Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Management, July 2014
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance, October 2014
Text Box: Testimonies from MRO Spare Parts Management, November 2014
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Management, December 2014
Text Box: Funai Electric, Cebu City, Philippines
World Class Maintenance Management, October 15 to 16, 2014

Very good use of visual aids and entertaining videos.  This is an eye opener to all of us and will surely help our organization achieve its goals and objectives. From Ferdei Bartolabac, Engineering Manager, Manufacturing


Very expert on the said topic.  Presentation manner very different.  Presentation materials are very informative.  From Randy Asignar, Engineering Manager, Funai Electric


This could help us on establishing more engagement of operations especially in addressing encountered problems during machine downtime due to failures. From Jesse Prendol, Funai Electric


This is a good training session which open up truths about maintenance.  Good learning session.  The 12 disciplines would be a great long way which I believe could lead to the betterment of Funai.  Thanks Sir Rolly..  From Ailyn Torres, Quality Engineering Manager, Funai Electric


The facilitator is very knowledgeable and well versed on the subject matter.  Able to systematically present the concept and the knowledge in an easy way to the participants.  Good trainer.  Very informative to the maintenance practitioner.  From Tomas Borromeo Jr.  Engineering Manager, Funai Electric Cebu


All of the subject was an eye opener to me.  Very good for the industry.  A better understanding on equipment maintenance new concept on World Class Maintenance Management.  From Anthony Genato, Equipment Engineer, Inkjet Manufacturing


All modules in the training materials presented are all helpful to achieve the company's goals in preserving employee, improve costs savings.  Proper maintenance help us to reduce machine breakdown and it also improve the quality of our products.  From Genar Laves, Funai Electric


Easy to understand the approach and very much applicable to the company and even to our personal life. More power to Mr. Rolly, “The Rolling Stones” Angeles and Thank You.  From Jessie Fuentes, Funai Electric


Have a very good mastery of the subject matter. Speaker was able to connect with all the participants.  From Giovanni Baritugo


Delivery of presentation is excellent.  The training presentation is good and very informative.  The usefulness of the program is very excellent.  From Mark Oliver Gubal, Facilities Engineer.  Funai Electric.


Very effective subject delivery techniques.  Good preparation of material presentation.  Mastery of the subject matter.  Wide scope of knowledge.  Abundant reference material distributed.  From Edwin Villanueva, Inkjet Manufacturing.


Speaker/Facilitator is very lively doing the training.  Lots of good views and learning’s from the training about maintenance.  From Glenn Novela, Funai Electric


Speaker/Facilitator has full knowledge on the training.  Very good presentation materials.  Topics are very interesting.  From Jae Ocio, Funai Electronic


Excellent training. My impression on maintenance have completely changed.  From Martin Cabasagan, Funai Electronic


Very relevant to the industry we are having.  Some tools will be a great help for us in improvement.  Methodology for the understanding of the participants was greatly discussed and shared.  From Elbert Abano.  Electronics Industry


What we had been taught, many are applicable to our day to day operations.  Assists us to structurally analyze the problem in a practical manner.  Assists us to part many subjective issues on problems to become objective.  Makes me realize that there are many more improvement techniques available which we  can use to overcome our problem at site. From Syed Mohammad Amad, Facility Manager in healthcare industry


Explanation in details of each topic giving the common example which we realized in life.  Knowledgeable on practical engineering and answering our questions.  Adequate materials for this training.  Meet the objective of the training. From Mohammad Zamri Mohammad Bandi, Facility Management in Healthcare Industry


Can learn from the experience gain from the instructor.  Shared a lot of good practices.  Understand the theory of more PM means more failures.  Learn about RCM and FMEA.  From Hoo Chee Siong, Facilities Section Manager, On Semiconductor Malaysia


Able to understand the equipment failure and how to make the right action plan to resolve it effectively.  Get a better understanding on Root Cause Failure Analysis.  Get a better idea on lubrication management and the function of becoming a maintenance.  From Suresh Prakasam, Facilities Manager in Healthcare Industry


Text Box: Asia Iknowledge, Subang, Malaysia
World Class Maintenance Management, July 8 to 10, 2014
Text Box: International Business Conference, India
World Class Maintenance Management, December 17 to 18, 2014
Text Box: Hedcor Inc., La Trinidad, Benguet
MRO Storeroom and Spare Parts, November 26 to 28, 2014

Enlighten the proper managing and decision making on whether to stock or not to stock decision.  Also classify between the fast, slow, non-moving and obsolete parts.  From Michael Quidayan, Hedcor Sibulan


Learned about the holy grail in achieving a well mannered spare parts storeroom.  From Jefferson Tamano, Hedcor Sibulan


Very informative and can be very much applied to our day to day jobs.  From Jennifer Agton, Aboitiz Power Corporation


Enhance my knowledge regarding spare parts management.  Give me more knowledge regarding MRO Spare Parts Management. No pain, no gain.  No sacrifice, no success. From Peter Tindungan, Hedcor Inc.,


Learned the different approach in sorting and organizing our spare parts either by EOQ, ABC Analysis, VED, FSN and SDE Analysis.  Learned best practices in MRO spare parts management. From Dondi Laban, Hedcor Inc.,


Thanks Sir, first time I’ve learned how to calculate minimum stock, safety stock, reorder point stock and MAD confidence level for stocking or not to stock a spare part.  I also learned how to identify fast, slow, non-moving and obsolete spare parts. Also how to identify critical and non-critical spares and whether to stock or not to stock a spare.  Also parts codification and part numbering is additional learning to me.  EOQ is one special topic that I will not forget in this training. From Rocky M, Hedcor Inc.,


Even if this is the first time your module on MRO spare parts and storeroom management, you’ve done it very well as if there is no limits of you being a training guru.  Just keep on rolling just like the Rolling Stones. From Jayvee Almojuela, Hedcor Inc.,


The training shows that implementing this will cut costs on the company’s spare parts costs. Helpful in 5s implementation especially sort and standardize.  Additional knowledge earned.  Improving the storeroom will improve the maintenance strategy.  Thank you for sharing the lessons with us. Name withheld


Facilitator is blunt, honest, straight to the point, provides useful tools (to stock or not to stock algorithm).  The facilitator is knowledgeable, unselfish and truly cares for our improvement.  Name Leo Lungay, Hedcor Inc.


Excellent presentation and interaction by Rolly.  Thoughtfully designed course content.  Beautiful touch of human values and values to all facets of maintenance.  Makes me proud to be a maintenance professional.  From Kaustubh Desai, Senior Manager, GSTE, Ltd. India


Good knowledge of the subject.  Relevant experience to the maintenance field.  Presenter have a dynamic skill, the way by which he conduct the program that is really appreciable.  More knowledge, more sharing and mutual participation. From Yogesh Ahire, executive Engineer, Watson Pharmaceutical


Good information related to understanding equipment failures and its types.  Improved understanding of Basic Disciplines required for any maintenance management.  Updated and additional information about various Maintenance Management Strategies.  From Yudhur Singh Dabas, Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals


The point discussed is related to us.  Training included case study which is good.  Giving example by showing videos which is very effective.  In this training I am not tired because trainer is not only showing slide show presentation but giving a task related to maintenance to check our point of view towards maintenance. From Atish Bhagul, Senior Officer, Pharmaceutical


Address actual facts in industries about real practices of maintenance.  Forced as maintenance in terms of top to down overlapping people.  A real eye opener while applying the different strategies in maintenance.. From Maresh Patil, Deputy Manager, SKF Bearings, India,


All disciplines were explained clearly with exact weight age on each.  Trainer was smart in drawing participation among the trainees.  RCM topic was awesome which is a tool to us to discover a new form of maintenance strategy.  From A. Manikandan, Associate Manager, Sesa Sterlite


Training program was very much more interactive and elaborated about the subject literature provided and is very good indeed. From Sanjay Kale, Deputy Manager, SKF India


Basics of maintenance explained in depth.  The training will help us in developing new maintenance strategy.  New checklists for maintenance covering all types of equipment and assets.  From Rajesh Pohare, Siemens, India


Subject was covered very nice through people examples and materials.  Basic understanding on the 12 disciplines and the way to use these disciplines.  Importance of RCM.  From Rajesh Patil, Gulf Oil Lubricants, India


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