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Content of the training materials.  Interesting topics.  Useful and professional teacher.  From Nino Cueto, Supervisor, Allegro Microsystem


Realization regarding PM Checklists.  Benefits of RCM versus the old way of doing PM.  More information regarding the different maintenance tasks and approach.  From Aljefer Cruz, Supervisor, Allegro Microsystem


Very informative and additional learning in our tasks.  It gave us an understanding about Reliability-Centered Maintenance.  From Ronnie Sicat, Allego Microsystems


Focus only on things that maintenance must do to ensure that equipment will work on what the customers expected it to be used.  Get rid of tasks that can add to the breakdown.  Teaches the value of teamwork as it encourage maintenance and operators to work together for one common goal which is to have an efficient equipment.  From Renati Hernandez Jr., Section Head, Allegro Microsystem


Active participation.  Speaker is not bored to impart his knowledge with the subject.  Trainer is will verse on the subject.  From Jared Ferrolino, Allegro Microsystems


Up to date and relevant to our current job and set-up.  Well versed on the subject matter.  Testing materials available.  From Jojo Tribaco, Equipment Engineer, Allegro Microsystem


The training was helpful towards basic understanding of Reliability-Centered Maintenance and its importance in our field of work.  The training was very informative and entertaining in nature.  From Mark Joseph Cuizon, Supervisor, Allegro Microsystem


It help me learn new things about maintenance specifically RCM and make me more confident and comfortable to further improve our organization.  From Ariel Yagin, EOL Section Manager, Allegro Microsystem


Clear presentation and actual exercise.  All questions by the participants were clearly answered.  Very active facilitator.  Have a very healthy discussion.  From Rodolfo Asaytuno, Section Head, Allegro Microsystem


A new knowledge where it can improve the performance of our equipment.  The training and topic is very interesting since this is a new knowledge.  The facilitator shows his expertise and deliver the topic well.  From Adman Manubay, Section Head, Allegro Microsystems


This is by far the most relevant, eye-opening and useful training I had attended.  Mr. Rolly had just set the bar of what a trainer should be.  There was no dull moments.  The Rolling Stones.  From Christopher Junio, Section Head, Allegro Microsystem


The training was conducted very interesting and satisfying.  No dull moments that will make yourself out of focus in learning.  The content and context of the whole training.  The training enlightened me on the real purpose of maintenance.  From Jayson Ilagan, Senior Manufacturing Equipment Engineer, Allegro Microsystem


Knowledge and understanding about maintenance was clearly stated and presented.  The trainer have a good connection with the trainees.  From Eric Roxas, Department Manager, Allegro Microsystem


This training is very useful to us since this is the first time we got knowledge on this kind of maintenance system and have introduce RCM in our company.  From Erwin Odronia, EOL Supervisor, Allegro Microsystem



Very useful and help us in our daily job activities.  The trainer knows well about the subject.  The trainer was able to elaborate problems in our daily routine.  Good skill on presentation and explanation.  Name Withheld


Learn how to calculate OEE, MTBF, MTTF and implementation on our workplace.  Understand the difference between operating time and loading time.  From Md Hajuperi Bin Md Ali, Tenaga Nacional Berhad, Malaysia


Sample explanation and easy to understand.  Instructor share his industrial experience.  Argument and question and answer is very open, instructor delivers on a funny word.  Instructor is easy to reach.  From Muhammad Firdaus Bin Muhd Yusuf,  Perodua Global Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Malaysia


Clear and very good explanation on how to apply MTBF, MTTR, MTBA, MTTA and MTTS in monitoring the performance of equipment, utilities and facilities.  Funny but very useful example.  Excellent in experienced sharing in several domain industry.  From Zulfiki Ishak,  Head of Engineering,  Pharmaniaga Manufacturing Berhad, Malaysia



Text Box: Testimonies from Total Productive Maintenance

When machinery failure occurs, main problem will be addressed immediately.  There is proper deployment of personnel who will take action in a specific activity concern.  We can avoid blaming when there is a machine failure.  When adapted, company culture can be improved.  From Jeremie Roman, Vessel Operation, Tantuco


The good point about this training is to help the company and the employees to improve things to be a better plant/company.  This training taught us the proper way to maintain the cleanliness and function of our equipment in the plant.  It also taught us the importance of every parts in the equipment and what are their role as part of TPM.  Sharing knowledge to co-workers.  From Roniel Llagas, Electromechanical Staff, Tantuco


Full of new ideas that can help our company.  Facilitator gave examples on every topic.  Facilitator has a wide idea about the training topic plus free chocolates.  From Alberto Aubeda, Supervisor, Tantuco Enterprises


The facilitator performs good training style.  The training module has very good content.  This training will be very useful for the improvement of our company when implemented.  The training have good activities.  From Mark Lester Pabellano, Tantuco


Encourage us to apply TPM in our work.  Clear and audible voice. Allows us to participate.  Explains clearly about TPM.  From Rolando Maratas, Boiler Operator, Tantuco


Enlighten us about what maintenance is all about.  Explains the function of production, maintenance and other departments to meet the standards.  From Ramir Danguo, Supervisor, Tantuco


The presentation was very good and lots of lessons learned.  The speaker/lecturer is an expert, very well in handling conversation and accommodating.  The training program enhance my knowledge about plant operation and maitnenance.  Lots of points to ponder.  This must be applied in our company.  From Xenmary Ayate, Production Supervisor, Tantuco


Good points about this training was that we learned a lot about TPM .  We learned that maintenance is very important to any company.  It can improve so many things that can help our company grown.  From Raymond Reyes, Production Operator, Tantuco


Learned about TPM and its benefits to our company.  Understand the importance of TPM in our workplace.  From John Rolcon Holgado, Production, Tantuco



Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance

We were able to know more about maintenance, its causes and types.  Understand more about lubrication and types of Spare Parts.  Reasons for maintenance.  Knowing more about oil change and the use of by-pass filtration. Learned how to reduce cost for maintenance.  From Name withheld, Stolt Neilsen


Topics were well explained using layman’s terms.  Training was adjusted according to our requirements.  Sufficient training materials were given.  From Albert Siochi, Maintenance Support Manager, Stolt Nielsen


Instructor is a subject matter expert.  Knows how to explain thoroughly and explained it well.  Good materials during the training.  Have gathered additional knowledge with regards to World Class Maintenance and understanding more the importance of how our team contributes to our company and to the industry we are working for.  Mr. Rolly shared the knowledge.  He had the passion that in the two days seminar we always have a take home.  From Precious Quistorio, Maintenance Support Administrator, PMS Support Team


Deeper understanding about maintenance.  Understanding equipment failures and RCM, Life Cycle Maintenance and Management, Spare Parts Management, different strategies and patterns of failure, and Root Cause Failure Analysis.  From Deanna Decena, Senior Maintenance Support Administrative


Eye-opening that we should not only focus on what the manual dictates.  Maintenance is such a broad topic which everyone should learn for a better working experience.  All topics in the training are discussed well and understood.  From Arian Jeliza Legaspi



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We learned how to handle warehouse in and out, how to run the warehouse smoothly, how to calculate the minimum and maximum stock, how to categorize the parts correctly, how to eliminate stock-out of parts, how to label or assign codes on parts, and how to use the algorithm.  From Alejandro Villamin Jr., Warehouseman, Northwind Power


We learn how we can start our storeroom.  The tree diagram help us to determine what we need to stock.  Learn how to identify FSN spare parts.  From Cyrus Sagana, Manila Waters,


Very informative.  Having interaction with delegates.  Ice breakers/workshops.  Tree diagram was very helpful.   Connecting the topic to the actual scenario in our company.  Mr. Rolly is very accommodating and approachable.  Name Withheld, Manila Waters,


Able to learn how too implement and start a storeroom.  Learned the step by step guide to identify critical spare parts to stock and the quantity to stock.  Learned the importance of having a store room and how to properly manage it.  From Janet Stephanie Pastores, Asset Manater, Manila Water


Cost reduction via effective spare parts management.  Improve reliability via effective spare parts management.  Efficient spending of critical spares.  Strategies applicable to different industries.  From Melvin Alcantara, Facilities Manager, Manila Water


Know the performance of storeroom and spare parts management.  Know how and when to store items using an algorithm diagram.  From Homer Agrida, Inventory Supervisor, Northwind Power Development Corp.,


It is exactly the kind of training that what we need in our industry and for inventory control plant based people like us.  Implementation steps of the concepts presented in the training were provided at the end of the session.  Such would be very helpful for us once we go back to our plant and convince Top Management to adapt the good ideas that were given during the training.  So far, the most knowledgeable trainer I have met when it comes to Spare Parts Management. From Leah Joy Batugo. Maloom, Inventory Manager, North Luzon Renewable Energy Corp.



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