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This book depicts the life and struggles of maintenance in seeking better ways and means in improving how to manage and maintain their equipment’s and assets.  The Author of this book shares his passion and experience about the day to day struggles in the life of a maintenance.  What is interesting about the Author and his book is that Rolly hails from the Philippines, but the problems, issues and struggles we face in maintenance is generic and can be felt by any industry from whatever location, place and race.  This book contains real life stories, situations and actual experiences by the Author in his career in maintenance and currently as a Reliability Consultant. 


The book is easy to absorb as it is structured into three parts which are the Basics, the Strategies and the Advance Disciplines. The 12 Disciplines are grouped accordingly into these three parts.  Maintenance often time seek for advance ways in dealing with their everyday problems and issues.  The message of this book is simple and straightforward, that there is no better way to start by going back to the “Basics” and addressing these very small problems we have in our plant. Big problems, unplanned breakdowns and catastrophic failures are just an accumulation of small problems that had always been ignored and mostly neglected in the first place.




Life is full of unexpected surprises.  Rolly has been one of these surprises.  I have known Rolly for about seven years, the last two years as a professional affiliate.   In the beginning, our relationship was totally via email.  Then, 2 years ago we met face-to-face in Indonesia when he attended a Root Cause Analysis class I taught for one of my clientsLooking back on that initial encounter, it must have been very difficult for Rolly.  As you will find out when reading this book, Rolly has a broad background in numerous industries, has experience with a diverse array of cultures, an incredible amount of professional contacts, and most importantly some life-changing experiences that have molded him.  He had to stifle what was inside of him for 4-days while sitting in my class – a bundle of energy wanting to scream out to the humanity all around him.


About 6 months ago, Rolly announced that he was going to write a book.  He asked if I could write an introduction.  One month ago, I received an electronic copy of the book.  It was 314 pages.  My eyebrows rose a bit, because of all the other work I wanted to do, but I opened the first page and started reading.


Almost immediately, I knew this was going to be a different book.  Rolly’s introductory comments were a release of pent-up enthusiasm, bursting with credits, especially acknowledging his Maker.  His preface started with a story called “Last Man Standing,” a testament to those first experiences which so significantly mold our lives.  As it turned out, Rolly drenched this potentially dull book with many of these experiences, and in the process introduced “Mang Tibo.”  You’ll have to read the book to find out about Mang Tibo, but I assure you it will be worthwhile.


I should explain that six years ago I purchased a used backhoe to help me with where I live.  I had never operated a backhoe before and have more-or-less learned how to use it through trial and error.  It is a sturdy piece of equipment powered by a diesel engine that drives a powerful hydraulic system.   I use the backhoe an average of 50 hours a year, so maintenance has never been a significant issue to me.  But the backhoe developed a leak in its hydraulic system this year that made me start to wonder:  Shouldn’t I be doing more to maintain this significant investment?


As I began reading Rolly’s book, I found myself thinking about my backhoe, and then my automobiles, lawnmowers, house, and even myself.  I’ve heard about things like “Autonomous Maintenance” before, but whenever I did my mind would drift.  “That’s just some Japanese stuff that would only work in Japan.”  As Rolly says, “How wrong I was!”  After being fascinated by Rolly’s description, I cleaned my backhoe as best as possible, read the owner’s manual, purchased a shop manual, then hired a backhoe mechanic and asked him to take me through the Preventative Maintenance checklist, one thing at a time – asking him questions at each point. 


I learned from Rolly the importance of initial cleaning, and then routine inspection as part of my ownership duties.  I learned to make all the lubrication points visible, and not to try to fix something unless I knew what I was doing.  Although this might sound ridiculous, my backhoe and I have become partners. My mindset towards it has changed.  After my backhoe, I moved to my riding lawnmowers.  I cannot say I’m on top of everything because I’ve started so far behind.  But I imagine that what I am going through is the same as anyone would go through in a complex industrial facility where things might have gotten a bit out of hand.


Aside from the many interesting and engaging stories to drive home his points, and his Philippine humor which makes me smile when I think about it, you will also see that Rolly is a meticulous planner.  His many detailed charts help suggest how to get where you need to be, wherever you might be starting.  One final thought:  Do NOT miss the last chapter, and the story of Comia.  Rolly knows how to begin and how to end.


C. Robert Nelms

                       President, Failsafe-Network










You may also order the WCM International Edition at Amazon.com.

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The Author strongly emphasize the importance operators play in addressing the basic equipment condition and is considered a partner with maintenance on this shared responsibility they have towards their equipment.  It is a very difficult or impossible tasks for the maintenance people to transcend from a reactive to a proactive mode if operators will not be involved along the way.  When the Basics had been set and well established, then maintenance can move on with the different maintenance and reliability strategies which are explained in detail on this book.  Each Chapter covers a specific maintenance discipline.  Chapter 14 of this book covers an implementation plan on how to proceed with these disciplines by understanding where the current maintenance is and bringing the maintaining herd on the direction which they want to go.  Finally, the Author would like to share his message on the Conclusion Part of this book and share his actual experience on what it takes for an industry to reach a level of World Class Maintenance Management Stage.


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 Rolly, your people-focus on reliability improvement and your commitment to helping people grow through improving their understanding of equipment and of themselves come through loud and clear in the book. The workplace stories you tell will resonate with people working in operations and maintenance in every   industry. I very much like that you have provided practical answers with explanations and examples of    how companies can move up the path to world-class maintenance performance.  You have written about   TPM, RCM and RCA with great passion and obvious depth of knowledge and experience.  I’ve learnt    much more about the right way to use those tools by reading your book than I ever understood    before.  There is no doubt that the World Class Maintenance Management - The 12 Disciplines book will   become a well-thumbed reference book for me.  Rolly, I’ve been fortunate to come across you and value    your honest perspectives and insights on doing maintenance right. I share your desires for what    maintenance can become and do for a company and hope that we can combine our efforts in the future.  By  Mike Sondalini,  Reliability Consultant , Lifetime-Reliability, Australia


 I hope you don’t mind if I use your life, of course the part you shared with us and the ones you wrote in the book, as an example to our AM (Autonomous Maintenance) teams to encourage them to look beyond what they are capable of doing at this moment in their lives and to inspire them to dream and grab every opportunity to learn and improve themselves.  The book simplified the concepts of maintenance to aid practitioners like us.  As I browse through the book I can see that this is not just a technical book about maintenance, but a book about your passion, your life. Congratulations! From Flordeliza V. Aldaya, TPM Chief Engineer, ST Micro-electronics – Calamba, Laguna, Philippines


 I am already half-done reading your book and I find it very, very useful. I was shocked, from a welder/mechanic's point of view, the explanations in your book, especially the metaphors, has accomplished in making me understand more easily what it is you are trying to convey. It should be a Handbook for Maintenance personnel and of course, an eye-opener for the operations. Regards to Mang Tibo. Good day to you Sir,  From Julius Fungo, CE Casecnan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines


 Hi Mr. Rolly, Hopefully you still remember me. I am the one who give you my thesis during WCM - 12 Discipline courses @ Eastin Hotel, Malaysia. Here I want to review about the WCM Book. I already read the book twice. It really fills me with hope for the maintenance role to be outstanding. The setting for this book was perfect. Every disciplines was made easy to grasp. It covers almost all dimensions of maintenance management. Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book.  Thank you. From Khairul Haffiz Norddin, delegate from World Class Maintenance Training, Malaysia


 "Rolly’s book “World Class Maintenance Management” comprehensively explains the 12 Disciplines and thus provides a valuable reference for maintenance personnel. He has a dynamic vibrant personality, which he uses to presents the knowledge and wisdom condensed in his book in interesting and dynamic ways. He has a broad knowledge of the field of Maintenance and operator involvement in achieving greatest profitability from production plant. Rolly is an excellent experienced trainer in Reliability and Maintenance Best Practice."  From Howard Witt, Maintenance Consultant from Australia




 First I want to thank you Sir Rolly for giving me this very rare opportunity to comment in a book and have my comment in print.  At first I was wondering where would this book leads me? Your quote “changing a system means changing a culture” captured my attention. So as I read, I already knew I need to finish reading this book.  I can relate to most of what was illustrated, stated and example in this book. They’re all true and happening. A reality. I dreamed of having a kind of maintenance organization such as those described. My only worry is that I am not in the position to implement such. It is true that this kind of approach should be top to bottom, no support from upper management means you’ll end up to nothing.  I am a maintenance guy and proud to be one. But it is great to know somebody that dedicates too much time and adhere to improve the lives of maintenance people like Rolly Angeles.  From Darwin Abragante, Level 2 Thermographer , Analog Devices Gen. Trias, Inc.

 This book is easy to read (take it from a guy who is a selective reader) and the flow of thought is smooth – relatable; to maintenance, production and quality people.  The book provides general and specific inputs that should be considered in preparing a maintenance roadmap for an organization. The author, who is a maintenance guy, a facilitator and a trainer shares his vast experience in the actual maintenance task, implementation of maintenance strategy and analysis on maintenance management issues.  This book has a good established link from the initial book that Rolly released.  The way the book was written is just like having Rolly in front of you, explaining with passion the different topics about maintenance strategy – book well written.  The TPM-PM implementation and TPM lessons shared by Rolly gives the reader of this book a glimpse – guidance on what needs to be done plus the pit-falls that need to be avoided. As each organization forms and develops its own maintenance culture, this book is a good reference to have. From Charles D. Mendoza, Sr. Quality Improvement Engineer/TQM/TPM, STMicroelectronics Inc.



This  book is not only about the technical aspects of reliability and maintenance, it is a book that makes every single maintenance proud that they belong to the maintenance functionif you have been living through the day to day pressures of doing maintenance then this is your story. Author: Rolly Angeles


If you belong to the maintenance function, this book is for you.  It depicts the life and struggles of maintenance mankind. . . Rolly Angeles

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