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When, why and how to conduct RCFA.  That this training does not only apply to equipment failures but also in our lives.  The facilitator is so energetic and very knowledgeable.  Practical examples were being given.  Speaker is well informed on industries.  From Mairan Bucad, Process Supervisor URC Tolong


Enables us to determine the different sources of problem or failures of equipment.  Fixing the failure of equipment does not end the problem as it needs to be investigated to determine the root cause of the problem.  From Joel Tuazin, Shift Supervisor, URC Tolong


Excellent discussion on Root Cause Failure Analysis.  Very exceptional facilitator.  From Factory Manager, URC Tolong


The good points is that I learned the importance of Root Cause Failure Analysis.  Not only maintenance personnel attended this training but also other departments so that they can learn the true job of maintenance.  From Anonymous, URC Tolong


Very detail, very informative, really opened up ideas on how to improve in our work.  From Kamal Anas, Support and Services


The facilitator Mr. Rolly Angeles is really a mater of the content of his training/seminar and he presented it very clearly and understandably.  From Edison Tamayo, Mill Supervisor, URC Tolong


Although the focus is on the technical aspect of engineering maintenance practice, the training was encompassing as it covers the behavioral side of the practice.  The emphasis on shared responsibility of the organization for optimum output of maintenance people is very important yet likely to be a neglected fact.  From this training, I have learned that maintenance people are not just technical people because it refers to all the people involved in keeping the organization operational and functional.  This training is highly recommended for top level managers and those in human resource practice.  From Carlise Pyponco, Human Resources, URC Tolong


Very organized presentation.  Examples are precise.  Workshops make the training more effective.  Videos and words of wisdom are shown.  Objectives of the training are delivered perfectly.  From Chan Oracion, Preventive Maintenance Inspector, URC Tolong


Deep understanding on Root Cause Failure Analysis which the speaker shared his knowledge and experiences most especially on maintenance.  Workshops are fun, unique and challenging.  Also the speaker relate some of the topics to songs which is a unique way for us to understand easily which could plant it into our minds whenever we hear those songs.  From Lyndy Louise Oracion, Electrical, URC Tolong


It is a very lively while conducting the Root Cause Failure Analysis training.  We have enough materials to support the RCFA training which make it more comfortable to all the attendees.  From Anthony Calumpang, Manager, Maintenance, URC Tolong


Learning from the “Man in the Mirror” and applying that change could better communication in all levels of the organization.  Learning that investigating problems does not cover only the physical and human errors but the latencies are the most important of all.  RCFA is a very good tool that could be adapted.  From Rea Villamor, Supervisor, URC Tolong


This training have lots of ideas and technical knowledge being imparted.  Sequence of the topic is so good.  This training is so useful in the industry we are working.  A best solution in addressing the problem with regards to technical aspect.  From Ralph Resty Feril, Electrical, URC Tolong


There are so many good points about this three days training.  The facilitator is active and interactive.  Personally, I understand how to analyze more about the physical, human and the latent cause of failures.  From B. Tambong, Boiler Supervisor, URC Tolong


The lecturer Sir Rolly comes well prepared.  He is so good in captivating the audience attention.  He supplements the subject with related incidents happening and provide sufficient examples for it to be understood.  From Janice Bolestana, Shift Supervisor, URC Tolong


In every failure, it increases knowledge.  It is not the opposite of success, it is better the beginning of the long road to success.  From Jogie Coniendo, Safety Officer, URC Tolong


This RCFA training is very important to me as a maintenance supervisor as it improved my knowledge about failures.  From Ronnie Espina, Maintenance Supervisor, URC Tolong



Experience trainer and good explanation.  Nice place for training and fun to join this training.  So much knowledge I got.  Hopefully can get another training like this.  From Franky Sabdha Kusuma, Petrokimia Gresik


The instructor Mr. Rolly was very good in presentation.  Has a strong basic skill in maintenance and excellent in knowledge.  The video in the training also helped increase enthusiasm in the training.  From Anonymous


Its applicable not just in theory.  Presented well as there were case studies.  From Haihan Fidi Akbari, PT Pupuk Sriwidsasa Palembang, Indonesia


This training is good and good topics because it change our mindset about failure happens.  The trainer knows the problem in the field (plant).  From Anonymous


Knowledge that small problems can lead to fatality or catastrophic failures.  Basically learn the knowledge to conduct the right RCFA.  From Dimas RI, PT Petrokimia GresikParman


Text Box: Testimonies from Advance Maintenance Strategies on RCM and RCFA
Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis
Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis

Learned the true meaning and function of maintenance.  Learn the basics on achieving or reaching World Class Maintenance Management Strategies.  The facilitator have a deep knowledge and experience in maintenance.  The facilitator have a big heart for maintenance.  From Joshua Matilos, Control and Instrumentation Technician


Very good instructor.  Lively and deep knowledge and subject mastery.  Can keep the interest of the participants.  Hands out and resource are very useful.  I think that I will be reviewing this often.  Inspiring.  The training made me want to share my learning's with my boss and officemates.  Though provoking.  Soon I can help improve my company’s approach on maintenance.  From Sarah Mae Tiu , Staff Engineer, Meralco


I have learned about the following: reactive maintenance, proactive maintenance, root cause failure analysis, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance, life cycle management and the different maintenance indices and KPI life MTBF, MTBA, MTTF and MTTR.  From Alberto Macalino, Rombe Philippines


We learn the importance about maintenance.  We learn how to control predicted failures.  Learned proper spare parts management.  From Romeo Evangelista, Rombe Philippines


This was the first time I attended this kind of training so every discipline was all considered to be good.  We have identified also the patterns of failures and types of maintenance that are effective in addressing machine downtime.  From Eduardo Tiongco, Rombe Philippines


The breadth and depth of experience of Rolly and his ability to connect to the participant.  I feel that he does his being as a mission.  Best calls and refers himself as a preacher and that says it all.  From Anonymous



Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines

Open a wider view of maintenance system.  Learn new analysis technique.  Can get an image for world class.  From Ruangyote Puchany, Department Manager


Trainer experience and more knowledge.  Good sharing to others.  Case study and solution.  I love your presentation song.  From Samart Prachuabsuc, Manager


The instructor who has exceptional knowledge, energy and experience taught perfectly.  3 days period is the appropriate duration.  Training content is really interesting.  From Voretit Boenyan, Reliability Engineer


Experience trainer and good tool kit.  From Chhiong Tong, Mechanical Team Leader Coca-Cola


Very active trainer and knowledgeable.  Clear in explanation.  From Konggrid Prachang


There were many modules that opened more views on maintenance.  From Apisit Kittironakorn, Dept. Manager

It empowered me that the maintenance should not shoulder everything.  Operations should also take part.  The old timers/Rolling Stones should not be disregarded.  Equipment should be prolonged.  Not all maintenance tasks should be under PM but to have a contingency on those equipment in which Predictive Maintenance should be included.  It opened our mind that what we are doing is not wrong but not correct also.  Our process should be improved.  From Bonna May Estopido, Diagnostic Manager, Manila Water


Provides program for our maintenance department so they can serve water utility and used water department better.  We in used water and water utility can understand what maintenance department are planning regarding our assets.  From Kiel Eduard Ella, Plant Manager, Used Water, Manila Water


We learned that not only Preventive Maintenance can prevent the failure/breakdown of our assets/equipment but it can be predicted by using Predictive Maintenance.  Learn the right way of analyzing PM and monitoring which can reduce the OPEX of our equipment.  From Maria Soledad Bartolome, Work Planner, Manila Water


It has activities that will make the lesson easy to understand.  Very practical.  Lots of examples and the trainer is very experienced.  The lesson is very detailed.  From Majerraine Anne Abigail Barrera, Diagnostic Manager


I think that this is an effective approach to determine and learn the basic concept of Reliability-Centered Maintenance.  It is new to me since I do not have a background in maintenance.  I have learned about what are the consequences of failure, failure modes and its effects.  From Darwin Alveryra, System Analyst


Very lively discussion.  It is a good thing that the lecture materials was given and free chocolates.  From Patrick John Casal, Cadet Shift Head, Manila Water


Technically wise and realistic.  One common language for the maintenance industry.  An eye opener for the usual company practices for the maintenance,  It can improve, revolutionize the maintenance norms and practices so that we can improve in man hour costs and purchasing.  This training give us the idea to maximize and leverage the things necessary.  From Bryan Lopez, Shift Engineer, Manila Waters


Learned how to differentiate PM from PdM.  Giving emphasis on the role of operator in the RCM process.  Determining the possible occurrence of failure in a systematic way.  From Marnold Celis, Diagnostic Manager, Manila Water


Very interactive Facilitator.  The facilitator shows mastery and expertise on the subject matter.  The training is very useful in our industry.  From James Thomas Hansen, Facility Manager, Manila Water


It made the operations and maintenance team work as one.  We can apply the RCM to our maintenance program and implement all the best practices.  We learned the importance of identifying Preventive, Reactive, Predictive and Proactive Maintenance.  From Ephraim Emmanuel Celedonio, Shift Head, Manila Water


The speaker have techniques that are really effective when it comes to the discussion of RCM.  Also the speaker really knows what he is discussing.  From Sherwin Estorninos, Shift Head, Manila Water


I do understand the RCM especially the language term used are very understandable.  Most of my trainings , the facilitator are foreigner which honestly speaking I cannot understand due to the slang.  Sir Rolly Angeles gave more expectation that what I’m thinking.  I feel I can manage my PM, RM, CM and other activities just hopefully in which operations can also help.  From Mark, Manila Waters



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