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I was able to determine the best ways to solve maintenance problems.  From Alberto Espanto, Mill Process, PGPRC


The training provides an idea to the maintenance a different vision to approach in manufacturing equipment to prolong its life, save costs and improve the profit of the company as a whole.  From Julious Mansalay, Electrical, Mill Maintenance, PGPRC


The presentation and training itself was very helpful and informative. “Kudos”. We hope to attend more of your trainings.  From Marlon Darcy Serrano, Maintenance Trainer, PGPRC


I learned a lot even though I am not a mechanical nor maintenance personnel.  The topics and discussion can be use in our day to day topics to help our maintenance personnel in their work to help and guide them and identify the types of failures to address and maintain their equipment.  From Christina Bucag, Senior Admin Officer, Administration, PGPRC


The speaker delivers the topics creatively and completely giving the participants concrete and in-line examples.  Very educational.  From Bennylyn Sayson, Maintenance Planner, PGPRC


I conclude that thanks to you Mr. Rolly Angeles for the wisdom you shared to us about this World Class Maintenance Management.  I have learned a lot.  God Bless you and keep healthy so you can continue teaching other people.  From Nelson Registrano, Tugboat Chief Engineer, PGPRC


Very good.  Many thing things that I learned on this World Class Maintenance Management training.  A lot to be improve on our current maintenance management.  From Jose Nestor Edombingo, Senior Planner, PGPRC


The training is highly informative, clear, beneficial for us maintenance.  We really got a lot out of the training and I truly appreciate it.  We look forward for the next step which is application and implementation.  Keep Rolling.  From Jeffrey Brizuela, MEM Training Coordinator, PGPRC


With excellent initiative in improving the people skills.  He delivers the training course excellently and teach very well on the program.  I will highly recommend him to conduct more trainings in our company and apply what is learned from the program.  From Fredie Suminguit, Chief Engineer, PGPRC



Practical steps regarding contamination control were taught which I like.  360 degrees view on handling lubricants and making lubrication strategy for your company.  From Vikas Sardana, Head, Reliance, India


Covers overall maintenance strategies with respect to lubrication.  Understand lubrication, contamination and other lubrication related maintenance.  Do’s and don’ts on oil and prevention of Oil Contamination.  From Shiv Yadav, India


Excellent inputs on lubrication strategies.  Detailed coverage on lubrication basics, grease basics, application section, contamination control and oil analysis.  Practical good discussion on practical problems.  Inputs on various levels of oil analysis program and its importance.  From Rajiv Deshmukh, Vice President, Engineering Aditya Birla, India


Good technical and practical knowledge.  Good explanation skills.  Excellent presentation skills.  From Bhushun Purekh, Mechanical Maintenance, India


Good information about Oil Analysis.  Ways to contain Oil Contamination and oil storage ways for new oil.  From Anish Nair, Deputy Manager, India


Training program conducted by the trainer was excellent.  There are lots of points which covered it can improve my skills related to lubrication which includes oil and grease and other oils.  He was trying to deliver all points which he will add in the presentation slide.  Nice nature and way to attract all to listen with him.  From Shriv Pajay, Engineering Mechanical Processing Plant, India


Almost all points covered in relation to lubrication.  Good communication and good presentation.  From Rohit Tripathi, Senior Engineer, JK Cement, India


Training covered all the topics required to know the importance and maintenance of lubrication system.  From Mithilesh Chandra, Pipeline, India



Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

Practical.  Very good and lively example covered.  Very lite and fluent way of conducting training.  From Amardeepsinh Salanki, Mechanical, SRF


Covered every aspect of the 12 disciplines.  Apart from this also covered additional best practices.  Good and effective communication.  Administrative arrangements were fantastic and food was awesome.  From Karan Patidav, Maintenance Manager


Very clear and crisp points.  Practical approach.  Abstract of best practices with technicality in it.  From Chetan Bhagat, Deputy Manager, SKF


Very enthusiastic trainer.  Very passionate about the subject.  Really interactive.  Practical approach and detailed course materials.  From Abhay Divekar, Assistant Manager, Maintenance


I have cleared about all the module for maintenance which will be useful to better implement of RCM in our lower level and management level team.  I have better understand for CMMS through this module which was in this days session.  From Patel Dhaval, Senior Executive, Maintenance


Very good speaker.  Explained in a very interesting way.  Very good two way communication.  Trainer is a very experienced person in practical aspect.  From Dikesh Patel, Senior Executive, Electrical, SRF



Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

Learned the maintenance approach for reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance strategy.  Realization on how important the training and skills with respect to every maintenance strategy.  Changing culture from mechanic/reactive approach to RCM and RCFA,  From Alfredo Villaver, Veco Lights


Real life scenario.  Interesting and no dull moments.  Facilitator has an actual experience on the topic.  Facilitator is well knowledgeable on the topic.  A seasoned speaker and full of inspiration.  From James Binoya, Supervisor


Very entertaining and good speaker.  Well explained presentation.  Rocking Rolling Stones.  Superv Powerpoint skills.  From Francis Baltazar Asensi, Substation and Distribution Specialists


Gave us more knowledge about maintenance techniques.  Gave us an idea to maintain and gave us a guide on Preventive, Predictive, Proactive and Condition-Based Maintenance.  From Wendel Chua, Substation


The presenter is a very good communicator.  The materials used are relevant and applicable from our end.  The presenter is deeply knowledgeable with his topics.  From Christopher Serojano, Head, Distribution Services


Interesting.  Speaker has too much knowledge about the topic.  Educational.  Useful for operation maintenance.  Good training program and very good training materials.  From Elmer Agapay, Operations Supervisor


The training was filled with fun and learning’s.  Topics were discussed properly and examples and cases were given to help the audience understand the topics well.  This training is very applicable to us.  From John Brylie Sanches, Supervisor, Distribution Services, Veco Lights


Able to understand equipment failures.  Able to change maintenance culture from reactive to proactive.  Able to understand the Maintenance Basic Discipline.  From Guillermo Uayan, Substation Maintenance Engineere, Veco Lights


Entertaining and no dull moments.  Great games and activities.  Wholistic and integrated maintenance management seminar.  From Arnel Bersase, Manager, Substation and Electrical Equipment Department


Very informative.  Relax atmosphere.  Very useful to improve maintenance tasks.  With meals and snacks and giveaways.  From Bernard Magdadato, Substation engineer, Veco Lights


I wish I could capture words from your mouth as many as I can and take these remaining thoughts from your book.  At last, I found a key. Thanks.  From Edilberto Ferrater, Fleet Management Department, Veco Lights


12 Disciplines of maintenance were discussed very detailed.  Facilitator is very experience and lots of inputs.  RCM was discussed very thoroughly (rock and roll).  Passionate facilitator.  Lots of learning’s.  From Genry Onate, Maintenance Engineer, Veco Lights


Mr. Rolly is very knowledgeable in all aspects of maintenance. He had a good grasp of good maintenance practices.  He dedicates his time in learning new things and freely shares the learning’s to his students.  Moreover, our learning were filled with fun.  From Louie Angelo Collera, Head, Distribution Network, Veco Lights


The most insightful and relevant maintenance training that I have attended.  The content is very comprehensive from the framework up to the details of the disciplines discussed.  The facilitator is very knowledgeable and very reflective of our situation, aside from the fact that he is full of experience in the industry.  He is also funny, thus the sessions are not boring.  From Mervin Dalian, Department Head


Informative.  Sensible.  Nice Video Sample presentation.  Thank you so much Mr. Rolly for the knowledge you have parted to us.  From Joy Neil Estrella, Service Advisor



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Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

Very helpful in day to day maintenance and also discussed on proactive and predictive approach for oil analysis of equipment.  From Sunil Kumar, Manager, Coal Handling Plant, India


Discuss the basics of oil and grease.  Formula regarding bearing lubrication and quantity and schedule of greasing.  Oil Analysis methods, types of contamination and types of filters classification.  From Vikesh Singh, Maruti, India


By this training, we came to know about how to strategize World Class Lubrication procedures to be followed in our organization to save more money and to minimize consumption of lubricants and equipment downtime.  From Amit Pathana, Senior Engineer, Sholl Cement, India


The program covered all the points related to the topic and explained in detail even the basic concept.  From Deepak Tuvari, Manager, IGL, India


The program covered all major points.  Globally best practices and practical approach.  From Aviral Rajeev, Manager, IGL, India


Very useful guidelines learnt from the training.  By knowing the importance of oil, we need to improve the methods of oil handling in our industry.  We learnt about the factors for oil contamination and result if oil contamination in the equipment.  I learnt to improve the quality of oil used in industries and equipment and how we can save costs in lube oil.  Very good lecturer by Mr. Rolly Angeles.  From Veenil Kumar, Engineer, Chemical Plant, India


Covered each and every topic.  Lecture was very good and valuable.  Very detailed and elaborated.  Very much knowledgeable and entertaining as well.  It is the first time I have attended this type of valuable lectures.  From Abhishek Agrawal, Engineer, NFL Company, India


Basic knowledge on lubrication including oil, grease and analysis.  Strategy of oil analysis and improving oil sampling.  As basic knowledge of oil and grease , lubrication and testing analysis parameters were taught and we have learned.  Learnt about oil contamination and analysis parameters which will help us to use the strategies and we can implement  those specific training in our plant.  From R. Devan, Deputy Manager, Maintenance Machine Shop, India




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