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Always remember that in any reliability improvement initiative, the focus will be on the people.  Provide them the skills they need and these skills will be used to improve their equipment.  Remember it is the people that will improve their equipment and it is not the other way around . . . . .

Text Box: Testimonies from MEE Indices Batch 1 Training:

 Facts on failure mode and on how PM cannot cover all these failures.  Provide a basic understanding on the various types of CBM approaches and on how to start a CBM program.  From Billy Laja, Mechanical Engineer, Sarawak Energy, Berhad, Malaysia


 The topics discussed are an eye-opener especially in the field of maintenance.  I learned a lot of things from this seminar in relation to maintenance. From Joel Libed. Chem and Mechanical Testing Networks, Meralco


 It showed me and made me realize the importance of doing maintenance in our equipment based on its condition and not just merely doing it in a periodic or time-based method which we usually adapt to our office right now.  From Robbie Dizer, Pasig Sector, Meralco


 Learned that PM does not alone prevent equipment failure.  Should be a combination of CBM and PM. Learned the different CBM methods.  Learned that in order for CBM to succeed, top management commitment and ownership of the program is needed.  From Marlon Guinto, Team Leader, Facilities Operation, Meralco


 The training is very informative, the speaker/trainer is very well experience in the field of CBM.  The environment is quite good and the food is ok.  From Jofrey Natividad. Power Metering Department, Aboitiz


 We were able to know the pros and cons of the different maintenance programs and the applications of them.  From Christopher Martin Ocampo, Facilities Maintenance, Meralco


 The facilitator is very well prepared, effective and shared a lot of his experience and knowledge.  From Liana Gatongal, Senior engineer, DMC.Org

 RCM is a good training especially for the maintenance person like me.  I know something in RCM that I never learned.  It is very good to know the importance of preventing the company assets from failing so I recommend others not only maintenance to attend RCM.  It is good to implement RCM to minimize equipment breakdown.  Thanks to RSA.  From Ferdinand Macalalad, Electrical Supervisor, Kepco Ilijan, Philippines


 Provide ideas on how to maintain the equipment, ideas how to analyze the root cause of failure, ideas on how to schedule when we inspect the equipment, ideas how to classify the failure and ideas about maintenance.  Thank You Mr. Rolly Angeles.  With this training, we can improve how to maintain the equipment.  From Edilberto Ilagan, Maintenance Planning, Kepco Ilijan, Philippines


 Good points about this training is that we can fully understand the items to be considered in applying RCM like understanding each classification of failures, their consequences and what are the appropriate maintenance tasks to do on each of them.  We can have additional maintenance tasks compared from existing with expectation of higher accuracy and better result for each consequences of failure.  From Gerald Diego, Assistant Manager, Epson, Cebu, Philippines


 Easy to understand the topic.  I can relate to my current job which I realized that maintenance jobs has an approach for any problems encountered in our plant.  Each topic was discussed clearly.  Enjoyable and lively because of more videos and music played to relax our mind and mood.  Sir Rolly is very energetic, very smart and very experience person I’ve ever known.  Thumbs up sir! :-) From Maria Victoria Pavo, Staff Engineer, Epson, Cebu, Philippines

Text Box: Testimonies from Condition-Based Maintenance Training:

 Topics are relevant to the maintenance function.  Can predict/assume failure in the machine.  Can accurately measure indices in machine failure.  Resource person is very good in the topics.  From Mario Vergara, Maintenance Engineer, Amkor Technology


 Good explanation on the difference between MTBF and MTTF.  Enlighten us on how to use the MTTR for gauging the maintenance personnel.  Good explanation on availability and utilization and who is responsible to measure it.  Good explanation about MTBA and how it is properly use as an improvement tool.  From Rodante de Guzman, Amkor Technology


 Very good, very knowledgeable, very alive.  Can answer your question in very detailed.  You can listen in every word he said.  Good teacher.  Good job sir.  From Solomon Ultado, ME1, Amkor Technology


 Topics are well explained and discussed.  Facilitator is very competent and very knowledgeable in every maintenance aspect.  The facilitator is also very passionate on maintenance aiming to a world Class Maintenance Management.  From Gilbert Valenzuela, Maintenance Engineer, Amkor Technology


 Able to maintain my attention and interest throughout the topic.  Learn many things regarding maintenance KPI.  Very knowledgeable I the topics being discussed.  From Alfie Morales, Maintenance Engineer, Amkor Technology


 This training helps me a lot to know and understand the basic function of a maintenance and how to maintain an equipment running in good condition overtime.  That it is not a sole responsibility of a PM personnel to maintain the good condition of equipment but rather all production personnel have a part on it too.  From Marvin Bautista, ME Supervisor, Amkor Technology


 Training is very relevant to maintenance organization in attaining world class indices.  Key performance indices can be monitored properly through given KPI. From Ted Tanchuan, Engineer, Amkor Technology

 This is an eye-opener for me that there is another way of doing maintenance.  I hope that it can be considered in our existing maintenance program.  From Eduardo Arenas, Sub-station Service Asset Management, Meralco, Philippines


 This training not only help maintenance people but also owners of facilities/assets to have a very cost effective and efficient maintenance procedure that enhances productivity of equipment being maintained.  From Michael Macasiray, Project Engineer, Alternative Power Solutions Inc.,, Philippines


 It opens new perspective in doing maintenance,  It is a holistic approach that involved operators and maintenance team. It aims to enhance efficiency to maintenance.  It is a cost reduction for the maintenance budget.  From James Binoya, Substation and Electrical Equipment Department


 Develop skill regarding Preventive Maintenance and to apply it in our work in responding to emergency work at our customer to make client happy.  From Erwin Lee, Operations Engineer, Meralco


 The training was excellent.  Now the different kinds of maintenance was explained.  The best thing is the RCM Analysis was discussed very well and this can be used in preparing our maintenance plan.  Name withheld


 This is not only about learning RCM but also about life-long lessons about love and life.  Thanks for this wisdom.  From Ren Christian Santos, Revenue Assurance Manager, Electrical Distribution Utility, Meralco

Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance
Text Box: Testimonies from Condition-Based Maintenance Training

 Before this training I have a little knowledge regarding maintenance (preventive) but the trainer was able to explain well the technical approaches and techniques in performing Preventive Maintenance.  I can say that I had a deep understanding of the course and we plan to apply this knowledge in our current work.  Kudos to the trainer.  From Lovella Mendoza, Senior Engineer, Panasonic Manufacturing


 Able to understand the difference between Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.  Understand the different tools that can be use to perform Predictive Maintenance activity.  Able to gain knowledge about oil analysis, vibration, ultrasonic and thermography.  From Mark Joseph Salalima, Specialists, Panasonic Manufacturing


 Topics are clearly discussed and relayed to the participants.  Atmosphere of this seminar was fun so the topics was clearly and was thoroughly absorbed by the attendees.  The trainer was knowledgeable within the topic discussed ad provided clear visual guides to the seminar.  The difference of Preventive and Predictive Maintenance was understood to our production line.  Discussion of oil analysis, thermography, vibration monitoring and ultrasonic monitoring was informative and insightful,  From Jaedicke Presenta, Supervisor, Panasonic Manufacturing


 Understand CBM technique that Predictive Maintenance is much more better to use for critical equipment than Preventive Maintenance.  Predictive Maintenance is more cost effective to use than Preventive Maintenance.  We learned what is the importance of applying CBM technique in the power plant.  From Ace Arvin Rosales, Panasonic Manufacturing


 As a good production engineer.  I learned a lot on how a maintenance department/section do their job.  This training gave me knowledge on how to deal with machine on how to prevent it from malfunction and also having this knowledge can share it with other sections especially those sections that are working with machines.  Also help them on how they can improve their performance/skills on how to handle machine trouble.  From Jefferson Balita, Production Engineer, Panasonic Manufacturing


 The good points about this training is knowing the difference between Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. Not all machine error can be addressed by PM sometimes it is best to jest let it be.  Predictive Maintenance help to at least the lost time of machine breakdown. From Archie Esguerra, Technician, Panasonic


 Excellent point about this Predictive Maintenance seminar is that the instructor Mr. Rolly Angeles can deliver the topic that is easy to understand and to deliver the message more about the meaning of maintenance as well as the do’s and don’ts.  From Jefferson Lorbis, Technician, Panasonic


 The trainer is very knowledgeable about the topic.  The trainer present, discuss and stated clearly by using slides.  The trainer encourages participants to ask questions and answer them clearly.  From Nino Nicolas, Technician, Panasonic


 The facilitator emphasize clearly the advantages and disadvantages of Preventive Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance.  Also gives useful advise on how to use Predictive and Preventive Maintenance method.  From Alvin Sanches, Staff Engineer, Panasonic


 The good point regarding this training is to known when or when the unit become damage or wear out.  It is expanding the knowledge about Preventive Maintenance which include tools to be use in different cases of problems.  The trainer well explain the use of measurement tools and he define the possible root cause of the problem.  The training help us to analyze the problem before it will become totally damaging to the units.  This training is not only to prevent or predict the dame of unit but it also discuss about safety.  From Reynato deleon , IJ Engineering, Panasonic


 The training and its topic was very knowledgeable especially for those who has no background information at the start.  It is also very essential since in our actual operations we always deal with machine operators.  From Christopher Timbal, QA Engineer, Panasonic

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