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Always remember that in any reliability improvement initiative, the focus will be on the people.  Provide them the skills they need and these skills will be used to improve their equipment.  Remember it is the people that will improve their equipment and it is not the other way around . . . . .

Text Box: Testimonies from Planned Maintenance Training

 Learned the 12 kinds of WCM disciplines.  Become more open minded at work.  I learned the correct procedure on the different maintenance strategies.  From John Gener Quintayo, Substation and Distribution, Aboitiz


 Very knowledgeable and experience with the topics.  Provides good and relevant examples.  Provides a sound advise and good answer to questions.  Facilitates active participation of the participants.  From Rupert Joseph Tortal, Philsaga Mining Corporation, ESD Manager


 The training address most of our maintenance management problem.  It shows a guide and direction for the maintenance management function.  From Jason Jade Gallego, Mill Electrical Engineer, Philsaga Mining Corporation


 Mastery of the subject matter in relation to actual experience.  Good motivator with a good sense of humor.  From Marcel Tolentino Jr. QA Logistic Head, Distribution Utility


 Very interesting point about maintenance.  No dull moments.  Fun and entertaining.  Speaker imparts all the knowledge he has.  The best and “The Rolling Stones”.  From Edmond Rebadulla, Operations Engineer, Meralco Energy


 Thank you very much.  You are a good teacher and facilitator.  God bless you.  Tomorrow I start al what I learn in this training and share all I learned to my colleagues.  (sa mga kasama ko, ituturo ko ng ganito yan, salamat po)  From Richard Pangilinan, Megawide Construction Corporation


 Excellent strategy during the delivery and relevant examples were presented.  The speaker posses excellent teaching.  Truly a world class.  From Oscar Duca Jr.  Chief Line Maintenance, Distribution Utility


 I know and can differentiate the different method in conducting maintenance in various types of equipment.  I know what should be done upon learning the 12 disciplines of world class maintenance.  We can improve in doing and analyzing the root cause and failure analysis in our present system of doing maintenance work.  From Romeo Diaz, Megawide Construction Corporation


 Facilitator Rolly Angeles delivered the program very well .  All topics are interesting.  He knows how to insert his jokes so that the participants become more lively.  All topics are applicable to our company.  From Prudencio Valde, Megawide Construction Corporation


 Very well and informative.  This will be a good help for us in doing our jobs.  The speaker is very credible due to his vast experience in doing maintenance jobs and also teaching these techniques for a long time.  From Allan Manzano, Maintenance Planner, Megawide Construction Corporation


 Most of all the topics are very interesting and I learn new ideas to approach how maintenance be applied properly and to correct the wrong doings of a maintenance person.  I learned a new procedure from this training.  I have been in the industry of maintenance for two and a half decades and I want to learn more about good maintenance management.  From Alvin Ombao, Transport and Heavy Supervisor, Megawide Construction Corporation


 This training is beneficial in improving the current maintenance program of the company most especially in taking the first step towards change through cascading the information and knowledge gained not only to the maintenance team but also to management.  From Mark Alexis Elegado, Shift Supervisor, Philex Mining Corporation


 The good points about this training is that I was enlightened about the best practices in maintenance.  I have learned the different principles and concepts of maintenance very essential in our industry.  I’ve learned a lot in root cause and failure analysis, spare parts management and a lot that is why I aim to improve our current maintenance practice in our company.  From Raymond Mapalo, Maintenance Engineer, Philex Mining Corporation


 Mr. Rolly Angeles is very knowledgeable regarding world class maintenance.  He clearly has lots of experience with different industries and he was able to apply them on this training.  The participants were able to relate to his examples which are concrete.  From Donald Mel Odilao, Production Superintendent, Philex Mining Corporation 

Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps Training

 Learned the basic knowledge and good practice of maintenance.  Learned the individual responsibility from management to operators and application of good maintenance as well as effect of a good maintenance to the company.  From Renante Dioma, Equipment Engineer, Excelitas Technology


 Magaling po ang pagtuturo, marami po akong natutunan.  Ipagpatuloy po ninyo and inyong trabaho bilang isang magaling na instructor.  Ngayon may nalaman po ako sa training na pwede ko pong iapply sa paghawak ko ng mga machine.  Alam ko kung may problema o wala ang machine na hahawakan ko at dahil may nalaman ako about sa pagtratraining pwede ko din po itong ituro sa kapwa ko operator.  From Manilyn Rogel, Operator, Excelitas Technologies


 Lots of things to learn about Preventive Maintenance and about teamwork between operators and maintenance.  It’s not just about training and learning new things but is working between two people which is the operator and maintenance to become partners.  A good strategy to make things easier to the maintenance to conduct their jobs and to lessen the upcoming breakdowns.  Name withheld


 Training is lively and no dull moments and despite of the jokes being thrown from time to time.  The objective of the training was still met.  The information about the topic were well though and relayed on effectively because of the expertise of the trainer and the realistic approach he used.  From Portia Chandiramani, Process Engineer I, Excelitas Technologies


 Knowledge about Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.  Learned to know how important maintenance   in the line.  We learned the basic course.  This is the way how management, operation and maintenance help each other.  Now I know what are the definitions and terms about Autonomous Maintenance that someday we can apply all the lessons we learned from this training.  It is a great help to all maintenance group and operations.  We appreciate the training.  From Vilma Sisante, Team Leader, Excelitas Technologies


 Mr. Rolly is an expert trainer.  He knows all the modules of Planned Maintenance.  Very inspiring and will develop my technical skills through his training.  Planned Maintenance will help our department and the company will benefit from this including employee and employer.  From Felix Mendoza, Lead Technician, Excelitas Technologies


 It is an eye-opener for all maintenance group to enhance their knowledge and put into practice what this training is all about.  This will be a great help if the maintenance group will put this into practice in minimizing if not zeroing out all machine downtime in the production line.  For production group who attended this training, this will help us to understand how machine s should be cared for and be in partnership with technicians in preventing and caring for the machines.  From Dolor dela cruz, Group Leader, Excelitas Technologies


 Sa akin bilang operator, ang maganda sa training na ito ay natutunan ko ang bawat isa sang kahalagahan ng pagkakaisa par maiayos ng tama ang mali at nagkaroon ako ng knowledge about sa mga failure ng machine at kung papano ito ma prevent ng tama at kung ano ang mga unang steps na gagawin pag nka encounter ng failure.  From Alma Cabiles, Operator, Excelitas Technologies


 Very informative and a lot of new process learned on this training. Skills and knowledge will be applied to work.  Examples are very timely and applicable.  Visual aids and participants interaction is very high.  It covered the basic objective of the training which is to have a partnership between operators and maintenance.  From Philip dela cruz, Facilities, Excelitas Technologies


 Lumawak po yung knowledge and understanding ko sa maintenance at kung papano I rate or justify yung isang machine.  Enjoy and talaga pong makakaktulong po ng marami or malaki bilang isang operator.  Parang gusto ko na po maging maintenance hehe.  Thank you po for sharing your knowledge and the Rolling Stones to us.  From Joan Millicent F. Delgado, Production Operator, Excelitas Technologies


 To improve a good relationship between maintenance and production especially the operator.  To have a good information between maintenance and operator regarding failure and breakdown.  Upgrade the reliability in maintaining a good maintenance on the machine and equipment of the plant.  It empowers the knowledge of operator regarding the failure and breakdown of the machine.  From Pendos Juancho, Operator, Excelitas Technologies


 Interactive training.  The quiz, games and ice breakers were fun and educational at the same time.  Mindset to change the culture between operators and maintenance teams for a better equipment maintenance thus having a better company.  A better approach in maintenance.  The modules and presentation slides are good. From Lady Jett Padua, Process Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 The extensive and wide experience of the trainer was very evident which made the training not only very informative but also credible.  This was strongly supported by the figures shown and references cited.  For the content of the training, as an engineer not directly related to maintenance, the training provided several corrections to my current understanding of what maintenance is.  What I really appreciate was the emphasis on the change in culture which I agree should really be that starting point.  I also enjoy how the trainer connected and related the training to his favorite artist Rolling Stones and songs. From Angelo Ablaza, Process Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 Informative and detailed.  Attacks the problem from within the organization’s culture with clear, structure and data-based steps into improving the maintenance system. Presents inspiring wisdom about the nature of maintenance system and its importance.  Technical yet fun.  The Rolling Stones :-)  From Kevin Mariano, QA, Excelitas Technologies


 We knew the more effective way to do Preventive Maintenance not all activities may include in the PM activities and we can involve others in performing PM like operation department.  Now we can do prioritization on the sever machines to have the right way of doing PM.  It is the right time to change our culture to have more effective Preventive Maintenance.  From Christopher Macabutas, Equipment Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 Knowing the basics of Planned Maintenance.  Knowing our mistakes in doing Preventive Maintenance approach.  Encouragement of operators and maintenance to be one. Refresh my knowledge on CBM.  Learn the importance of my tasks as a PM specialists.  Hoping that the discussions and enlightenment with operations on how they treat maintenance was amazing.  Hoping that you continuously develop training that will uplift the industries and the people behind it.  From Rommel Ignacio, Equipment Engineer, Excelitas Technologies

 Learn additional knowledge about Autonomous Maintenance.  On this training, we learned and develop our knowledge about Planned and Autonomous Maintenance.  We really appreciate this kind of training.  Enjoy and feeling thankful.  From Vilma Sisante, Team Leader Excelitas Technologies


 Training was execute very well.  Information were all relayed effectively in a realistically and interesting manner. Every topic was taught with a sharing of experience by the trainer which makes it to be easy to understand.  It has been a long time since I met a trainer this effective.  Continue with your style and training approach.  From Portia Chandiramani, Process Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 Great visual aids.  Fun entertaining ice breakers.  Educational ice breakers.  Educational and interactive workshops.  Great delivery technique of the facilitator.  Change in mindset/paradigm is very timely and necessary.  Chocolates.  :-) From Lady Jett Padua, Process Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 Good points about this training is the outline of the course, detailed steps.  Discussed expected difficulties to be encountered along the way.  Applicability of each step to current culture of the company.  Technical yet fun.  Rolling Stones music video.  Everything about it was good.  From Kevin John Mariano, QAE, Excelitas Technologies


 Trainer is enthusiastic to train and share his knowledge and experiences regarding the course.  The content of this training clearly plotted out the step by step procedure on how to implement Autonomous Maintenance.  The workshop was also interactive and encourage the participation of the attendees.  Bonus treats further motivated the team members. :-)  From Angie Sapulmo, Process Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 Autonomous Maintenance is a very good tool to empower operators.  AM concept includes developing the skills and mindset of operators as well as Planned Maintenance who will be doing the training.  This will improve productivity, quality and not to mention safety.  Congratulations Sir Rolly Angeles.  From Philip dela cruz, Facilities, Excelitas Technologies


 Fun, entertaining, great facilitator.  The content of the training plotted out the step by step.  Easy to understand each detail and very educational.  Rolling Stones.  :-)  From Lani Raymundo, Operator, Excelitas Technologies


 Good points about this training is empowering the operators with using the 7 steps of Autonomous Maintenance.  Being a self directed employee that gives confidence to an employee to love his/her.  In order to be a success, operator and maintenance must have good communication.  From Lory Cuasay, Operator, Excelitas Technologies


 Knowledge of the speaker on the training.  Visual examples and simplicity of terms used so that other non technical participants  understands the discussion.  The training is full of good ideas and information that refreshes our knowledge of the topics.  Group activities are good that triggered our minds to think and to know what we learned.  From Rommel Ignacio, Equipment Engineer, Excelitas Technologies


 Maintenance and operators can now help each other to reduce the downtime in our machine.  We are now ready to teach operators about our knowledge in machine trouble shooting.  Maintenance and operators will help each other in taking good care of their machines.  Old culture will be step aside and new and good culture will arise so we can reduce our downtime.  From Christopher Macabutas, Lead Technician, Excelitas Technologies


 Learned the basic principles of Autonomous and Planned Maintenance.  We learned that maintenance is a shared responsibility between operators and maintenance.  From renante Dioma, Equipment Engineer, Excelitas Technologies

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