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Well verse on maintenance best practices.  Good presentation materials with audio and video presentations.  Good interaction between trainer and trainees.  Many trivia gained. Keep up the good work.  Name withheld


Lively discussion and interaction with lots of informative topics and videos.  Good speaker.  From Connie Lontok, MEE, Amkor P3


Very goo training.  Very relevant to our current job. Discussion of topics are laid well in details.  From Shiela Mendoza, Amkor Technology P3


All modules regarding the topics are well discussed.  All topics have good visual aid to help the listeners to easily learn the definition of each modules.  From Ericson Bugay, ME 1, Amkor Technology


Able to discuss the topic clearly and differentiate each maintenance indicators of measurement.  Very good presentation materials.  Knows the topics very well.  From Teddy dela cruz, SE Supervisor, Amkor Technology


Able to discuss the topic clearly.  Able to have the attention of his audience.  Good presentation materials.  Able to answer questions clearly.  From Jesus Salustiano, Supervisor, Amkor Technology


The topic and training is clear.  Information is useful in the line.  Good and superb discussion.  Very knowledgeable and expert on the training and he deliver perfectly.  From MSI Runo, Amkor Technology


Broad knowledge on the topic.  Good sense of humor and very understandable.  From Raymond Guaca, Engineer, Amkor Technology


All topics that was discussed is applicable in the production line.  Given examples are all related to the topic.  Very good speaker and can speak clearly.  From Frederick Dizon, Technician, Amkor Technology


A good facilitator, resources wise and communication wise.  Have an ice breaker to make sure the crowd will become more attentive.  From Kenneth Yanson, Technician, Amkor Technology


Deep and well verse on maintenance KPI.  Appreciate your wisdom and insights on actual state of ATP maintenance practice.  From Carlos Aspi, Section Manager, Amkor Technology


Trainer ensures trainees participate and interact.  Trainer always got the attention of the trainees and participants.  Trainer has deep knowledge of the training module.  From Edwin de eon.  Senior Engineer, Amkor Technology


Easily understand the topics because of good delivery and knowledge on the topic he trained.  Understand the importance of maintenance equipment engineering in industry.  From Don Guiller Loyola, engineer, Amkor Technology

A detailed and systematic approach for implementing Planned Maintenance pillar.  Phase wise roadmap for implementation provided.  Details on RCM and exercises on RCM.  From Sachin Harne, Assistant Manager, Bajaj Auto, India


Training by an expert in the field.  All basic concepts related to maintenance were clearly explained.  From Hemant Joshi, DY Manager, Pipeline, India


The concept of RCM was explained very nicely.  The MTBF and MTTR definitions was explained in detail.  Name withheld 


Entertaining training.  Enjoying with the trainer.  Good for maintenance point of view.  This training is best for maintenance people as it can help to improve reliability.  From Rajkumar Prajapati, Mechanical, Vedanta, India


There are lots of practical examples.  Content in the training is useful to identify and rectify the problems.  RCM is explained very well which covers nearly all possible causes of failure modes on the equipment.  From Maxman More, Assistant Manager, India


Each of the training module has been explained in practical examples.  Among all RCM workshops I attended, the roadmap is clearly mentioned and clarified in appropriate way to the participants.  From Jeevan Kasture, Associate Director, Dr. Reddys, India


Relevant topics covered.  Participative style.  Good technical material received.  Lively presentation.  This training Each of the training module has been explained in practical examples.  Among all RCM can provide me with discussions with top management now that maintenance department is like a glass which we can handle with care.  Production and maintenance has a shared responsibility on their assets.  Maintenance is a culture and not just a team of working people.  From Anup Shukla, AVP, Engineering Head, India


Very informative and relevant to my job function as a maintenance with practical samples useable and applicable in the line.  Refreshing the basic guides in addressing day to day maintenance frameworks.  Interactive and practical samples shared with actual details.  From Jasper Buenaventura, Senior Engineer, Amkor Technology


Superb knowledge on the training module.  Approachable on the questions ask and good in making analogy.  From Jeremias Deduyo, Equipment Engineer, Amkor Technology


Able to understand clearly the maintenance indicators such as MTBF, MTTR, OEE and others.  From Marvin Lustiva, Maintenance Engineer II, Amkor Technology


Machine maintenance and performance improvement is a continuous activity that may take time to achieve the goal.  Learned that MTBF study should be perform by MEE team with good focus of time and dedication.  Root Cause Failure Analysis should have objective evidence.  If a problem or trouble happen in the machine stop and escalate start investigation first before fixing to avoid destroying the evidence.   From Ricardo Ignacio, ME, Amkor Technology


Able to understand the usage if Mean Time Indicators that affects our equipment.  This training help me to apply this tool to our line.  From Alexander Guigab Jr.,  Maintenance Engineer, Amkor Technology


Topics are applicable to our current position.  Understand and corrected previous ideas about MTBA and MTBF.  The resource person is an expert in topics being discussed.  From Michael Pilueta, CEET, Amkor Technology


Superb visual presentation.  Excellent ice breakers.  Speaker has an overall expertise on his lecture and the speaker has a great analogy to explain his subject. From Richard Garcia, Engineer/Trainer, Amkor Technology

The subject matter covers all of the needed MEE indices that we need in our line to help us improve the line.  This training helped me to distinguish the differences regarding the different MEE indices and when to use them.  The training also helped us what factors are needed in using these MEE indices.  From Brian Zerrudo, ME Supervisor, Amkor Technology


Facilitator explained well the concept and content of the seminar. All the topics discussed are very important that can be used to improve our KPI.  Well interaction among attendees.  From Grace Navoa, ME Supervisor, Amkor Technology


Ability to maintain the attention and interested of the audience.  Ability to explain and add more information.  Can explain the slides more accurately.  Can give video for example to give more idea.  From Nelson Moreno, MEE, Amkor P3


Better understanding on how to define breakdowns and assists.  Know the importance of tools to be use on analysis of fixing breakdown and frequent stoppages.  Know the maintenance indicators and measurements.  From Cesar Debondon Jr., ME Test, Amkor Technology


Well explained and the trainer always connect to the audience.  Trainers good sense of humor.   From Conrado Laumoc, Engineer, Amkor Technology


Maintenance is not just about machine maintenance but it is also about equipment effectiveness.  From Ferdie Reocera, Engineer, Amkor Technology


Trainings and topics are very much related to our current position.  Very enlightening.  No dull moments.  Good presentation materials.  I became aware that not all activity can be answered by PM activities which became the practice of Amkor.  From Carina Borja, TSSOP, Amkor Technology

The facilitator explained the topic very well.  He even cited examples in the most simplest and very understandable way.  Never had a dull and boring discussion at all.  From Rochelle Villamor MEII, Amkor Technology


Good in delivering the topic.  Good interaction to the trainee.  Very good presentation.  From Arwin John Necio, Amkor Technology


Knows the topic very well.  Training was very alive from the start to end.  There was no boring moment.  Always have clear examples of every topics.  From Rolly Villanueva, Amkor Technology


Materials used in the program were clear and easy to understand.  Superb theoretical information of materials.  Maintain the attention and interest of all attendees throughout the training.  Name withheld


Experience of the facilitator makes him to discuss the topics more in detail which is beneficial to the attendees.  From Angelo Santiso, Engineer III, Amkor Technology


Useful in our current situation.  Easily understand by the participants.  Name withheld


Knows very well the topic discussed.  Excellent technique teaching.  Excellent training modules and materials.  Excellent training experience.  From Sanny de leon, Engineer, Amkor Technology


Facilitator is very good and knows the topic very well.  I came from C Shift but I never got bored on this training.  The topic is very interesting and applicable.  From Amiel Riel, Engineer II, Amkor Technology


Tools and technique teaching this training is very good.  Clear to understand all materials used in this program.  From Jon Bascao, MEE, Amkor Technology 


Lively teaching.  Very informative and facilitator is very knowledgeable.  From Wallie Oliva, Amkor Technology


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