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Always remember that in any reliability improvement initiative, the focus will be on the people.  Provide them the skills they need and these skills will be used to improve their equipment.  Remember it is the people that will improve their equipment and it is not the other way around . . . . .

Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

 Learning to align all types of maintenance for proper outcome and value to the company.  From Jimmy Bernal, Maintenance, Megawide Construction Corporation


 Great points about this training is that facilitator could reply and respond with whole knowledge whenever asked.  Could sustain a high energy level of the participants.  From Reuel Pindoy, Mechanical Planner, San Miguel Corporation


 The training is very precise.  It points to the basic needs of the maintenance.  It also correct the way of thinking about maintenance activities and define what RCM and CBM really means.  From Raphael Raymund Sanches, Electrical Planner, San Miguel Corporation


 Topics were complete.  The facilitator was well educated about the topic and displayed mastery of the subject matter.  From Jun Sta. Maria, Electrical Maintenance, Tarlac Power Corporation


 Give us an idea on how to tackle our maintenance problem in order to create a more effective approach on the problem.  From E. Alindayu, Substation Maintenance Engineer


 Importance of being no maintenance personnel.  Differentiating the different kinds of maintenance.  Learn the value of RCM for the benefit of the company.   From Jayson Fider, Line Maintenance Engineer


 Able to know the importance of maintenance in the manufacturing industry thru applying RCM analysis which is very cost efficient and guaranteed effectiveness to prolong the life of the equipment. From Karen Mae Madelo, Shift Miller, Philippine Foremost

Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

 This training shows more aspect of maintenance that the management did not focus.  Though some are already in place (system, SDE, PM/CM) but training are not likely conducted through the years.  Acceptance of change to all operation and maintenance personnel.  From Ramon Acedera, PGPC


 I was able to get of wider view of what really maintenance is.  I got to learn ways of improving my approach in handling and finding solution in different maintenance problem be it simple or a complex one.  From George Relucio, Assistant Analyst, PGPC


 Uses real world practical examples.  Entertaining presentation.  Prize based activities.  Presentation well made and logical.  From Nico Eliciano, Process Control Engineer, PGPC


 Easy to understand with good PowerPoint presentation materials.  Facilitator led the presentation well uses simple examples to get the topic easy to comprehend.  Live active participation of the participants.  From Azarcon, CM Planning, PGPC


 Provide guidance on where will our maintenance will go.  Collaboration of ONM to resolve recurring problem.  Refine current PGPC operation and maintenance practice.  Provide orientation on the different disciplines on maintenance.  Name withheld


 Spare parts management maybe its time for PGPC to decide on whether it is warehouse or maintenance which can best handle or manage maintenance of spare parts.  Spare parts management can be improve easier if this could be handled by the maintenance.  From Ellen Fuentabella, SCM Supervisor, PGPC


 Facilitator is very good at maintaining and getting the attention of the participants.  Name Withheld


 Understand more the six patterns of failure.  Knowing the kind of maintenance that we are going to use on the different machines.  Accepting that not all failures can be addressed by Preventive Maintenance.  From Vladimir Cueva, AOT Operator, PGPC


 Understand the 12 disciplines of maintenance.  Identifying the patterns, classification and types of failures.  Importance of establishing basic equipment condition and understand the importance of training for maintenance and operations.  From Michael Geron, Operator, PGPC

 Many new important things learned.  Precise and accurate teachings.  Good presentation skills and slide.  From Himanshu Yadav.  Engineering Officer, BPCL, India


 Detailed training on maintenance.  Theory is very good.  Explained in a very simple language.  From Vijay Chaudhari, Management Staff, Pharmaceutical Cipla Ltd., India


 World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines knowledge enhancement.  Exposure to the latest trends in maintenance management.  Provided a corporate strategy for the maintenance function.  Real focus of a true and meaningful maintenance structure.  From Ritesh Soni, Senior Manager, Aarti Industries Ltd, India


 Learned the latest development in WCM.  We had thoroughly learn the age-related problem.  P-F curve and predictive maintenance tasks to avoid a functional failure.  Learn about oil contamination and ways to reduce breakdown.  Learned about RCFA and RCM.  From Prashant Beamankal, India


 The good points are basics of WCM and types of failures.  RCM explained in detail and understandable manner.  12 disciplines is the right approach.  Fantastic oratory and presentations.  Very good practical knowledge.  In depth approach.  From Avinash Datal, SKF, India


 The 2 days program on World Class Maintenance Management organized by HMG group was very useful to recollect the basics of maintenance.  Faculty Mr. Rolly explained the concepts of maintenance was very good. Excellent, informative and attractive and conveyed a lot of new things to the participants.  On behalf of KPC, I would like to thank to the faculty who had conveyed a lot of things to the audience.  From N.K. Prabhakara, Chief Engineer, KPC India


 The subject regarding lubrication and Root Cause Failure Analysis were excellent.  Overall the program was excellent.  The program has made better knowledge about World Class Maintenance Management which shall improve my plant maintenance.  From P.N. Sreenivasan, DY General Manager, ONGC Company


 Skill of delivery is very good.  Energy level is very good.  Examples are good.  From Mahendra, DY General Manager, KPTL, India


 Topics covered are excellent.  Presentation delivery excellent.  Literature and study material very good book.  I never feel any boring topic throughout the 2 days.  Very interesting and useful workshop. From Ketan Shah, Senior Manager, UPL Ltd, Agro Chemical Process Industry, India


 Good points is management of training.  This training imparted on what industry people faces.  Relation between maintenance and tasks failures related to operators who operate the equipment.  The 12 disciplines for the maintenance management explanations with theoretical aspects as well as practicality.  Describing each type of failure with simple examples with high impact which can be implemented easily.  Discuss the needs of maintenance in each industry described and its importance.  From Ronak Patel, Executive engineering Services, Claris Pharmaceutical, India

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Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance Training

 A total approach to effective maintenance strategy.  Learn to adopt the right maintenance strategy for different failures.  Topics were explained with examples.  Good interaction with trainer and training methodology was very effective.  From Sunil Kumar Kathat, Manager Operations and Maintenance, Cairn India


 RCM and practical aspects were clearly explained.  Very good presentation skills.  Very good interactive skills of the speaker.  Instructor highly experience and knowledgeable.  From Shashank Singh, Engineer Mechanical, Cairn India


 Very good presentation skills.  All points were described with practical and elaborative examples.  Knowledge of the instructor was from actual field level and can be applied to our workplace effectively.  From Chinmay Gajjar, Senior Engineer Maintenance, Cairn India


 Topics covered are appropriate.  Visual graphics and pictures to represent the topics were excellent.  Provide examples given during training to understand the topics.  Learned the six patterns of failure.  From Dhiren Patel, Senior Engineer, Mechanical, Cairn India


 All over, the program is very good to understand the detailed structure about RCM.  RCM decision diagram is on of the highlights of the training.  RCM quiz and detailed roadmap from training is the best practice I have done during training.  RCM tasks decision worksheet is very good to analyze the proper reliability condition of the equipment.  Function exercise is also useful to detail the understanding of case study with function requirements and assets.  From Pradip Savariya, Supervisor, Cairn India


 Good examples provided while training.  Good worksheet practice done  to analyze the proper Learn addition by teams.  Detailed discussion about RCM with examples.  Very nice presentation on RCM decision diagram.  From Tushare Joshi, Superintendent, Cairn India


Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

 Various aspects of maintenance explained.  Use of various tools and equipment to provide feedback.  Learned lubrication and their effects and managing spare parts.  From Sibrat Ranungo, Assistant General Manager


 All the topics covered.  Lots of practical examples to clarify the concept.  Use of audio-video visual tools.  All the philosophy in maintenance covered.  Analytical tool (FMEA) to develop maintenance tasks is useful.  From Ricky Agarwal, Assistant Manager, India


 Practical examples and day to day maintenance concerns and issues were highlighted.  Developing a work PM scheduling strategies and structures were made clear.  From Baroon Sahoo, DY Manager, Steel Business Unit, India


 Training materials covering all the aspects of the program.  World Class Maintenance Management—The 12 Disciplines is an excellent program.  From Chander Baleash Jain, Sterlite Industries, India


 The program is will design for a detailed knowledge on maintenance management for process industries.  From Santosh Kumar Mohapatra, Senior Manager, Indian Oil Corporation


 Value addition to implement maintenance procedures in an economical and technical way to reduce industrial losses that can be avoided easily.  From Bhaltacharje, Assistant Manager, Indian Power Corporation

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