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Know the importance of oil and how oil is being contaminated as well as the causes of oil depletion.  Learned how oil can be filtered out to prolong the life of the equipment.  From Germil Datinguinoo, Operations, DMCI Calapan


The topic is very useful to my current job and it will guide us to correct practices in maintaining iur equipment.  From Tomas Venzon Jr., Plant Electrician, DMCI Calapan


Learned the importance of lubrication, how lubrication should be applied, when lubrication should be changed and also learned the proper way for storing lubricating oil.  From Laufrice Villamor, Plant Operator, DMCI Calapan


Good points about this training is that it will help us to know the proper lubrication and how to eliminate contamination.  We now know the proper amount, quantity and frequency of greasing.  From Paul John Gado, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Calapan


Best practices and strategies in lubrication were shown and thoroughly explained by Mr. Rally.  He cited examples, past experiences that we can implement in our plant.  From Kristoffer John Ramos, Maintenance Superintendent, DMCI Calapan


The topic is very informative and gave us a lot of insights on how lubrication affects the equipment and what are the ways in which we can prolong the life of the oil and the equipment.  From Gregorio Lanuza, Plant Operator, DMCI Calapan


Several strategies on lubrication were presented.  Practical tips were taught.  Theory and actual practices were discussed and can be also applied outside the plant set-up.  From Ronaldi Brotonel, Planner, DMCI Calapan


Learned basic knowledge on lubrication and having the right lubricant for the equipment.  Oil contamination awareness, lubrication strategy benefits and economical benefits of proper lubrication.  From Rupert Quindong, Control Operator, DMCI Calapan



This is a very good training to me as an employee to increase my knowledge and to properly fulfill my duties and responsibilities.  From Rodolfo Solomon, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Palawan


The importance of this training is to understand the basic knowledge on proper lubrication and contamination control an also understand how to transition on changing oil from running hours to Condition-Based through Oil Analysis.  From Froilan Esmenda, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Palawan


Deeper understanding about lubrication on how to apply lubricant, proper handling of lubes.  How to select the right lubricant for our equipment.  It gives us more knowledge and enlighten us on how and why right lubrication is needed and important.  It also give and help us gain knowledge on how to reduce costs on our maintenance activities and program.  It will be a great help not only for us maintenance personnel and equipment but also for the company.  From Clifford Pampo, Planner, DMCI Palawan


The importance of Oil Contamination Control and all the topics is very useful to us to know and to have a knowledge about the topic and to share all my learning’s to my co-employees on the use of lubrication oil and grease.  From Daniel Butay, Shift Supervisor, DMCI Palawan


I have learned a lot especially when in comes to lubricants.  Understand the tribology and typical application of different types of grease.  Also the importance of filtration and Oil Analysis which can prolong the life of machines if properly implemented.  From Reymark Rosales, Procurement and Logistics, DMCI Palawan


The knowledge about lubrication and how to select the proper and right lubrication for our equipment and the proper planning of strategy on lubrication of each equipment in the plant.  Different classification of lubricants and grease and the additives added on it.  From Kelvin Sampaton, Warehouse Assistant, DMCI Palawan


Enlighten us in the proper way in doing our traditional way of making our maintenance tasks not only to be safe but to be efficient in every way.  From Cyril Belmonte, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, DMCI Palawan


We learned a lot on technique and proper way of lubricating our equipment in power plant and how to do it properly as it can save us a lot on our company and lessen the breakdowns on our units and equipment.  From Lawrence Jed Bundal, Plant Electrician, DMCI Palawan


Gaining of idea and information on how to selects and classification of different types of additives and lube oil types.  We learned the importance of efficiency table, acceptable reading, normal parameters of lube oil and testing equipment to monitor and analyze the lube oil conditioning.  From George Domingo dela torre, Supervisor, DMCI Palawan


We learned that oil can be 99.998% contamination free, how oil become contaminated, how to apply grease properly, never to combine different oil, how lubricant function on the equipment, information for best practices, realizing the some of our practices is wrong, how to determine suitable oil filter to address contamination and what is the compatible grease which can be allowed and mixed so we can address our wrong practices.  From Dexter Jardin, Shift Supervisor, DMCI Palawan


Deep knowledge of the facilitator on the subject.  Workshops and visuals are very helpful.  Lively lecturer and discussions during training with music and jokes.  Exchange of ideas and experiences among participants.  Pre-post tests allows to gauge the learning’s of the participants.  From Edgar Mariano, Head, Calaca Power


I have now a clear idea on the improvement regarding the proper management of spare parts and the ordering which includes estimation of the lead time and also considering the costs on ordering.  Thank You Mr. Rolly and God Bless.  From Ellazar Salazar, DMCI Palawan


Understanding and adapting the importance of lubrication, strategies to reduce oil consumption rate, function of oil, application of oil and grease and how to choose the right oil filter.  From Algemene Abrea, Shift in Charge, DMCI Palawan



Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis

I was able to understand deeply on how to find solutions to such problems on the equipment.  How to make a step by step procedure.  I am now able to create an organized ideas on fact finding and presentation.  From Ellazar Salazar, Materials Planning, DMCI Palawan


It’s fun, informative and very useful especially in our line of work.  It is a must have.  From Ferdinand Bona, Supervisor, Operations, DMCI Palawan


It is a very good training for me as an employee to increase my knowledge and to properly fulfill my duties and responsibilities.  From Rodolfo Solomon, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Palawan


The good point is how to emphasize how important the Root Cause Failure Analysis as it lessen the costs of maintenance, downtime and being knowledgeable on how to conduct a Root Cause Failure Analysis. From Adelbert Bacnan, Jr. Mechanic, DMCI Palawan


We learned a lot especially on the maintenance team on how to find the failure of our equipment in our plant on a very easy way by following the procedure we learned on this training.  From Lawrence Ted Bundal, Plant Electrician, DMCI Palawan


The good points of this training is to improve the maintenance department for a good quality work.  This training is very informative and interesting.  From Froilan Esmenda, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Palawan


Very informative especially on how to properly conduct an investigation.  Proper sequence and patterns on RCFA.  From Arvin Borlagdatan, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Palawan


Awareness about the failure.  Gave us an idea on how to conduct RCFA.  It is important especially tous maintenance to improve our quality of work and not just doing repairs on the equipment.  We learned to deeply understand on how to analyze the causes of failures.  From Ernesto Catbagan, Plant Electrician, DMCI Palawan


Deeper knowledge on how and why fracture on failure occurs preventing repetitive occurrence of problem by finding the main cause of the failure.  From Clifford Pampo, Planner, DMCI Palawan


It is very useful for our own workplace.  From this training, we learned how we can determine what is the latent cause of the problem and we must learn from our own failure.  From Dexter Jardin, Shift Supervisor, DMCI Palawan



Text Box: Testimonies from Lubrication Strategy and Contamination Control

Knowing more about the right and wrong in doing PM maintenance.  Operator must know how to handle small problem in their unit.  From Dentor Cabral, Coordinator, Megawide Construction Corp.


Help motivate operators to learn and improve their jobs. It would be a big help to the company if well implemented in the future.  Name Withheld, Megawide Construction Corp.


Relevant to what the Business Units needs.  The speaker have the clarity and master of the topic.  Name withheld, Megawide Construction Corp.


Clear step by step lecturing on Autonomous Maintenance especially on lubrication, warehousing, Predictive Maintenance and other preparation to use in our daily work place.  From Ervin, Supervisor, Megawide Construction Corp.,


The idea and goal.  The passion imparted.  The flow of lessons.  The interaction of the trainer.  From Randi Narido.  Diesel Mechanic, Megawide Construction Corp.


Educate us on the proper way of maintenance.  Good communication skill.  Teaches operators to have wood working harmony with the maintenance.  From Amiel Garcia, V.E. Technician, Megawide Construction Corp.


All the topics on this training are clear and understandable,  Mr. Angeles introduce new techniques and methods that the maintenance and operators can apply.  Additional knowledge and operator’s empowerment.  As a first time attendee of PM and AM seminar of Mr. Angeles, I’m looking forward to attending his future trainings.  Name withheld, Megawide Construction Corporation



Text Box: Testimonies from Lubrication Strategy and Contamination Control
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We now know how to do Root Cause Failure Analysis Step by Step.  It will help us to find the Root of failures that recur.  From Paul John Gado, Senior Mechanic, DMCI Calapan


I understand how to construct a Root Cause Failure Analysis Logic Tree through the examples given by Mr. Rolly.  From Kristoffer Ramos, Maintenance Superintendent, DMCI Calapan


We learned about how to analyze root cause in a systematic way.  From Librado Acorde Sr., Safety Inspector, DMCI Calapan


All the topics discussed were clear that gave us how important RCFA is in our industry to control all the unnecessary recurrence of failure in our equipment which can improve our continuity of service.  From Herminio Batoy Jr., Performance Engineer, DMCI Calapan


Able to know and understand the RCFA and hopefully the things we learned from this traininig.  From Nemesio Aldemita Jr., Shift Supervisor, DMCI Calapan


Sharpen our knowledge on RCFA. Can be applied in our industry and relevant to our nature of work.  From Name Withheld, DMCI Calapan


The training is smooth and the learning’s were clearly delivered.  I give 5 points for this training by Mr. Rolly Angeles.  From Ariel Arita, Plant Operator, DMCI Calapan



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