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This training is so insightful and successful to capture almost all of our maintenance management problems.  From Fahim Hadi Maula, Executive Engineering, Nutrifood Company, Indonesia


The facilitator knows the material first hand and can provide data and experience about the subject.  He has a broad knowledge and experience and has been trying to explain the whole material very well despite the complexity of the subject.  From Iwan Sitawan, Operations Manager


Attractive training with great experience of the trainer. Comprehensive mastery content that is easy to understand and can be adopted.  Share the book and data.  Systematic roadmap to reliability.  Explain the basic function of maintenance and provide sample that make sense.  From Arief Hertanto, Engineering Manager, Syngenta, Indonesia


The training has a balance of seriousness and comical learning which tends to help the trainee learn the learning's.  From Jun Tagamolia, Technical Services, Del Sun Online


Learning ideas on principles of the 12 disciplines and on how to analyze different failures and the way these failures will be addressed.  Good points also is that I learned all about the patterns and consequences of failure on how to properly plan the method of addressing it.  From John Henry Badoles, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation


Simple, informative, valuable, eye-opener.  Shares experience that motivates and focus on the main topic.  And mostly the training is fun.  From Nelson Villalobos, Head Miller, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation


Learning's from reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance that we can apply in our field and industries were we work.  Learn the importance of the relationship between operations and maintenance most especially the learning's on World Class Maintenance.  From Arthur Gabsan, Head Miller, Feed Mill Plant, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation


Easy to understand and the speaker have the guts to share his knowledge.  From Jesus Vargas, Shift Supervisor, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation


The facilitator is well prepared and communicated well with us.  From Ralph Barrera, CMMS Specialists, Energy Development Corporation


Additional learning's on what we are presently doing in maintenance.  Details of each discipline was properly communicated.  Sample forms are very helpful.  Workshop is comprehensive, The different types of maintenance was properly explained.  From Gil Ofina, Engineering head, First in Colors, Manufacturing


Basic to advance topics has a good sequence.  Lot of attention getters to help bring the focus back.  Good pace, tone, volume of the speaker and has mastery of the topic.  From Ephraim, Field Engineer, AJ3 Electrolink Corporation


Able to learn the different kinds of maintenance strategies and the basics of maintenance.  Encourage to do RCM and CBM.  Address the different kind of failures and how to control them.  Have a good knowledge on World Class Maintenance.  From Reuben Dalisay, Head Miller, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation


Increase my understanding on store/inventory management.  Good point about this training is on how to reduce inventory costs and highlights on obsolete and non-moving items.  From Farud Aziz Bin Kamal, Material Support Officer, Aviation, Airlines, Malaysia


Best course for improving the MRO Storeroom training.  From Segar Sokalingram, Material Support and Operations, FlyFirefly SDB, BHD, Aviation, Malaysia


Give me more ideas on how to handle spare parts storeroom and how to control items in the storeroom.  Provided me more knowledge on how industries can benefit on implementing MRO Storeroom Management.  Form Binti Mohamed, Engineering Clerk, The Italian Baker, Food and Beverage, Malaysia


Exposure on a good practice of spare parts and inventory management.  Analytical tools for fast, slow, non-moving, high demand spare parts, EOQ and Stocking Control, relation between Purchasing and Storekeeper, identification of whether to stock or not to stock using a logic tree diagram.  From Azlan, Abhul Rahman, Mining Explosive, Malaysia


Gave knowledge on how to manage spare parts.  Highlighted real time problems in spare parts management and provide solutions to the problems.  Discuss examples and goo group discussions.  From Nurul Hidayah Othman, Maintenance Engineer, Aerospace Manufacturing, Malaysia

Learn function, functional failure, failure modes, hidden, evident failures and the different consequences of failures.  Predictive Maintenance and Reliability-Centered Maintenance were taught to us very well.  Facilitator had knowledge on the above topics.  Learn what to do and what not to do on implementing RCM.  Excellent course and had a great experience with Sir Rolly.  From N. Laxman, Deputy Manager, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, India


Training is beneficial to avoid/eliminate the sudden stoppage of production.  Covered point to point explanation.  Trainer had a good knowledge and polite.  Good organization of training.  From Umesh Kokithar, Manager Engineering, Biotech Industry, India.


Linking of various maintenance practices.  Detailed effect of RCM . Relevant points were covered within specified timeframe.  From Akash Raj, Deputy Manager, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, India


Good training materials and a well experience facilitator.  From Rahul Narkhede, Senior Manager, Reliance Industries, India.


Training topic clearly comprehended by presenter Rally.  Practical examples helped better understand the subject.  Arrangements were very good.  From Sachin Narkhede, Assistant Manager, SKF India limited, Pune India


Trainer was very polite, gentle and lots of patience in answering the questions of the participants.  Simple in making concept to understood by all.  Content evenly distributed for the complete 2 days.  From Uma Shankay, Singh, Reliability Superintendent, Mechanical Oil and Gas, India


This training is very useful and improved my knowledge about RCM.  From Ntinkumar Patil, Superintendent, India


Well explained process in doing FMEA/FMECA.  Examples are related in our line of work.  From Justin Ryan Lee, Hedcor Inc.,


Good Training. Thank sir for the knowledge.  From Rowena Tang-ey, Plant Operation,


The training was fun and entertaining because the facilitator is funny and most of all because of his mastery of the topics making it top notch.  From Cristanto Ventura


FMEA/FMECA is a good problem solving tool that can help both operations and maintenance in managing their assets.  The facilitator is well knowledgeable on the topic.  From Carlo Abe, Instrumentation and Control Engineer, Hedcor Sibulan


Lots of new ideas had been discussed on how to deal with failure modes which help us to analyze better .  From Joel Dacnes, Electrical Engineer, Hedcor Inc.,


The topic is very applicable especially to operations and maintenance.  This will study the criticality of failure modes and its effects and develop actions to reduce the likelihood of the failure.  From Martin Anacio, PND Engineer, Hedcor.


Everything is good about this training for each employees that attended this training.  From  Christmer Canete, Instrumentation and Control, Hedcor Bukidnon Inc.,


Mastery of the subject.  Good method of imparting knowledge.  Good job.  From Hans Alangdeo, Power Production, Hedcor


The topic was thoroughly explained and the facilitator was able to provide realistic examples.  The duration of the training was well utilized because it is very informative and at the same time entertaining.  From Faye Duclayan, Staff engineer, Hydropower Generation






Very entertaining.  There is a lot of learning that is very helpful.  Attendees have a very good interaction with the speaker.  The speaker is very approachable, open minded and willing to teach more beyond the training.  The  speaker is full of wisdom.  Understand the clear structure of TPM, each pillars and OEE calculation.  From Joey Ponce, Utilities/Maintenance Supervisor, Oleofats


This TPM training is a big aspect and helpful to our company to change the culture on maintenance in order to enhance a big knowledge that will adopt little by little with this TPM and to follow what is in the lecture that we will venture.   My expectation was met.  Good Speaker and good venue.  From Pedro Gotgotao, CHI/CTI Engineering


Separates the border line between maintenance and production.  Improvement process that can top any other programs and give an edge to a company as it focuses on people’s involvement.  A program that success not only involves the management but all of the employees will be benefited.  From Lenard Malvar.  Maintenance Engineer


This training enlightened us so much especially the topics with regards to the 8 pillars of TPM and likewise the distinction between TPM and RCM.  From Teofilo de Guzman Jr. Mine Mobile Equipment Services, Philex Mining 


Learned more about maintenance especially on TPM.  I will basically apply some of this learnings.  From Lord Nicho Carcido, Maintenance Supervisor, Aboitiz Power


This training provided relevant information and overview of TPM.  The key points in implementing TPM was well explained Sir Rally provided discussions that engage us with a touch of humor that kept the seminar an enjoying experience.  From Senen Arthur Aromin, Maintenance Superintendent, Philex Mining


Very good speaker with very good knowledge on the subject matter.  Very good training room, good food and facilities.  From Ramon Quintanar, Engineering Supervisor


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