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Understand the step by step activities to perform the improvement in conducting maintenance.  Class activity for more understanding on the theory.  Understand difference between MTBF and MTTF.  Understand how to reduce unplanned breakdown.  Understand that maintenance team alone is unable to perform the change to achieve the reliability in maintenance without operators.  From Wan Munaifah Wan Hussein, Manager


Simple, lots of knowledge have been transferred.  Activities and stories were the best part.  Had improved in mind setting on maintenance.  From Muhamad Sharwan, Technical Executive


Interesting fact and data, easy to understand and lots of ideas that can be used in the field.  From Modh Asrul Mod Nasri


Very interesting subject.  A must in our field of maintenance.  From Leo Estremera, PM Technician Onsemi


Very detail, very informative, really opened up ideas on how to improve in our work.  From Kamal Anas, Support and Services



New ideas about RCFA.  Very comprehensive course.  Step by step learning's and development.  Additional Key learning's on RCFA.  From Kris Lingat, Shift Supervisor, URC, Passi


Root Cause Failure Analysis is the key to perform in our company URC PASSI on how to investigate equipment breakdowns and analyze the problem that will occur as well as solve the problem in our factory.  From Niel Palmares Supervisor, Civil Works, URC Passi


I know the proper way of conducting RCFA.  Procedure on how to conduct RCFA.  Learn the importance of preserving evidence for pointing the main root cause.  Learn not to take for granted the small problem that can lead to bigger problems.  From Daisy Gilo, Shift Supervisor, URC, Passi


Understand the importance of RCFA in our factory during equipment breakdowns.  Very useful in our plant operations.  Maintenance work can help to analyze the failure of the problem.  From Ariel Monserat, Electrical Shift Supervisor, URC Passi


Learn that RCFA is not aiming or use to blame the people or culprit and that change should start with ourselves.  RCFA will play a good part in our industry.  From Hazel Mamalintan, Shift Supervisor, URC Passi


There was a film showing which help us understand to properly execute Root Cause Failure Analysis by analyzing the Physical, Human, System and the Latent cause.  Learn the proper procedure on Root Cause Failure Analysis.  From Rexan Latu-ab, Maintenance Planner, URC Passi


Learned how important it is to preserve the evidences when doing RCFA.  Physical, human causes are actually not the real root cause of the problem but the hidden latencies underlying within it.  From Edgar Silva, Maintenance Manager, URC Passi


It provides both operations and maintenance to distinguish the causes of the recurring problems.  It helps newly hired inexperience engineers to understand how and why RCFA is important and it may bring to the company.  It has explained effectively what is the role of maintenance.  From Margelyn Belarmina, URC Passi


Excellent content and very knowledgeable facilitator/trainer.  The training provided great opportunity to gain knowledge/new learning’s in identifying the root cause of equipment breakdowns.  The topic Root Cause Failure Analysis paved a way in giving importance to Predictive Maintenance to effectively practice good maintenance.  We were able to classify the difference between physical cause, human cause, system cause and the latent cause.  We were able to identify the different kinds of wear which is beneficial in our field as we are handling various equipment in the factory.  Good training exercises and workshops.  The use of videos that are related to the topic make the training interesting and fun.  Mr. Angeles is World Class Trainer.  From Krista |Leslie Cars, Area Supervisor, URC Passi


Mr. Angeles is a World Class Trainer.  We were able to identify the difference between physical cause, human cause, system cause and latent cause.  This topic RCFA paved a way in giving importance to Predictive Maintenance.  From Mia Lanarea, Area Supervisor, URC Passi


I learned a lot from this training on how to perform RCFA, how to identify the root, the procedure on how to perform RCFA and others.  I also learned that some of our practice is not correct and suited to the procedure.     From Leopoldo Equico, Boiler Supervisor, URC Passi


Highly informative, fun and enjoyable way. :-) Relevant to our company’s present situation. Easy to apply, systematic and structured.  Useful/applicable even in personal life situations.  Everyone was encourage to actively participate.  From Flora May Galan, QA Manager, URC Passi


I learned more and understand about conducting Root Cause Failure Analysis than can apply to my company to solve failures and reduce failures to our equipment and improve the production and output of our company.    From Dewmon Penuela, Instrumentation Supervisor, URC Passi


He delivered his presentation regarding TPM especially on how to do the RCM tasks decision.  From R. Vargas, Transition Optical


The training was very interesting and applicable in the factory during milling operation in order to address the true failure of equipment so that it will not happen again.  From Wilcon Jorge Luciano, Boiler Supervisor, URC Passi


Clear and concise Root Cause Failure Analysis on what to do when failure or breakdown happens in the plant especially during operation.  Finding the real cause of evidence of failure so we can make recommendation regarding the failure to prevent recurrence.  From Ricky Bilbao, Shift Supervisor, URC Passi



Text Box: Testimonies from Advance Maintenance Strategies on RCM and RCFA
Text Box: Testimonies from Maintenance - Roadmap to Reliability
Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis

Now I know the Golden Rule on Spare Parts, Trust No One.  Based on this training, the best people or right people to handle spare parts are the maintenance department for they are the ones who knows what happened to the machine or they are the one hands on with this job.  I was amazed with our facilitator because at his age he still has a good memory.  He really knows very well the subject matter and explained it very well.  From Marriane Bartolazo, IMI Global


Able to understand the factors that affects the spare parts management.  EOQ, FSN Algo are some of the tools that can help me to decide when to stock and not to stock.  Aside from the learning's, the training experience was memorable and the resource speaker knows well even the new trend of technology today.  The venue is nice and relaxing as it creates the feeling that we are not on the training ,mode but instead on a sharing activity with normal discussion.  From Jinky Matira, Warehouse Manager, IMI Global


The good points about this training on Understanding MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom Management on how the problems on spare parts, who should manage the storeroom, minimum requirements on storeroom, fast , slow, non-moving and obsolete parts, MRO Parts Catalog, etc.,  It helps me a lot in terms of storeroom management system.  I can now improve the old system into a new system of storeroom.  From Rommel Devanadera, Storekeeper


There were so many things I have learned from this training that I can apply in managing the storeroom as a storekeeper in order to create a wonderful and fully organized storeroom.  From Ronnie Camagon, Franklin Baker


There were so many learning's I have gained through this 3 days training.  This training tackles all the things we can improve in our maintenance and storeroom management on how we can manage our spare parts in optimizing ways.  I know we can cascade all the learning's as well as the modules taught to us.  Rest assured that all lessons will be shared to the plant for us to have a good organization and collaboration when it comes to MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom Management.  From Jane Marie Lee, Franklin Baker


Great instructor.  Able to demonstrate his mastery on the subject matter.  Provided real incidents as examples.  The activities, group work and quizzes help aid the attendees to further understand the topic which is helpful to the students.  Venue and the food was good plus chocolates.  Learned a lot of things that can help our company.  From Erwin Bunye, Analaog Devices


Fun, best practices are presented.  There are credible sources of data and information.  Well presented.  Answered my dilemma in Spare Parts Management.  Involves different industries which provided venue for good practice sharing's.  From Rosette Sabiniano Syngenta Philippines


This training will help us to decide whether or not to stock or not to stock.  MRO training gave us a bigger and full view on what we need to understand in managing our spare parts.  This also help at least to cut the spending on cost of inventory because of non-moving items.  Nice training and good to share with others who’s function is also a storekeeper and maintenance department as well.  From Remlyn Ferrer Galon, Analog Devices


Able to learn how to differentiate between fast, slow, non-moving and obsolete parts.  Learnt to decide minimum order quantity for both fast and slow moving parts by computation.  Learn to decide on whether to stock or not to stock.  Learn on how to manage the storeroom more effectively.  Learn about the algorithm.  Learn how to identify the lead time, minimum-maximum, purchasing and carrying costs.  Learn what to do on obsolete parts.  Learn good points on automating spare parts.  Learn important KPI on Spare Parts.  From Anthony Jean Mark Abinales, PSI Technologies



Text Box: Testimonies from MRO Spare Parts and Storeroom Management

Additional knowledge in crafting RCFA on our various equipment failures.  Having this RCM training also enhance/encourage us to maximize and improve the existing maintenance we have.  From Michael Omacob, Assistant Manager, Philsaga Mining


Very applicable on departments under my division.  Provide a different and informative view on how to conduct maintenance.  The speaker is obviously well versed on the subject matter.  Opportunity to apply what was learn to improve the process within my division.  From Edmund Saludo, Diviision Manager, Philasaga Mining


This training will be of great help in our motor pool operation especially in dealing with equipment and vehicle maintenance which will upgrade the system.  From Mathew Sencil Jr., Manager, Motor pool, Philsaga Mining


Real life examples and relatable anecdotes.  Form and procedure given.  Training is active and engaging.  Very informative and applicable.  From  Rupert Joseph, ESD Manager, Electrical Services, Philsaga Mining


Knowledgeable resource speaker.  Topics very relevant on our job.  Softcopy and hardcopy is free.  Information are free.  Good snacks and meals.  Speaker has a good sense of humor.  I learned that Michael Jackson died as a good person.  He loves children.  From Bernadine Montemor, Planning Engineer, Mine Mechanical, Philsaga Mining


I am very fortunate to attend this kind of training which really discussed about maintenance strategies and approach. I feel enlightened and proud because this training taught me that maintenance job is very important in the industry.  In addition, it gives me a clear meaning that maintenance must be respected by other departments and not to feel us demoralized because of the blames.  I now really understood how maintenance should be done and all the techniques that are very helpful not only for the company but for us practitioners of maintenance.  I also now understand the different types of maintenance approach, the meaning of the language of these approaches and what are the best and cost effective maintenance like Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Failure Analysis.  From Antonio Bernaldez Jr. Mill Maintenance Planning Engineer, Philsaga Mining


Root Cause Failure Analysis and Reliability-Centered Maintenance area a very good points for us.  This training emphasized how to maintain our equipment and analyze the Root Cause of the problem on breakdowns.  It also eliminates the risk of recurrence of the failure and can apply Predictive Maintenance.   From Felix Sumagang, Mine Electrical Manager, Philsaga Mining


Learn that Root Cause Failure Analysis uncovers not only the Physical failures and Human Error Cause but also uncover the latent roots that contributed to the failure.  Learned that RCM approach helps improve our maintenance activities for our equipment and spare parts.  Develop skills to perform Root Cause Failure Investigation.  From Harvey Borleo, Assistant Manager, Philsaga Mining


This training has given us a broad explanation on Root Cause Failure Analysis and Reliability-Centered Maintenance such as the type of wear and procedures on how to tackle those different types of wear.  It shows us the factor of wearing of a certain equipment.  We have conducted discussions on different approach on failure analysis and corrective actions.  It enables us to learn the step by step approach of a certain problem that can possibly occur on the equipment.  From Rejay Rinus Flora, Mill Maintenance, Philsaga Mining


A good experience about this training is that we have learned a lot about maintenance tasks and strategies  and learning about Root Cause Failure Analysis, especially the RCM makes a broader knowledge on how to prevent and maintain the equipment in good running condition.  From Raymundo Ocampo, Philsaga Mining


Learned what is the true meaning of RCFA and RCM and how to conduct them.  The maintenance team was given the chance to be more effective and efficient with their works.  The operation team is given the opportunity to understand more the dilemmas maintenance team are always facing.  Learn how should maintenance and operations team should communicate well to better each function and improve production which is the main target and goal of the whole company.   The use or application of the RCM tasks decision worksheet can help the maintenance team in monitoring their daily maintenance activities.  From Mae Fatima Jesha Ontolan, Mill Metallurgy Department Manager


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