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Every topic discussed with details and examples.  Very relevant topics that can clearly understand wrong maintenance practices being done on the shop floor and how to correct it.  From Fernando Custodio, Global IMI


We were able to understand and determine the 12 disciplines of World Class Maintenance Management Strategies and apply and enhance our existing company’s maintenance program with the approval of my senior manager.  From Ramon Avelino, Team Energy, Sual, Pangasinan


Learned maintenance strategy towards World Class Maintenance.  Learn about maintenance to enhance equipment reliability.  From Conrado Escalona, Team Energy, Sual, Pangasinan


Very applicable to our current maintenance activities in IMI.  The training module is completing on the experience on what really happens during maintenance and in the maintenance department.  From Hermil Dimaano, Equipment Engineer, Global IMI


Pre-posts assessment tests and workshops.  Application of Tagalog language when needed to explain further.  Sharing real life experiences.  Presentation of video relevant to the topics.  From Raul Perez, Section Head, Hoc Po Feeds



Gained knowledge on how to apply appropriate and effective approach on applying maintenance on our equipment and machines.  From Meco Ava Veraces, Maintenance, DMCI Masbate


Learned on how to handle certain equipment and have it extended on having maximum life span.  Maximized the effectiveness of Spare Parts.  Learned a lot about RCM.  From Dominic Apaya, Maintenance, DMCI Masbate


The good thing and very important topics in this seminar were clearly discussed and delivered.  We were able to compare the present culture and practices of maintenance in our plant and that we should not rely only on Preventive Maintenance but applying the 4 Phases and Reliability-Centered Maintenance.  From Geraldine Ang, Assistant Instrumentation Engineer, Electrical Maintenance, DMCI Masbate


Additional knowledge on basic maintenance and equipment care.  To make better coordination and teamwork on co-workers.  Thank You DMCI Family.  From Rogie Bensurto, Electrician, DMCI Masbate


It provides guidelines and goals for effective discharge or different maintenance tasks with a clear understanding on how further we can improve our maintenance procedures.  From Zosimo Columna Jr., Instrumentation Engineer, Electrical, DMCI Masbate


I was able to refresh the strategy on what a good maintenance is and how to perform RCM.  It is overwhelming that a maintenance preacher is willing to help and improve our correct way of performing maintenance.  From Ryan Gigante, Maintenance Planning Engineer, DMCI Masbate


A lot of learning’s learned.  A lot of clarification about what maintenance really is.  The trainer clearly delivers what he wants to express.  From Michael James Masamoc, Maintenance Coordinator, DMCI Masbate



Text Box: DMCI Power Corporation, Masbate, Philippines
Autonomous Maintenance Operator’s 7 Steps to Empowerment
March 4 to 6, 2019
Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps
Text Box: DMCI Power Corporation, Makati, Philippines
Reliability-Centered Maintenance
January 16 to 18, 2019

Able to understand that if both operations and maintenance joined together, it will change a big impact on a company.  Joined forces can minimize or able to use a machine/equipment to its longest operating time .   It can maintain and preserve the beauty of its operation of the machine/equipment and also its surroundings.  Gained additional knowledge on the importance of having basic machine condition.  Able to maintain its cleanliness, lubrication and it’s complete parts/holding materials (bolts).  From Meco Ava Veraces, Maintenance, DMCI Masbate


Emphasizing the unity for operators and maintenance will result to World Class.  Explaining what will be DMCI achieved good things in the years to come.  Unity together with commitment will get bests results.  From Michael James Masamoc, Materials Coordinator, DMCI Masbate


Taking emphasis on the small mistakes everyone often overlooked but offers negative effect on the machine on the long run and how to avoid those incidents.  The realization that over-all health of the mach8ine can be predicted and improved through the operators themselves by performing their job which once belong to the maintenance people.  From Zosimo Columna Jr., Instrumentation Engineer, Electrical Maintenance DMCI Masbate


The 7 Steps of training on Autonomous Maintenance were delivered properly by meeting its objectives through its useful and pertinent hand-outs and the topics shown visually informative and attractive assuring all participants will get more learning and techniques.  From John Paul Abo Abo, Operations. DMCI Masbate


The training is an eye opener that an operator could be empowered.  It explains an operator that does not only operate but also can repair and maintain the quality of their machine as well as the product.  A designer that designs and modify the machine for stability and be more effective.  From Mark Loel Sese, Maintenance Electrician, DMCI Masbate


It gives more knowledge for operators about maintenance and improving the skills of the operator.  It give more confidence as operator by challenging them.  From Efrel John Manlapaz, Operator, DMCI Masbate


Gained additional knowledge and information about oil and lubricants.  Good relationship enhancement for operators and maintenance department to become a world class operator.  From Francis Joe Begornia, CRO Trainee, Operations, DMCI Masbate


Realized the importance of operators and maintenance people sharing responsibilities in the upkeep of the plant’s equipment.  From Rodgie Banez, Manager, Operations and Services


It is great for us to participate in this training in which we gain much knowledge regarding work field in order for me to improve and more additional information which I know that can help in our operation the way if we apply it.  From July Tayas, Operations, DMCI Masbate


Awareness on the operators that Autonomous Maintenance  is a shared responsibility and not pointing fingers attitude.  Operators was trained on how to maintain their machine/equipment on good condition and analyze the problem at an early stage.  Makes operators motivated to do their job religiously.  Make operators to be empowered to detect and confidently to correct the abnormalities encountered during their duty.  From Loreto Antiqueno Jr., Operations Superintendent, DMCI Masbate



Text Box: RSA Public Training, El Cielito, Sta. Rosa, 
World Class Maintenance Management– The 12 Disciplines
February 20 to 22, 2019
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

Provide the participants with an indebt scope, practices and procedures for an effective Reliability-Centered Maintenance program that can be successfully adapted in our plant.  I think DMCI will be benefited if this program will be implemented.  Breakdowns will surely reduce which will result in profit increase for DMCI.    From Rolando Antonio Chavez Jr, Plant Manager, DMCI Palawan


By attending this training, I have gained a lot of knowledge and ideas on how to maintain and especially improve our equipment to make our power plant more efficient, competitive and reliable power provider.  From Arvin Borlagdatan, Mechanical Supervisor


Good points about this training is that it charge the way we workers maintain our equipment.  It will give us help to lower the costs during maintenance activities on repair and new strategies on planning.  It will help us to be more reliable and become proactive maintenance personnel and practitioner.  From Clifford Pampo, Maintenance Planner, DMCI Palawan


It widen our understanding on what maintenance can do to improve our plant’s KPI.  Also it boosts the morale of the participants.  A culture can be change with the right ideas and skills.  Implementation of RCM is not an easy tasks to do but with the support of management, a common goal will be met.  From Ryan Gigante, Maintenance Planner, DMCI Masbate


We must practice Condition-Based Maintenance instead of Preventive Maintenance approach.  I have learned the difference between Reactive, Preventive, Corrective and Proactive Maintenance.  Failures cannot be eliminated, the best that maintenance can do is to control the timing of failures and lessen its consequences.  Culture change is important for us to be successful on doing RCM in our plant.  From Gadjali Jali, Electrical Supervisor, DMCI


The trainer engaged the trainees by giving exercises to improve and enhance our knowledge on Reliability-Centered Maintenance.  From Kristoffer John Ramos, O&M Supervisor, DMCI Calapan


We are now knowledgeable enough on the RCM process and how important it is for our plant maintenance.  We will no start making our industry to be one of the World Class Maintenance Department.  Thank You Mr.l Rolly.  From Ellazar Salazar, Jr. Engineer, DMCI Palawan


Trainer is very knowledgeable about maintenance.  There is no dull moments during training and he presented the modules in a fun way.  He exceeded the expectations of the maintenance.  From Marian Laarni Garcia


Immediate application of RCM to DPC Plants.  Clear and concise information on effective and latest maintenance strategies that can be applied across industries.  From Renante Calago, VR Manager


This training made me realized that not all PM is effective in maintenance and that we must also consider Predictive Maintenance and Proactive Maintenance even Reactive Maintenance.  From Melchor Espera Jr. Planning Engineer, DMCI


Very informative.  Cleared a lot of things in the maintenance system we are having and how to change it.  From Renato Lafiguera Jr., Senior Tech. Engineer


Text Box: DMCI Power Corporation, Masbate, Philippines
Planned Maintenance 4 Phases to Zero Unplanned Breakdown
March 7 to 8, 2019
Text Box: Testimonies from Planned Maintenance 4 Phases
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Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance
Text Box: DMCI Power Corporation, Palawan, Philippines
Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps to Empowerment
March 11 to 13, 2019
Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps

Teaching us the ideal culture for maintenance by applying new procedure and technique in improving our end practices that we patterned based on OEM Standards and also making us to be reliable and competitive on our position.  From Cyril Belmonte, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, DMCI Palawan


Empowering and adding knowledge to plant operator that they can be a self deciding and can improve much more than their current status.  From Ian Orly, Plant Operator, DMCI Palawan


Operators will know that they are the front line person in case of emergency will require immediate action.   They will be motivated to prove that they can do certain maintenance tasks and can bee involved directly in troubleshooting (initial) of their equipment.  From Ellazar Salazar, Jr. Engineer, Maintenance, DMCI Palawan


To be a better operator that can perform maintenance work by having a good relationship with the maintenance team by detecting and knowing the early defects and problems of our equipment.  From Mark Dave Saurin, Plant Operator, DMCI Palawan


It is a new and impressive idea/point to view that I think will greatly improve our operation if and when implemented.  It can resolve many of our common problems that we usually encounter during our day to day activities.  I suggest that we conduct this training for all operators and maintenance and not for a few only.  Maybe we can schedule 2 or 3 batches to cover all the presence of HR and Accounting Department is also ideal so that they will not question that additional man-hours and costs.  From Ferdinand Bona, Supervisor, Operations, DMCI Palawan


Very interesting topics.  Knowledgeable topics that we can apply on our work and can help a lot for the plant/company and employees.  From Artay Aban, Operator, DMCI Palawan


The operators are not just operators anymore that are just simply switching buttons and starting but on how they can become autonomous maintenance by motivating and helping us gain confidence.  From Aldrin Pavila Gaput, Control Room Operator, DMCI Palawan


The good point about this training is that it aims to give operators self direction and more self reliance in attending their equipment by making them understand its basic functions.  Learn the empowerment of operators and the lesson is very simple and easy to understand.  From John Mark Biona, Control and Instrumentation Technician, DMCI Palawan



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