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We have learned the real function of a good maintenance program.  Also we have understand the function and use the appropriate type of maintenance in handling and managing failures.  From Argel Magcawas, Supervisor, Epson Precision


We learned about how to conduct RCM and how it can contribute in the company.  I learned all the function and appropriate maintenance handling.  From Aries Lanada, Safety Technician, Facilities and Safety Department, Epson Precision


Learned about the relationship between operator and maintenance as well as how to perform the right maintenance on the equipment.  This training boost up my working attitude and morale.  From Erickson Dagdagan, Staff, Epson Precision


Understand the good points about Predictive Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance.  Easily classify all the breakdowns and the applicable maintenance technique to solve problems and breakdowns.  Realized that we should start to change within ourselves before changing other theories and principles.  Be good and do good.  From Joemel Ariola, SV, Epson Precision


I got more knowledge by listening to all teaching that I can apply to my current job as Preventive Maintenance.  Learn techniques on how to deal and solve the problem we encountered during breakdown.  From Jay Tanay, Technician, Epson Precision


Very good on how to deliver the training materials.  Completed all needed materials.  Encourage all attendees to listen and participate in the activities.  Overall comment is very, very good.  From Rene Baraquio, SSV, Epson Precision


Awareness to RCM.  Learned the different Preventive, Predictive, Proactive and Reactive Maintenance.  This is not just a technical training but with a lot of life lessons as well.  Salute.  From Princess Puro, Staff, Epson Precision


The good point about this training is that we can apply it to some of our activities in the field that we are dealing with.  Also it will help our views on what kind of work on maintenance should we do.  This training changes somehow our thinking on maintenance.  From Jhumel Candelario, Staff, Epson Precision


Learned about how to collaborate between TPM and RCM.  Make TPM and RCM activities to improve the performance and efficiency of the machine in manufacturing industries.  We need to change the existing culture of maintenance activity to be able to achieve the effectiveness of machine maintenance.  From Amadeo Rimando, Senior Supervisor, Epson Precision


Educational, can adopt to trainees since the trainer is a maintenance itself.  Trainer is open for questions and arguments.  No boring time, funny videos and musical videos.  Expert trainer, good AVP and print outs.  Willing to share information.  Rolling Stones “Rocks” Rolly Stone rather.  From Sahara Marielle Alzona, Maintenance Engineer, Epson Precision


A very useful to improve your skill as maintenance.  Instructor has a very broad knowledge about the training.  This is a very interactive training.  From Felipe Guarino Jr., Technician, Epson Precision


This training helped maintenance people enhance their self-esteem.  Being a maintenance person, I realized how maintenance was being discriminated.  I also learned the try importance of maintenance in an industry.  Now I can look for a deeper meaning of maintenance.  From Renzmar Perono, Staff Engineer, Epson Precision


This course is very appropriate to us maintenance people.  It gave us a deeper understanding on our function or role in the company. It help us to gain other procedure on how to maintain an equipment at its best.  The facilitator is equipped with different ideas and perspective on the course.  He is well known on how to change people on their own belief.  Also he knows how to entertain, interact and listen to those people like me.  From Edward Abdala, Staff, Epson Precision

This type of training would be very meaningful and a great help to us maintenance people in order to improve the approach on maintenance activities on a day to day basis .  We also learn the best way on best maintenance practices.  From Alvin Ombao, Maintenance Supervisor, Megawide Construction


Learn more about good maintenance practices to develop more knowledge on maintaining our equipment.  Improved our maintenance knowledge and skills.  From Crispino Ferrer, Vertical Equipment Technician, Megawide Construction


Learn the importance of best maintenance practices and a good relationship between the maintenance and operations team.  From Ronald Alamano, Supervisor, Megawide Construction


Positive motivation create interest.  Sense of humor.  Learn up to date technical skills with the latest technology for learnings.  From Amiel Garcia, Technician, Megawide Construction


The good point is that I learned how the proper maintenance perform using different techniques  and because of this training as operations, I understand the maintenance team that sometimes there is a reason why they cannot perform due to the valid reason that I learned today.  From Ronald Jumalon, Supervisor, Mobile Crane, Megawide Construction


Learn the proper usage of Preventive Maintenance and enhancing of knowledge for handling availability of equipment and managing of repair.  Best maintenance is all about the use of mind for planning to prolong the life of the equipment.  From Anthony Gorobat, Auto Electrician, Megawide Construction


4 Phases of Planned Maintenance explained clearly and emphasize the topic and learn the different kinds of failures.  In addition, the history of maintenance is interesting to know.  From Ervin John Buenaventura, Supervisor, Light Equipment, Megawide Construction


All of the subject matter is vivid and very interesting and in reality can be applied in our field of work.  We can improve our own process  on implementing and doing the right maintenance in our assets by doing best maintenance practices and procedure and adopting Condition-Based instead of being reactive.  From Romeo Diaz, Supervisor,  Megawide Construction


There are a lot of good points about this training.  First this training open widen my idea about what maintenance is and how to apply each and every strategy.  It opens my idea that not all failures can be solved using one type of maintenance.  It also open my idea that I must give focus and more importance on the maintenance side.  This training really helps me and someday I will be able to apply this kind of technique on my current assets.  From Kevin Nitro, Facility Staff Engineer, Epson Precision


We get to know how important maintenance is in a company or firm.  I also learned hot to classify the different maintenance problems such as run to fail, infant mortality, random and age-related breakdowns and what kind of maintenance to perform.  Overall this training serves as an eye opener for us in maintenance for us to see that we are not just maintenance but we are responsible for the goodness of our machines as well as the safety of people working here.  From Stephen Ramil Dan.  Staff, Epson Precision


The good point about this training is that I can relate to us regarding some problems encountered especially after Preventive Maintenance.  It give us some advises and teaches other techniques to improve our maintenance group example like reducing unnecessary PM check items.  Good analysis method which is better that repairing the same problem.  From Alexis Eduardo Perez, Stagg, Ink Production Section, Epson Precision


The facilitator is very good in discussion.  He is very knowledgeable regarding maintenance especially RCM.  The discussion was very lively.  It also have exercises which is great and examples that are also great.  He also share his experiences which are very helpful on our maintenance tasks.  Training materials is very good and having a soft copy via cd is great to have.  From Jack Kennery Abril, Parts Production Division, Staff, Epson Precision


The training is very useful for organization who want to measure a meaningful indicators to manage and better appreciate their maintenance performance for continuous improvement.  This is an excellent course to those organizations who want to aspire to have to have what it takes to be world class.  The energy of the facilitator had not change.  Knowing Rolly previously, he is still at his best and this is not just about training but more of an advocacy to maintenance practice.  From Gary Tongco, EDC


Really improved my understanding on maintenance side such as what to use tools and measurements in improving the reliability of the equipment.  From Antonio Ramirez, Test Maintenance Engineer


I gain more idea on how to maintain the equipment in good running condition.  It gave us more idea on how to analyze machine problems and gave me more deeper analysis if equipment encounter failure.  From Oscar Sandoval, Staff, Epson Precision


The good point about this training is to eliminate troubleshooting of the machine and how to maintain the good condition of our assets.  Also learn on how to reduce costs while maintaining the machine parts.  From Adrian Charles Coria, Technician, Epson Precision


Many things can be learned from our instructor so he is a very good trainer even if he is a joker and happy speaker.  From Jerick Castillo, Operator, Epson Precision


Full of knowledge and learning's.  Instructor can relate to technical discussions in real life.  From Geleen Gonzales, Staff, Facilities and Safety, Epson Precision


Knowledge about the importance of RCM which is to maintain the life of the machine.  Knowledge on the different kinds of maintenance to be used.  Learned the importance of RCM on industries and importance of teamwork and communicating with each other.  From Manny Cuenca, Technician, Epson Precision


Since I am a newbie, this training gave me a lot of information what maintenance is.  Also a deeper understanding what Reliability-Centered Maintenance and its importance when it is implemented.  From Jenica Oblenida, D1 Staff, Epson Precision


Learned that Preventive Maintenance is not the only solution to minimize failures of the equipment/machine.  Pointed out that RCM is a more cost effective maintenance in improving the reliability of equipment in the company.  From Annabelle Fruelda, Staff , Epson Precision


Improved my knowledge on maintenance and the importance of RCM which can be applied to my daily tasks.  From Dexter Drentre, Operator, Epson Precision


This training shows the importance of the different approaches in the field of maintenance.  The training emphasize that in maintenance, it is a team or group especially with the production to achieve the highest  quality of maintenance.  It also shows that the traditional Preventive Maintenance is not the only answer which means that it can just capture 30% of the usual problems encountered in maintenance.  From Reifer John Toledo, Staff, Epson Precision


The facilitator was able to share his knowledge not basing on theories only but also based on experience.  The facilitator is very generous in sharing knowledge.  From Emerson Brozo, Staff, Ink Production, Epson Precision


Regards on this training as it enlightens my mind about the Reliability-Centered Maintenance Analysis.  Apart from that, I can assure on what maintenance tasks should be performed when a failure is encountered.  From Nestor dela rosa Jr., Staff, Epson Precision

Very detailed.  A lot of useful worksheets and handouts.  Practical and applicable approaches.  From Vince Marie Balsicas


Trainer/Facilitator were able to provide concrete examples for most of the industries.  From Orlando Sebastian.  Meralco


Identifying failures.  Learned systematic way of handling it and suggestion of tools and equipment to use for monitoring the failure.  From Jericho Celera, Engineering Manager


Organization on assessing problems occurring in maintenance works.  Proper programming and scheduling on performing necessary maintenance works on the equipment.  Prevention and control of the downtime of equipment.  Cost reduction on maintenance and repair expenses.  Prolong further the life of assets and equipment.  From Richard de Guzman, Building Admin and Service Head, Facilities


The good point about this training is that it emphasizes the brighter side of RCM.  It shows the gray areas in its implementation and the resistance.  From Mark Louven Mendiola, Aboitiz  Power


The good point about this training is to know what the different proactive maintenance than reactive maintenance.  Learn to know how to evaluate between hidden and evident failures and learn a maintenance proper program.  From Noriel Ascano, Lead Technician


As a person on the operations side, the good point that I got on this training is where I can share my experience on the operations to the maintenance team where we can team up in order to create a reliable maintenance strategy.  From John Henry, Feed mill, Philippine Foremost


Enable to learn RCM, analyze and determine failure modes and how to determine the type of maintenance to be used.  From Reuben Dalisay, Head Miller, Philippine Foremost


Enable to understand the right approach in doing RCM.  Training discuss not only on RCM but including other related maintenance issues.  Delegates have the freedom to asks any questions related to maintenance.  Side trip discussions was allowed.  Valuable quotes presented. From Precious Amper, Aboitiz Power


This training provided me with new outlook and fresh learning's about how maintenance should be applied.  Also the facilitator is very ingenious in capturing the interest of the audience.  From Edwin Pantaleon


Many inputs were shared.  Personal experience of the facilitator were shared.  From Pol Dominic Crusit, Philippine Foremost


Gives me a broad understanding regarding maintenance especially on how it is done.  Meet the different people with different experiences.  From Don Derupe, Shift Miller, Production


Learn the importance of RCM.  Enlightenment of knowledge and perception about the application of maintenance in the work place.  Applicable terms and belief that to be used in maintenance works.  From Eric Almuete, Shift Miller, Mindanao Grains

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