Text Box: RSA RELIABILITY AND MAINTENANCE CONSULTANCY FIRM is a duly  DTI registered proprietorship firm that provides a diversified lists of courses on maintenance management and training as well as consultation on Reliability and Maintenance Best practices for industries. It offers industries the opportunity to uplift and raise their people’s technical competency on maintenance and reliability to a level of world  class excellence by capturing industries best practices. These  courses we offer provides indebt details and wealth of information on Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices that can truly improve the reliability of your equipment and assets.

Our firm believes that in order to provide better and skilled maintenance people, they should start with the very basic foundation and that is by acquiring the right knowledge and education with the basic principles of equipment reliability.  This firm offers industries with a wide range and  selection of specialized courses on Reliability and Maintenance that can be tailored fit to suit your day to day industry needs and requirements.  These powerful reliability and maintenance courses have been proven  by industries that the best way to reduce their maintenance cost is to improve reliability of your equipment and that it cannot be the other way around.  With consistent focus on output and productivity and secondary to maintenance and reliability, the latter results to frequent failures, unscheduled costly repairs and unexpected downtime, inevitable high cost of maintenance that calls for the adoption of a more rigorous, robust and  effective maintenance strategy that is truly world class.

Finally, it is also undisputed that among the challenges every maintenance manager face is maximizing their equipment reliability through a traditionally, and often self-designed Preventive Maintenance system.  This  practice is the very reason why approach in maintenance management remain to be reactive rather than proactive.  It is in the foregoing light that we designed these following courses so that it can be made available to be conducted for both public and in-house in your plant for a wider participation of your people.

Let us help your industry make a difference in your maintenance arena.  As many say that people are the companies greatest asset, I say that otherwise, that only the right people are the companies greatest asset and we can only have the right people if we provide them with the right tools and knowledge to perform their jobs well.  If you have ever thought what it would cost to train your maintenance people and find it expensive, then think about what it would cost if they are not trained at all. Remember, there is no rocket science or silver bullet solution that can transform a plant’s reliability overnight, everything will start by educating your people with the right knowledge and providing them with the right courses on reliability and maintenance.

Our mission is to reach out to industries in search on discovering ways in order to improve their maintenance human resources.  My goal in teaching maintenance these courses is to change the image of maintenance from being reactive to being proactive.  Rolly Angeles



LUB           Lubrication Strategy – Understanding Tribology

                  and The Importance of Oil Contamination Control


RCM          Reliability-Centered Maintenance for Industries


PM4P       Understanding Planned Maintenance 4 Phases to

                 Zero Unplanned Breakdown


CBM          Understanding Condition-Based Maintenance –

                  Total Approach to Failure Prediction & Analysis


TPM         Understanding Total Productive Maintenance –

                 JIPM Approach


MMEP       Meaningful Measures Of Equipment Performance -

                  Understanding MTBF, MTTR, MTBA, MTTF, Failure

                  Rate and OEE


OEE         Understanding Relationship Between Equipment

                 Losses and Overall Equipment Effectiveness


WCM         World Class Maintenance Management – The 12



OER          Optimizing Equipment Reliability – Streamlined

                  RCM Approached


RCFA        Root Cause Failure Analysis – Understanding

                  Equipment Failure


MRR         Maintenance - Roadmap to Reliability


AMS         Advance Maintenance Strategies on Autonomous

                 and Planned Maintenance


AM7         Understanding Autonomous Maintenance -

                 Operators 7 Step Journey to Empowerment


MRO         Understanding MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom



 Mr. Rolly is one of the World Class Best Trainers I have come across during my 28 years career. The course was built up very methodically in the most simplest way. His presentation skills and his command on the various Maintenance Strategies made the workshop very interesting.  Mr. Rolly is one of the few Maintenance Professionals I have come across who is very much attached and dedicated to the Maintenance Profession. His wealth of experience and his humor made the RCM Workshop even more interesting. The structuring and delivery of the concept enables all the participants to initiate RCM studies very confidently. The training material provided by Mr. Rolly was excellent and was prepared with great care to ensure that all the participants are fully been benefited. I am sure that all the participants in this three day workshop have been benefited by his technical and intellectual sharing of his knowledge.  From Srinagesh Dy, General Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd., India


 With my almost 30 years of my maintenance experience in the field of electrical engineering both in mining and power industry.  I though I was well equipped as a good maintenance, but after this training, it was reversed.  The best thing I have learned today is to go back to the basics and from there practice and apply the 12 Disciplines of Maintenance learned one at a time.  From Pablo Dulay Jr. Maintenance Planner, Sual Power Plant, Team Energy Corporation, Philippines


 Rolly Angeles is one of the best trainers (World Class) I have ever met in my life.  The delivery of the RCM course by him was so smooth and straight to the point.  Besides he combined technicality with intellectualism thereby carrying even the most assumed idle time along.  The definition of the different tasks in RCM caught most of my attention.  The RCM Information Worksheet simplifies the course to enable an ideal team to come up with the best maintenance strategies.  Although it is a challenge to convince management team that is not trained on RCM to adopt,  I will still insist that RCM is the best maintenance strategy world wide now.  From Kalu-Kalu, Head of District Maintenance, Nigeria



rsaText Box: Available at www.amazon.com

This is not only about a technical book on maintenance, it is a book that makes everyone in maintenance feel proud they belong to the maintenance function.  If you have been living through the pressures of doing day to day maintenance then this is your story . . . Rolly Angeles


PBMP        Practical Best Maintenance Practices - Building a

                  Culture of Reliability


AMS         Advance Maintenance Strategies on Root Cause

                 Failure Analysis and Reliability-Centered Maintenance


RSA Video 1 : My Journey                                                               RSA Video 2 : Going the Distance


Text Box: We Teach in a Fun, Entertaining and Challenging Way

2 days


3 days


3 days


2 days


3 days


2 days


1 day


3 days


3 days


3 days


3 days


4 days


3 days


3 days


3 days


2 days


Text Box: At RSA Reliability, We Salute Maintenance Mankind Worldwide . . .

Published: 2009

Available in Kindle,

Paperback and Hardcover


Published: 2016

Available in Kindle,

Paperback and Hardcover


Published: 2018

Available in Kindle,

Paperback and Hardcover


FMEA      Failure Mode and Effect Analysis for Industries


MHE         Managing Human Errors on Maintenance

                 (For Development this Q4 2020)


2 days


AML         Advance Maintenance Leadership - Best Practices on

                 RCM, TPM, RCFA, and Lubrication Strategies


5 days


Every maintenance should focus on improving reliability and not on reducing cost “WHY?” because if reliability starts to improve then cost will definitely go down, it cannot be the other way around.  Remember that there will be times that focusing on reducing cost or cost cutting will hurt reliability, a lesson we should reflect upon. Having a low maintenance cost is always a consequence of good maintenance practice  . . . .



RSA Reliability

now on its

16th year of

service and

we’re getting





In industries today, the law of the

jungle applies, survive or be left

behind, that’s why the need to

adapt the best maintenance

practices is a must . . .


1 days


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Published: 2020

Available in Kindle,

Paperback and Hardcover


CEMMS     Cutting-Edge Maintenance Management Strategies


3 days


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Just added my fourth book Cutting Edge Maintenance Management Straties which is a sequel to my first three books World Class Maintenance Management The 12 Disciplines and, Maintenance Roadmap to Reliability and Reliability  A Shared Responsibility for Operators and Maintenance which are now live and available at www.amazon.com.  WCM book speaks about the 12 Disciplines on Maintenance and MRR book is about a sequel to WCM book.  These not only cover about the technical jargon on reliability and maintenance, it is a book that makes every single maintenance proud that they belong to the maintenance function.  If you have been living through the day to day pressures of doing maintenance then this is your story.  If you are interested in this book, send me an email.  Click Here!


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