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Text Box: Testimonies from TPM Planned Maintenance Training
Text Box: Testimonies from Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance

 The facilitator shares his experiences related to the topics discussed and knows what he is teaching.  From Mark Grover Patulot, First Genutive


 It widen my knowledge about maintenance not on for the equipment but also to other things that I can also apply to my everyday life.  From Clarito Alvareda, Substation ENM Engineer


 Gathering full knowledge about TPM and RCM that is share by the facilitator.  Too much PM will result to abnormalities of such equipment.  From J.D. Anomuevo, Shift Engineer, First Gen


· This training is highly recommendable to operation and maintenance personnel like me.  From Jomar Eco Substation Support Services, Meralco


· Very clear discussion , simple and concise explanation.  Real life scenario relatable type of explanation.  From Ronnie Marquez, Electrical Systems, NLREC


· Planned Maintenance is being explain in a per phase strategy whereby the participants who have less or no knowledge of how maintenance works will greatly appreciate it.  In fact, it is a very important information to anyone who will just start their career in the maintenance world.  From Jamie Derecho, Supervisor, Power System, Aboitiz

Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis Training

 All the topics are discussed well.  The instructor gives out information about good and best maintenance activities. He has good slides and presentation.  From John Baulo Jose, Planner, UPPC


 Informative, based on what is really happening at my sight.  He kept the class lively and ensure that everyone understand before moving to the next topic.  He has a good sense of humor.  The learnings gained and share is helpful to my job.  Loui Adriano, UPPC


 Good speaker, no he is great. Discussed with a heart.  If you think that you are right then you are absolutely wrong.  Learned that cutting cost can hurt reliability.  From John Paul dela cruz, MED, UPPC


 The training was lively.  Easy to understand while talking.  Discussed and explained the topic in a way easy to understand.  From Joseph Darrel Salamat, Engineer, UPPC


 Learn more about the difference between our downtime and losses.  Learn what approach we need to do if we encounter that kind of problem or trouble.  The facilitator had a good training technique.  From Ma. Andrea Faustino, Maintenance Officer UPPC


 Very informative.  Able to explain the difference between MTBF, MTTF, MTTR, MTBA and MTTS.  No dull moment during this training.  From Karen Jose, Supervisor, UPPC


 Great facilitator.  All the topics were well explained.  We fully understand the different maintenance indicators and measurements.  From Gary Vergara, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, UPPC


 Very entertaining.  Lots of actual experience regarding the subject that we can also relate.  Have a good sense of humor.  The facilitator has a good knowledge of the subject matter.  From Jimmy Estrada, Reliability Engineer, UPPC


 The topic is good enough and the facilitator is excellent.  This is one of the best seminar that I attended.  Full of jokes related to the topic.  From Lorenzano Mariano, Supervisor, UPPC


 The examples used was based on actual data and own experience of the trainer that we can easily related to.  From Noriel Angel Tuazon, Supervisor, UPPC


 Good understanding about MTBV, MTBA, MTTR, MTTF and failure rate which we can apply on our actual job.  A lot of new knowledge was shared to us.  From Gabriel, Engineering Designer, UPPC

 Facilitator was able to deliver the context vividly relating to the current maintenance issues.  Able to deliver in such a way that participants will be eager to listen.  Interesting choice of methods and examples.  He was able to deliver with such enthusiasm and is contagious in a good way.  A person with passion.  From Luzalie Mancilla, Operations Manager


 Facilitator is competent and knowledgeable about the subject matter.  Good pacing in which the participants are not bored.  Real life examples are shared with the participants.  Facilitator shares his knowledge and materials with the participants.  From Albert Justiniano, HR and Admin Head, Greenfield Development Corporation


 This could help us to prevent the recurrence of equipment failures.  This training educate us the proper execution of failure analysis, how to address and apply the counter measures.  This training gave me the idea to create an RCFA team since right now we don’t have any.  Addressing the failure should follow the sequence which are the physical, human and the latent cause of the problem.  The good points of this training is to remind us that never blame anyone else when the failure occur and it should be fixed together with the combined knowledge of everyone.  From Leonardo Enolba, Shift Supervisor


 Enlightened that management support is very important.  Provides us a clear step by step in evaluation, determination and corrective actions on failures of the equipment.  Have a clear understanding of better maintenance on equipment and facilities.  Great lessons on how to perform correctly the actions to be taken in pinpointing the real root cause of the problem on equipment failures.  From Daniel Rangapan, Substation Engineer


 Mr. Angeles was able to related RCFA to everyday situations in the workplace making it easier for the participants to understand.  From Lawrence Abueg, Zone Officer, Meralco Biz Partners


 I gained in-depth additional knowledge regarding RCFA and better understanding on how to conduct RCFA on equipment failures.  I was able to determine the difference between physical, human and latent cause of the problem.  From Jose Remus Dumlao Jr. Maintenance

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Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps to Empowerment

 The seminar is new to me and I learned a lot.  I would definitely used some of the good point discussed in the seminar.  Salamat po Sir.  From Teofilo Manlongat, O&M, Meralco


 Very good training and I am sure if my company will support having this Autonomous Maintenance, breakdowns will be decreased as well as the machine maintenance costs.  From Vidalleon Natividad, Plant Maintenance Manager, Motolite.


 Facilitator is very knowledgeable on the subject.  Training materials are very helpful in understanding the subject discussed.  From Cesar Dipasupil, Engineering and Maintenance Manager


 The facilitator was able to present the course with the best visual aid and related videos regarding the training materials.  He was able to provide good examples related to Autonomous Maintenance.  There was  a pre and post examination to rate the knowledge of the trainee.  There was also a group activity as well which is also helpful for the evaluation of the trainee’s knowledge gained.  From Edgar Anterola, Mechanical Supervisor, Kepco Ilijan


 The training is very detailed considering the approach is a detailed step by step yet the technique of Rolly is practical.  From Anthony Bathan, Assembly Manufacturing, On Semiconductor

Text Box: Testimonies from Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance

 Have understood the importance and benefits of having an established performance monitoring metrics in a company as a best practice and as part of having a world class maintenance strategy.  Corrected the traditional thinking between the difference on RCA and RCFA in equipment failures.  From Jeffrey Nepumuceno, Head Reliability Engineering, EDC Generation and Engineering Group


 Very interesting and lots of additional learnings about maintenance measurements which are clearly discussed.  I have now understand about MTBA, MTBF, MTTR, MTTF and other maintenance measurements.  From Cris Arnel Magnaye, Test Maintenance Engineer


 The presentation materials was clear and concise.  Easy to understand.  Facilitator is well experience and clear in explaining the details.  Give us an overview of true measures and use of MTBF, MTTR, MTBA, MTTS and how to use each of them.  From Joel Resultay, Plant Engineering Manager, Concepcion Carrier


 There is no dull moment during the training.  All questions were entertained well.  Training was designed based on actual plant scenario.  From Francis Mark Ramos, Plant Engineering Planner, Concepcion Carrier


 The training is very useful for organization who want to measure a meaningful indicators to manage bad better appreciate their maintenance performance for continuous improvement.  This is an excellent course to those organizations who want to aspire to have to have what it takes to be world class.  The energy of the facilitator had not change.  Knowing Rolly previously, he is still at his best and this is not just about training but more of an advocacy to maintenance practice.  From Gary Tongco, EDC


 Really improved my understanding on maintenance side such as what to use tools and measurements in improving the reliability of the equipment.  From Antonio Ramirez, Test Maintenance Engineer


· Relevant on the field of maintenance.  Topics and introduction of maintenance tools are very useful and effective.  It open up a mind set of correct and effective maintenance strategy.  From Carlo Tiolo, Maintenance Engineer

Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis Training

 Real life examples were presented such as Challenger Explosion Case Study.  Games were simulated to make the training more interesting.  From Fay Duclayan, Staff Engineer, Hedcor


 The good thing about this learning from RCFA is that if there is a failure that will occur, we can investigate deeply what is the main or root cause of the failure.  In this case, we can prevent the problem from occurring again. From Carlo Abe, Maintenance Hedcor


 Understand the causes of the problem.  Occurrence can be uncovered by the trainees or at least they have gained the knowledge on hot to conduct an RCFA investigation.  Gained knowledge on how to conduct and when to conduct RCFA and its process and composition of the investigating team.  Failures of an equipment/plant is not necessarily a failure of a single person/process/system buy in is an opportunity that it can be improved.  Jude Michael Balattero, HBI OPS, Hedcor


 One good point about this training is that we learned lessons about the mistakes made by several people resulting to tragic accidents like what happened in the RCM Titanic and Challenger Disaster which can happen to any industries.  From Cristanto Ventura, Plant Operator, Hedcor 


· A well manage time on the modules of discussions.  Music as icebreaker and intermissions.  Presentations with colorful background.  Inspiration quotes on Root Cause and detailed step in conducting RCFA.  From Mateo Acos, O&M, Hedcor

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