. Joel is a frequent speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences and has published dozens of articles on the subject, as well as authored several successful books, including The Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance; The Handbook of Maintenance Management; Lean Maintenance; Managing Factory Maintenance and Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages. Joel Levitt can be reached on his website at www.maintenance training.com


Joel’s Message:


This new book Cutting-Edge Maintenance published in May 2020, is the most comprehensive maintenance management book written. That includes my Handbook of Maintenance Management. In 344 pages, he lays out the history of maintenance management and state of the art today. Rolly has deep experience and understanding in RCM and TPM (an unusual combination), which adds depth to the discussion. He includes a detailed and practical glossary of keywords and their meanings. I want to make a few specific points. The assessment tool is great, and I will definitely upgrade my own assessment tool with his improvements. It covers all aspects of managing maintenance. Asset management: This is one of the best introductions to asset management and a detailed rundown of ISO 5500X I've read. It shows through examples of how asset management can help the organization's effectiveness. Life cycle management is certainly part of asset management. In this case, the life cycle discussion shows definitively how most of the reliability is not under the control of the maintenance function. He says that reliability is a company's responsibility. Good graphics on the iceberg of costs to own and run a machine. Good maintenance practices may require a change in the corporation. The section on change management is well thought out and complete. Congratulations on publishing what will become the standard text in the field.

Joel Levitt

Book Author, Reliability and Maintenance


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