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The trainer is very open in hearing the questions of the listeners.  He answers the questions in the best way that it will be understood by giving examples and sharing his actual experience.  The exervises are very challenging but entertaining.  We enjoyed it very much.  From Kristoffer John Ramos, Operations Supervisor, DMCI Calapan


Good points about this training is our facilitator, he gave all the best knowledge about Planned Maintenance.  The first key is changing the culture, second is our unity.  Now I am ready and very willing to cooperate on achieving Zero Unplanned Breakdown in our plant.  From Gabriel Alasaas, Plant Operator, DMCI Calapan


The good point about this training is to give another examples to understand more this topic and for everyone to understand that there is a better way and solution on how to address equipment breakdowns.  From Bryan Aceveta, Operator, DMCI Palawan


The good points about this training is that it gave us more knowledge and experience that maintenance is responsible to the plant.  It is very important to care for our engines and power plant.  From Rhyan Roy Anyayahan, DMCI Calapan


Interactive training.  Fave us more ideas on how to deal with the problem and how to prolong equipment caused by breakdowns.  From Sandy Vernon Bunag, Control Operator, DMCI Calapan


The good points about this training is that maintaining a machine or equipment is stressful and at the same time challenging.  The training provide me knowledge and orientation on how to maintain our equipment and machines.  It is very helpful because it gives guidance on how to help in maintaining our equipment and machines.  The training also tackle the importance on the relation of maintenance and operators.  From Lawrence Villanueva, Operator, DMCI Calapan


Interesting training topics, challenging games and visual presentation are awesome.  From Paul John Gado, Jr. Engineer Trainee, DMCI Calapan


Gained more knowledge on maintenance on how really maintenance is.  Cooperation is the key to attain the goal.  Right people for the right job.  From John Muerong, Shift Supervisor, DMCI Calapan


Full of knowledge that I can use in the company.  Lively and challenging workshop.  From Nikki Hidalgo, Plant Electrician Technician, DMCI Calapan


Very informative and delivers lots of important knowledge and techniques on maintenance activities.  Topics are well presented.  From Gary Roldan, Facilities Engineer, DMCI Calapan


Step by step procedure on how to execute what we had learned to maintain our equipment.  Mr. Rolly was the best and fun facilitator, learning while having fun on the seminar.  There are hands-on activities to test our learning’s on the topic and plenty of incentives.  From Mark Kevin Mesina, Control Operator, DMCI Calapan


The training provides new insights on proper identification of problems and how you will address that as for maintenance and also for operators.  The training will be useful on the assessment of problems especially for us operators.  The speaker/trainer made the training lively and it made us focus on the proper identification, assessment and decision making process.  I wish that we have more time so that we can absorb all the information better.  I really enjoyed listening and learning.  From Gregorio Lanuza III, Operator, DMCI Calapan


Thank you Sir Rally for another experience to upgrade my knowledge, skills for competency.  Trainer has World Class skill and very knowledgeable.  From Joel Baren, Maintenance, DMCI Calapan


Very lively, full of knowledge and inspiration.  Fun games, relevant workshops and very important for maintenance.  From Ronaldi Brotonel, Maintenance Planner, DMCI Calapan



Deep knowledge of the facilitator on the subject.  Workshops and visuals are very helpful.  Lively lecturer and discussions during training with music and jokes.  Exchange of ideas and experiences among participants.  Pre-post tests allows to gauge the learning’s of the participants.  From Edgar Mariano, Head, Calaca Power


I have now a clear idea on the improvement regarding the proper management of spare parts and the ordering which includes estimation of the lead time and also considering the costs on ordering.  Thank You Mr. Rolly and God Bless.  From Ellazar Salazar, DMCI Palawan


The trainer has the mastery of the subject matter.  Trainees are participating and willing to share their expertise and knowledge.  Identification of FSNO in the storeroom.  Additional knowledge on EOQ.  Reducing inventory costs through EOQ/FSNO identification.  From Lelinia De Castro, Head, Procurement and Logistics


I was able to understand more on the following, Identification of fast, slow, non-moving and obsolete items/stocks.  Algorithm on stock/no stock decision tree.  Not to have full reliance on OEM.  Concept of purchasing costs and carrying costs.  The facilitator, Mr. Rolly Angeles was able to share practical and real stories on the industries in terms of maintenance management and spare parts management.  Thank You.  From Joan Carino, Head Internal Audit


The trainer is knowledgeable about the training topic and very well organized.  The trainer delivered his thoughts and insights clearly.  From Melanie Ubalde, Accounting Manager


The trainer was able to deliver his thoughts in a fluent and comprehensive manner.  From Maria Laarni Garcia, Technical Staff


Topics and training objectives are very relevant to my department.  From HBG Reyes III, Repair and PM Department


All points discussed in a very passionate way enabling all learners to grasps well despite not being a maintenance personnel.  From Renante Calago


Learned increasing the reliability of equipment to minimize storing of spare parts.  No other personnel will be allowed on the storeroom except the storeroom people.  Using Economic Order Quantity, FSN and other analysis.  From Kiven Halog, Accounting Specialists


This training will help us to identify spare parts to stock and not to stock.  As a maintenance planner, it will help as to ease the ordering of spares.  From Paul John Gado, Plant Mechanic, DMCI Calapan


An eye-opener for us maintenance people.  We are just saving ourselves and not the company.  Squirreling must be stopped.  From Ryan Gigante, Planning Engineer


Direct to the point.  Real talk and has a direct solution.  Fun and very energetic.  No wasted moments.  From Jubel Edward Zeus, Procurement and Logistics, DMCI


A lot of practices to improve as materials coordinator. Eye-opener on proper handling and ways on MRO Spare Parts and Warehouse.  From Michael James Masamoc, Materials Coordinator, DMPC


Well presented by the resource person and which is very knowledgeable on the subject and topics discussed.  This is also beneficial to our storeroom personnel in order for them to manage inventory, organization and cleanliness of the storeroom.  From Rolando Antonio Chaves, Plant Manager, DMCI Palawan


earned on how to handle certain equipment and have it extended on having maximum life span.  Maximized the effectiveness of Spare Parts.  Learned a lot about RCM.  From Dominic Apaya, Maintenance, DMCI Masbate


The training is applicable to the current situation of our power plant in Palawan.  It provides uniform understanding from different departments on how we shall manage our MRO spare parts and storeroom.  Speaker provides us knowledge on the subject.  It senses as a first step for the transition of MRO Management.  From JB Sison, Maintenance Superintendent, DMCI Palawan




Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps to Empowerment

Facilitator was good.  He was well prepared and conducted his training well.  Topics were well discussed.  From Joyce Ann Martinez, Plant Operator, DMCI Calapan


The good points about this training gives us knowledge to enhance and improve the knowledge and culture of maintenance and operator personnel.  If this will be implemented, it would be a good beneficial for the operator and maintenance especially for the company and plant.  From Nikki Hidalgo, Plant Electrical Technician, DMCI Calapan


Life motivation, alive audience, lots of examples, presentation and good scheduling.  From Nonelon Robles, Maintenance, DMCI Calapan


Topics presented have big relevance to the plant’s minor and major problems.  Facilitator is highly knowledgeable regarding maintenance and its other aspects.  Steps and phases that were presented for Autonomous Maintenance is very detailed.  Good visual material and very informative.  From Steven Edrian Ceniza, Operator, DMCI Calapan


This training gave us the knowledge on Autonomous Maintenance.  Adapting this to our plant will help both operators and maintenance enhance and improve our skills and capabilities on maintaining the plant.  Hoping that this training will change our culture.  From Paul John Gado, Jr. Engineer Trainee, DMCI Calapan


The training gives us an idea on how to improve the skills of the operators by enhancing or making the operator knowledgeable on maintenance activities.  If the plan to implement Autonomous Maintenance will pursue, it will help the company’s vision by making the operator’s skills to improve and well trained on the machine and equipment handled in this operation.  Also equipment breakdown is very much preventable as early as its first occurrence or at an early stage of the defect and failure of the equipment.  From Nemesion Aldemita, Shift Supervisor, DMCI Calapan


 The operators are enlightened on how does Autonomous Maintenance can help in the improvement of the plant maintenance.  Autonomous Maintenance emphasizes on the importance of operator’s role in maintaining the condition of plant equipment.  From Kristoffer John Ramos, Operations Superindendent, DMCI Calapan


AM will lessen breakdown loss on the equipment.  AM will build empowered operators.  AM reminds us to accept change.  AM emphasizes the importance of Basic Equipment Condition.  Our equipment is a shared responsibility.  The plant’s culture must accept its principles for AM to work positively.  From Rupert Quindong, Control Operator, DMCI Calapan


This training was very informative and par exceeded my expectations.  Even though more work awaits after this, I am more motivated in my job.  This training will definitely benefit us and the power plant especially in the long run.;  From Kenneth Emmanuel Mojica, Plant Operator, DMCI Calapan


Contents of this training are new to the employees, yet we learned a lot and we found it interesting and applicable to our daily routine in the plant.  From Gary Roldan, Facility Engineer, DMCI Calapan



Text Box: Testimonies from Planned Maintenance 4 Phases

Highly related and useful to improve our maintenance performance.  This has given me a clear knowledge of reliability maintenance.  Gives us a clear view of our goals in maintenance with a corresponding roadmap and support.  This training aims to equip us with the knowledge and skills on how to achieve a World Class Maintenance.  I am very certain that this training will have a positive impact on our organization on achieving a reliable, efficient, cost effective, safe and environmental sound operation.  From Jose Bernabe Sison, Maintenance Superintendent, DMCI Palawan


Understanding on Planned Maintenance, set-up and scheduling to reduce breakdowns by having high availability and to reuse Preventive Maintenance scheduled checklists through the introduction and implementation of RCM , maintenance KPI’s and indices.  From Clifford Pampo, Maintenance Planner, DMCI Palawan


Very interesting and useful for our daily basic work.  It can lessen the breakdown and downtime on our equipment and machines because of this training.  From Ernesto Catbagan, Plant Electrician, DMCI Palawan


We were able to know more how well should we be planning in order to come up with better and effective activities.  We are now farther than what we were before.  The way we think on the problems, on what best approach we could provide.  We now have our standards on creating a better planning.  From Ellazar Salazar, Junior Engineer, DMCI Palawan


I think the good points of this training is to improve the plant maintenance knowledge at the engine.  Any trainee can feel free to raise questions and provide feedback and share.  From Froilan Esmenda, Maintenancee, DMCI Palawan


We learned a lot on proper and most accurate way on maintenance planning and to distribute tasks on our maintenance technicians.  From Lawrence Ted Bundac, Plant Electrician, DMCI Palawan


Introduction of a new system for the maintenance that can help to achieve our goals for the company and also give us good advise on how to solve analytical problems that may encounter in our current maintenance system.  From Cyril Belmonte, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, DMCI Palawan


Enhance the knowledge of maintenance of equipment devices.  Learning new ideas on CM, PM and all types of maintenance.  The trainer have a wide ideas on topics.  From Alvin Pacomios, Operation Superintendent, DMCI Palawan



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