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Understand the importance of spare parts management.  Learned the best analysis to measure the quantity to be ordered and how many orders to be made per year through Economic Order Quantity technique.  Know about the activities to improve my current storeroom.  Leaned  the stock/no stock decision tree diagram/algorithm.  Lean the song “No Spare Parts” sang by the Rolling Stones.  From Chung Kar Yee, Maintenance Supervisor Kraiburg Tpe Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


Very clear presentation.  Real life examples and good interactions between trainer and participants.  From Jeswin Ching, Technical Manager, Thumbprints Utd Sdn, Bhd, Malaysia


Precise, practical examples, real situation, relevant to daily MRO operations and easily understandable.  From Alfashah Bin Mohamed, Augusta Westland Malaysia, Sdn, Bhd,


Learned how to determine EOQ, how to improve the storeroom and how to determine what to stock.  From Fazlierizal Bin Anuar, Jimah O&M Sdn, Bhd, Malaysia



Knowing how to conduct RCFA.  Knowing that being good in repairing is not a good indication, it shows that the problem of equipment was not fixed.  Understand the true relationship between maintenance , operations and management should be.  From Mohd Asyrani Bolhassan, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Malaysia


Experienced and knowledgeable trainer.  Interesting hand-outs on the training.  Informative and relevant to the industry.  From Alddyrine Gungat, Kimanis Power, Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


Speaks out the real life problem.  Entertaining course due to the facilitator being able to control the crown and make the participant focus.  From Wilson Tigus, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Malaysia


Really in-depth training with this course.  Will definitely apply this course with the team for any RCFA activities.  Train and educate all people on RCFA.  From Resa Anak Kana, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Malaysia


Good materials and handouts.  Clarity on the presentation.  Ability to sustain the audience interest.  From Mohd Rozairie Bin Jahir, Kimanis Power Sdn Bhd, Malaysia



Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis

Excellent course and very useful seminar.  I will use everything I have learnt in my daily work as a technical person.  From Edwin Ordonia, Supervisor, Allegro Microsystem


The training was very entertaining and easy to understand.  It boost our enthusiasm to learn and gain more knowledge.  From Jayson Ilagan, Senior Manufacturing Equipment Manager, Allegro Microsystem


Expose the weakness on system with pinpointing culture and lack of teamwork and commitment.  Support maintenance goal in achieving equipment with high level of utilization.  Understand RCFA and how it works.  Understand bearing and basic causes of failures as well as basic lubrication.  From Renato Hernandez Jr. Section Head, Allegro Microsystem


The training content was very useful and informative.  The training presentation was very clear.  From Rodolfo Asaytuno, Section Head, Allegro Microsystem


We learned from the training the techniques on how to conduct Root Cause Failure Analysis.  We also learned how and what types of lubricants to be used on different applications and their viscosities.  Satisfied with the flow of discussion where every participants cooperates with their sit works.  From Jun Abitria, Allegro Microsystem


As discussed, the training was very informative to determine the probable cause of the problem through the use of Root Cause Failure Analysis.  From Jeremy Baltazar, Lead Technician Allegro Microsystem



Text Box: Testimonies from MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom Management

Points of presentation.  In depth training.  The trainer is resourceful.  From Muhammad Razman Bin Roslan, TNB Repair and Maintenance Sdn BHD, Malaysia


Training is full of information and knowledge.  I easily understood what the trainer was saying and sharing.  This training make me understand on how to perform the Root Cause finding method.  From Mohamad Amirul Asarapoo, BSC Integration Solutions Sdn, Bhd, Malaysia


It explains the whole spectrum of RCFA from the management point of view up to the technical side.  From M. Fadhlilah B. A. Rahim, Reliability Executive, Petronas Carigall, Sdn, Bhd, Malaysia


Understand the reason for conducting RCFA.  Learn the distinction between RCFA and Failure Analysis.  Key steps in conducting RCFA.  The role of team in performing RCFA.  Plenty of references and easy to follow.  From Kairul Helmi Bin Hashim, Assistant Manager, Jimah Orm, Sdn, Bhd, Malasysia



Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis
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and Testimonials

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Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis

Explaining really deep on RCFA.  Facilitator has deep knowledge on maintenance.  From Anton Ady Susanto, Assistant Manager, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, Indonesia


This training gave a comprehensive information on how to do proper RCFA.  From Rafika, PT Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia


Very clearly and detailed module of the training.  Good instructor and knowledge and ability to teach and answer questions.  Good presentation.  From Akhlis Mudarris Tashwim, PT Bumi Suksesindo, Indonesia


Learn to analyze root cause on mechanical failures.  Very good discussion about RCFA.  From Donny Suhendra, iPT Bumi Suksesindo , Indonesia


Good training. Good Lecturer.  Knowledgeable and presentation.  From Muttaqin, PT Bumi Suksesindo , Indonesia



Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis

Learn the tools to apply CBM in my company.  Detail of Oil Analysis, Thermography, Ultrasonic and Vibration Analysis explained.  I know how to measure my process and learned the steps to implement CBM.  From Lriengsak Songkhram, Assistant Manager, Olic (Thailand) Co., Ltd


Good presentation.  Good slide presentation to present for course CBM.  Good trainer, funny and kind.  Name withheld


The trainer is a real experienced in the training topics.  He uses his experience combined with international standards to share to the audience.  All of this I call “techniques” that are very useful at the present.  Thus, I’ll cary these techniques to implement at my plant.  Name withheld


I know the basics of thermography, vibration, oil analysis and ultrasonic that can be applied to my work.  In this class the trainer choose examples to students for more understanding.  Ponlakrit Suttipong, Maintenance Planning, Hogsa Power Co., Ltd, Indonesia



Text Box: Testimonies from Condition-Based Maintenance

Knowing how to decide on when to stock or not to stock a certain part. Learning on how to create an organized storeroom. Knowing how to compute for the quantity of materials to be ordered and when to order them to avoid stock-outs.  Learning to evaluate spare parts whether fast, slow, non-moving or obsolete parts.  Knowing the proper designation of roles and responsibilities in MRO Management.  From Raymond Mahinay, CO2 Plant Supervisor, URC Distillery


Know how to calculate how often we ordered these critical and non-critical items on lowering the costs when it comes to company costs by stocking of bulky items in the storeroom.  From Kenneth Pagara, Balayan Sugar Mill,  URC


New knowledge on re-ordering point was learned.  Learned when to stock and not to stock parts.  New ways to effectively store and manage spare parts.  From John Roniel Manejero, URC SURE URSUMCO


It is a good training , ideas and lessons for inventory.  Understanding in storing items/materials especially very critical items used.  Awareness of costing in holding on items in the storeroom.  From May Encaja, URC URSUMCO


I have learned why many things on this training like how to reduce our inventory .  We should not trust anymore when are on the warehouse.  I also learned that 60 to 80% of the total costs of inventory are due to non-moving items.  From Felix Bello Warehouse Assistant Inventory, URC CARSUMCO


The training was very relevant to the current expanded role I am handling right now.  Able to corrent and start the right decision what is to be stock and not be in relation to MRO and Spare Parts Management.  Personal and career growth to all of us.  Awareness on should be on storekeeping.  Eliminate the increasing and higher numbers of non-moving items as well as on those obsolete items.  From Rejeinald Barrera, PLD Manager, URC Distillery,


It help us understand the importance of storeroom management.  It gives us knowledge on determining the cost of storing and distinguishing whether to stock or not to stock an item or not.  From Michael Lirazan, URC SON Maint Cogen,


Good points about this training was we know how to manage our storeroom.  We have an idea on how to stock or not to stock an item using an algorithm.  Calculating on how to solve how many stocks to order.  Good speaker and consistent.  From Jason Arellano, URC SONEDCO


Maintenance should manage the storeroom.  Trust no one policy.  Diagram on how to manage spare parts decision on stocking.  Warehouse KPI should be implemented in order to have inventory accuracy.  From Kim Marvin Olores, Warehouse Receiving Assistant, URC URSUMCO,


Know the importance of spare parts stocking when and how many.  Learn on how to decide to stock or not to stock spare parts.  Golden rule on spare parts is trust no one.  From Arturo Silva Jr., URC TOLONG,


Identification of fast, slow, non-moving and obsolete items in the storehouse.  Management of storehouse must be controlled by maintenance department.  Preventive Maintenance can improve spare partys management by lessening equipment failures by lessening stocking too much in our warehouse.  From John William Guani, Maintenance Planner, URC SURE SONEDCO


a go or no go conduct RCFA.  Knowing that being good in repairing is not a good indication, it shows that the problem of equipment was not fixed.  Understand the true relationship between maintenance , operations and management should be.  From Mohd Asyrani Bolhassan, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Malaysia



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