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 Topics and examples were based on actual experiences.  Trainer/facilitator was able to get the active participation and interaction of the trainees.  Topics were relevant and really necessary for our company.  Technical and motivational even if the truth hurts.  From Rex Mendoza, Manager, Terumo


 Clear expertise and experience of the facilitator.  Use of humor and real life examples to make a technical topic easier to digest.  Right pace of knowledge and sharing topics.  From Roey Cruzat, RS Unit Head, Jollibee


 Tells about the step by step practices to achieve World Class Maintenance.  Make me realize that we are assuming to be a world class maintenance but the truth is we are in the lowest level of maintenance.  In this early age of experience in maintenance, I have a vision now to what I am going to do to achieve our goals in maintenance.  From Vincent Jugado, Electrical Planning Engineer, San Miguel Corporation


· Informative.  Related to our line of business.  Practical and straight to the point.  Can generate savings from machine failures being addressed proactively.  The speaker has vast experience on maintenance and we can relate to his lecture.  Through this training we can benefit a lot by transforming our maintenance management system.  From Venancio de Guzman, Engineering Department Head


· Know the right way of analyzing the problem and how to analyze it.  I Know the right instrument that will be used for analyzing the problem and downtime of the equipment.  Know standard parameter especially with the right equipment to be used.  From Alejandro Abito, Maintenance Manager


· Training is very effective.  Good communication.  World Class Facilitator.  Very good time management.  From Edgar Silva, Maintenance Manager, Universal Robina Corporation


· The facilitator is well knowledgeable about maintenance and very well versed in almost all aspects of maintenance.  From Lester Larga, Assistant Manager, Terumo


· The facilitator was well prepared and mastery of the subject.  Knowledgeable on the 12 disciplines of maintenance.  From Victor Pardilla, Maintenance Manager, Universal Robina Corporation


· World Class Maintenance should start in a change in culture.  Everyone in the company should have one understanding , goal and direction in attaining a World Class Maintenance Level.  The trainer helps bridge the gap of understanding between operations, maintenance and upper management.  Not too much technical which can be easily understood by the participants.  Review of the basics and current situation is important in measuring our improvement process.  From John Jon Canamo, First Ocean, Eastwood City


· The training that was given is very much applicable to our company in Terumo Philippines Corporation  medical device manufacturing company.  The trainer is well experience and understand perfectly the difficulties of maintenance.  Complete training materials and handouts.  Simple and easy to understand.  From Joseph Contreras, Manager, Terumo Philippines


· Very clear approach and explanation on various topics.  From Raymond Magagad, Universal Robina Corporation


· Better understanding about maintenance.  Breaking the traditional thinking about maintenance.  Proper and correct way of applying the 12 disciplines of maintenance.  From Gary Jarder, Engineering Manager, Universal Robina Corporation 


· A gateway to improve maintenance strategy.  An eye-opener to a real world of maintenance.  Always do good things.  From Tod Tolete, Maintenance Manager, Universal Robina Corporation 


· Lots of insights which were derived from research and actual experience of the facilitator.  Easy to understand and grasp material.  Good visual aid.  From Arnel Amparo, Operation Manager, Universal Robina Corporation


· Facilitator is equipped with hand-outs that can help us to understand the training and he is a very good facilitator.  From Anthony Calumpang, Maintenance Manager


· This training discussed both the theory and experience.  It is very useful to our current responsibilities.  From Rommel Terrible, Supervisor, Terumo Philippines


· The facilitator knows well the topic he discussed and was able to answer our questions on a way that is easy to understand.  From Irish Fandialan, Electrical Engineer, Aboitiz Power 


· This training guides the participants clearly on the right approach to maintenance strategy.  From Ledio Penafiel, Department Manager, Substation, Davao Lights 


· Very industry can relate to the 12 disciplines of maintenance.  It would help everyone to enlighten and change the old paradigm to the new paradigm on maintenance.  From Walter Mayuga, Deputy Manager, First Oceanic 


· Approach to the subject matters are base on experiences and world renown practices.  Facilitator is approachable.  Subject correlate directly to the existing situation in the plant.  From Archilles Suguitao


· This training is based on experience teaching methodology that provides real life situations for industries.  From Joseph Johnson Cruz, Property Head

Text Box: Testimonies from Lubrication Strategy and Oil Contamination Control

 Applicable to the industry I am working with is Medical Device Manufacturing.  Trainer is knowledgeable and experience.  The training materials is complete.  Training venue is good.  From Joseph Contreras, Maintenance Manager, Terumo Philippines


 This training clearly discussed each topics.  All topics are mastered by the trainer.  From Rommel Terrible, Supervisor, Terumo Philippines


 Understand OEE computation.  Can understand the topic clearly.  Material on training was properly arrange.  From Rodrigo Julo, Maintenance Specialists


 Learned the different ways on how to measure equipment breakdown, common mean indicators like MTBF, MTBA, MTBI, MTTC, MTTS, MTTF as well as new ways in organizing TPM.  From Alberto Macalino.  Plant Maintenance and Engineering Manager, Rombe 


 Very relevant to our company’s needs.  Very good and effective speaker which is indeed a subject matter expert.  Very clear and direct to the point explanation and true examples.  From Felix Adre, Terumo Philippines


 Good points about this training is that this is applicable to all types of industries.  Situation in attendees industries were considered when discussing each topic to be understood if applicable or not to attendees industry.  From Rodel Cantos, Maintenance


 Training discussed almost everything I need to know which I can share with my teammates on MTBF, MTTF, MTBA, MTTS and other topics on how to compute and get the component’s reliability.  From Mark John Angelo Maclang, Process Engineer


 Very clear and understandable.  Very simple but in-depth explanation.  From Ayechelle Aquino.  IAM Officer, Maynilad Water

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Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

 Very knowledgeable instructor.  Very detailed discussion and also entertaining.  From Asep Saepudin, Service Manager, Instrumentation and Control Systems Vendor


 Good materials. Clear explanations.  Facility of the training is good.  From Buana Syahputra, Superintendent, PT Bekaert Indonesia 


 Very clear explanation.  Trainer is very experience in maintenance.  Good in time management.  From Embay Syuwanda, PT SSCX International


 Interactive training.  Clear Explanation.  Many experience.  Good qualification of the trainer.  From Khaldun Badra, PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium Perseso

Text Box: Asia Iknowledge, Jakarta, Indonesia
 World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines 
November 29 to 30, 2017
Text Box: Meralco Power Academy, Ortigas Pasig
Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance - Understanding MTBF, MTTF, MTTR, MTBA, MTTS, OEE, Failure Rate & Weibull December 5 to 6, 2017
Text Box: Testimonies from Lubrication Strategy and Oil Contamination Control

 Everything was well outlined and presented.  All facts are substantiated by real life actual examples.  From Martin Quintano, Engineer, Maynilad Waters


 Examples given by the facilitator were real life situations which were based easily relatable to the maintenance engineers, technician and can be applied.  Topics are easily explained and easily understood plus many chocolates.  From Joel Tabago, WSO Engineer, Maynilad Water


 Discussion was engaging.  Sir Rally made the training fun while we are learning.  It was a very informative training.  Pictures helped with the discussion.  From Ranier Ramos, WSO Engineer, Manila Water


 Complete listing of strategies and procedures that can be used in lubrication.  Learned points to improve our existing company procedure in maintenance execution.  From Ismael Cantor, Engineer, Maynilad Water.  


 The presentation was in-depth.  It actually made me realized how our current practices can be improved.  I also learned a lot regarding new trends in the industry and how our old ways are actually costly and can be dramatically improved.  Most of all it was delivered with humor.  From Dario Vallejos, WSO Engineer, Maynilad Water


 This training is very much needed in our maintenance program.  From Jem Mark Dixon Duroy, WDO Engineer, Maynilad Water


 I learned a lot and this training is very helpful to my duties as maintenance.  This training inspires me to do my job properly and effectively.  I learned about the proper lubrication and oil strategy that will help us to do our job as maintenance.  From Felix Satore, Plant Technician, Maynilad Water


 I will be able to apply this to my current job regarding what I learned from the course.  The training was clear, very understandable and alive.  Very motivational and inspiring.   The trainer was well equipped and know so much about the topic.  I learned a lot about the topic.  From Michael Joseph Buligan, Head CBM, Maynilad Water


 The training was helpful, understandable and I learned a lot from this course.  This training enhances our skills in providing proper and effective Preventive Maintenance.  From Adrian Ecleon, WN Engineer, Maynilad Water


 Discussion about the importance and application of Predictive/Proactive lubrication strategy that can be beneficial in terms of cost and efficiency of equipment.  It was quite detailed and very applicable for improvement of our current maintenance practice.  From Alvin Ong, Head, Asset Health Care, Maynilad Water


 The training was helpful, understandable and I learned a lot from this course.  This training enhances our skills in providing


 Keeps the participants engaged and motivates them to do more.  From Marc David Ke, Assistant Manager, Asset Information, Maynilad Water

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The real challenge in any equipment reliability initiative is starting to improve in a reactive world with the same amount of resources and time, remember that all those best in class industries started from being reactive themselves . . . . .  

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