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RCM is a must have for us since we are working with power generation industry.  The forms and algo for the RCM implementation will help us build our own RCM.  From Lemuel Bugarin, Firstgen


There are exercises on doing RCM to better understand the importance of FMEA on doing Root Cause Failure Analysis.  It also discuss on when to best use RCM.  From Cyris Mann Cerezo, Firstgen


An understanding on the preparations and procedures for Root Cause Failure Analysis and RCM then can be implemented in my factory to improve and reduce the occurrence of breakdowns.  These courses are good to apply to my factory by doing more trainings to operators and maintenance personnel for them to understand the importance of these courses.  From Raylin Aligaen, Manager, Universal Robina Corporation


Very interesting subject.  A must in our field of maintenance.  From Leo Estremera, PM Technician Onsemi


It is timely and refresh on the step by step approach in creating RCM in my assigned area.  Well delivered and complete with hands out materials.  We were very thankful also with the given book that we can use as reference no only in RCM in the factory but can also be used in my future career.  Hope we can implement and improve our area.  You are truly a guy with a maintenance heart.  From Carlos Hermosura, Onsemi


We learn how to use RCM and RCFA to improve our maintenance approach in our company.  From Emman Austria, Onsemi Philippines



Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines
Text Box: Testimonies from Advance Maintenance Strategy on RCM and RCFA

Speaker is very well knowledgeable on this subject.  Can be highly recommended this training to others.  Comprehensive and very detailed.  Speaker has a sense of humor and can connect with his students.  From Marvha Collantes, Technology Engineer, Transition Optical


Lively resource speaker and can capture the attention of the audience.  Knows his subject well.  From Lailanie Morales, Transition Optical


Practical examples, interactive, more connection with operators and maintenance.  He was able to handle a large group.  Materials are clear and visible.  From Deng Duarte, Transition Optical


Speaker is very well verse on the topic.  He shared his experience on TPM.  He elaborate the sequencing and systematical approach on executing TPM Autonomous Maintenance.  Very enlightening and the training was fun.  From Allan, Lean Specialists, Transition Optical


We can do more in order to improve ourselves not only as individuals but being involved and engaged in the workplace is really important.  Good communication is really important too because we can improve our good practices in the workplace.  From Maribel Ian, Operator, Transition Optical


Gives knowledge on Autonomous Maintenance that operators are important in maintenance because they know the problem.  Learned that Autonomous and Planned Maintenance should work as a team.  From Leila Pioso, Production Operator, Transition Optical


Learning new ideas.  Do not hesitate to accept the changes.  Struggle was only the first, be patient.  Good things happen after the challenge.  From Zeila Dalisay, Process Operator, Transition Optical


Lean the importance of Autonomous Maintenance in my company that operators and maintenance personnel must work together so that they can easily fixing their machines.  Learned that operators can detect the defects early on the machine.  Learn the importance of cooperation between operators and maintenance.    From Cherry Candido, Team Leader, Transition Optical


Able to know what is Autonomous Maintenance.  Knew the main role of operator in Autonomous Maintenance.  Operators will be able to detect the problem by using their senses.  Operators can be self directed by applying Autonomous Maintenance.  From Allan, Jennelyn Carillo, Transition Optical


Topics were discuss in detail and translated in a layman terms.  Emphasize the important key points.  Facilitator was knowledgeable on the topic.  From Maricar Santos, Supervisor, Transition Optical


Very lively and full of information.  Speaker is jolly and can communicate well to all types of audiences.  Very clear visuals.  Speaker is knowledgeable in all topics.  From Florence Bayang, Transition Optical


Subject was good.  This could able to improve individual response of our operators.  We can do up skilling through technical knowledge.  Amazing how you can connect the topic to music.  From Vanessa Latagan, Production Supervisor, Transition Optical


Nice visualization of the subject discussed.  Subject and methods were clearly explained.  Time related on Rolling Stones song.  From Romdy Aguila, Technician, Transition Optical


Correlate in operators so that they can easily address the issues on their equipment.  Learned the step by step on Autonomous Maintenance.  Enhance more knowledge that can be applied in work.  From Cathy Amenias Cuento, Quality Line Leader, Transition Optical


Comprehensive visual materials.  Provides quizzes to evaluate learning's.  Real life experiences.  Engaging resource speaker.  From anonymous, Transition Optical


The training was an eye opener regarding the things that we are currently implementing in our company.  The facilitator has a very deep knowledge regarding the topic.  He was also very alive in discussion.  This training would be of good help especially in the field of PM since it raise points that are really important. From  Cynelle Lono, Transition Optical


The facilitator showed comprehensive knowledge of his subject.  The learning gained is practical and applicable at my current job.  The training is interactive.  The facilitator presented concepts clearly, logically and systematically.  From Tina Angeline Lazo, Transition Optical


Observed good points on this training is the detailed guide in doing maintenance algorithm.  It will help us in proper and easy identification of maintenance tasks.  Readily provide forms is also another good point as we will have an idea on how to do it at TOPI.  Clarification on some misconception from understanding Planned Maintenance was also given chance to be explained and clarified.  From Karen Rodriguez, Transition Optical


I was able to understand Autonomous and Planned Maintenance and also learned what is the role of operators in Autonomous Maintenance and their relationship with Planned Maintenance team.  Each should be connected to each other in order to zero out the breakdowns and minor stoppages.  That will reduce unplanned breakdown that will have impact in operating costs.  Being proactive will help the maintenance of the machines to meet its required running time.  From Jennelyn Carillo, Transition Optical


The resource speaker presents a very lively and always catches the attention of the audience.  He showed mastery of the subject matter.  From Lallanie Morales, Transition Optical


Even at Day 2, the speaker was still able teaching clearly and precisely.;  He still showed expertise on his subject matter.  From Marsha Collantes, Transition Optical


The resource speaker presents a very lively and always catches the attention of the audience.  He showed mastery of the subject matter.  From Lallanie Morales, Transition Optical


Even at Day 2, the speaker was still able teaching clearly and precisely.;  He still showed expertise on his subject matter.  From Marsha Collantes, Transition Optical


This training will help us to ensure on doing proper maintenance with proper procedure on how to perform the tasks properly.  From Ron, Transition Optical


Operation will now have a knowledge about maintenance works, how it is done and why it needs to be done.  Had an additional knowledge on equipment function and maintenance frequency.  Additional knowledge on failure modes and analysis.  From Romeo Ledesma, Technician, Transition Optical


Enhance my knowledge on TPM not only in getting MTBF but also on the different pillars of TPM.  It will help a lot to practice my degree as an industrial engineer.  Can adapt the maintenance people more over for the improvement of the reliability and maintenance of the different machines.  From Cathy Cuento, Transition Optical


It gives a systematic procedure for creating a PM lists.  It can be applied to simple devices we have at home.  It also gives me an idea that it is good to have a RCM tasks decision worksheet for our car.  From Reina Rose Ranada, Transition Optical


He delivered his presentation regarding TPM especially on how to do the RCM tasks decision.  From R. Vargas, Transition Optical


There are many things I learned from this training.  It has changed my perception on Preventive Maintenance.  Nowadays, the focus of attention must be on random failures as mostly this is linked to electronics system.  RCM is a good tool to define the tasks for effective Planned Maintenance to reduce unplanned breakdown.  From Edward Eroga, Transition Optical


We participants gained additional input and knowledge regarding Planned Maintenance.  We can adapt some of these strategies we have learned from this training.  From Joel Ramos, Transition Optical


The training was very interesting at the same time fun.  It was accompanied by music, story telling based from experiences that is connected to the topic.  Speaker was jolly when it comes to discussing his topics.  He can adopt to different ages of people in the audience.  From Florence Bayang, Transition Optical


Know how to handle machine/equipment when we encountered an error during processing at the production floor.  We can also used this knowledge in your home on how to analyze problems.  From Manuelita Acmayan, Transition Optical



Text Box: Testimonies from Planned and Autonomous Maintenance Training

All material are very useful for me to implement in my factory.  The way the trainer explained is v very easy to understand.  Good Job.  From Anil Panji Abu Rocsim


New learning's, increase my knowledge and increase my spirit and motivation to work harder.  From Budhy Praptomo SP, PT Sarihusada Generasi


Knowledge of the subject.  The subject matter is align to my job description.  Length of presentation is just right.  From Dukang F, PT Sarihusada


Training materials presented is great.  Very experience trainer.  Fun training environment.  Fun music and full movie for material.  From Hardianshah Sucipta, PT Sarihusada, Engineering Manager


Presentation and slides are very good.  Explanation to our query is very much clear.  Got a clear idea on RCM and Lub Oil Management.  From Bikash Mete, Mechanical Maintenance


Very informative and enjoyable.  I learn so many things which I will try to implement in our plant.  Concept became very clear for some for methods after this training.  From  Dedebdyut Dem Mechanical Maintenance, Indian Oil.


Presentation and explanation was really good.  Examples used to make understand various points were very thoughtful.  It gave basic idea on how a maintenance management structure should be.  From Vishwajeet Sikchi, Project Manager, ITC India


Training on maintenance management is important for each maintenance individual.  All industries should give importance to maintenance activities.  Training teaches a systematic way to implement these maintenance management disciplines.  From Shrivanand Nayik, Senior Manager


The training was exclusively for maintenance covering all aspects of maintenance.  The 12 disciplines of maintenance management which is applicable for all industries operating in the world.  It provides a clear picture on how to maintain the equipment and have the general working environment which will lead to productivity.  We got to see the real face of maintenance and learned the real obligation which w should have for the environment and society by keeping our facilities maintained and not letting them fail.  From Jagiruddin Ansari, Officer, IOCL, Kolkata


Presentation style, break-up of broad topics into micro levels, sharing practical experiences, interaction, involving with participants, energy level of the deliverance, bonding with the participants.  From Parthasarathi Sengupta, Assistant Manager


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