Text Box: Testimonies from Meaningful Measures of Performance, January 2013
Text Box: Botswana Ash, Botswana, Africa
Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps,  Batch 1, July 12 to 14, 2013

Full of live stories that reveal what’s going on in reality off work and on work.  Example of Rolling Stones musical group that remained together for a long time because of respect for one another and working as a team. Chiyapo Kajala, Botswana Ash


A very good and informative training for both the operations and engineering maintenance.  Onkemotse Seelo, Botswana Ash


Gives every worker strength to work hard and reduce the breakdowns in the plant and everyone to be self-driven in his work. From Moitsisi Moutlwatsi, Botswana Ash


Everything about the course is very good and educative and can really change a man to the better.  From Elvis Kgomosetso , Botswana Ash


The course itself and its materials were good in such a way that we learnt that we have been doing things the wrong way. Hopefully as from now we will improve and our company will be very good in both improvements and human improvements.  From Godfrey Gondo, Botswana Ash


Explanation of elaboration via videos helped a lot .  Fact that plant health is a responsibility of both maintenance (engineering) and production (operation). From Theolego Saboy


Instill the sense of ownership in employees.  Empowers to make decisions and most importantly to enjoy their work. Diversify of thinking and ways in which things were done.  Cultural aspect of companies was that  they get tied to old systems which at times don’t serve any purpose. Maenge PG Maenge, Botswana Ash


I was impressed of all trainings, it was really good. The instructor has a good communication skills.  From Meleco Mochi, Botswana  Ash


Autonomous Maintenance is a good course to Botash and need 100% commitment from both operations and engineering.  From Gabedi Abofi


The training is good for the operator because it reduces a lot of downtime and it enables the operator to do his/her job well done and sees the problem before it occursAlso the operators and maintenance teams up and they join hands together to have a one solid team and provide good results in the future.  From Mooketsi Mpebe, Operations, Botash Ash


This bought to light the role and importance of lubricants in equipment.  The use of oil analysis to determine machine failure.  Correct and better filtration techniques.  Importance of having our own oil analysis facility and its benefits.  From Knomotso Mopipi


It improved my understanding and be able to work together with maintenance personnel to prevent continuous breakdown of equipment. From Thato Nchenje


I learned a lot of things that I did not know about since this was my first training to attend. This will bring change to our company if we people, the employees and the management change and be a good company with less breakdowns. This will show our management team the good and bad aspects that need to be fixed and change even though this is a big decision to do but I believe that Autonomous Maintenance can only work if we forget about how much years and money it will take  vs cost.  But if we want to change Botash will be a better company in the world.  From Otang Sibawela


Will improve the downtime of the equipment after the operator has been trained and empowered to look after the equipment.  We need to start as soon as possible.  From Samir Bandyo Padhyar, Power Plant, India


This training, I like it because it has improve me on the plant.  How to save the equipment life span and in cleaning, checking, lubricating, tightening, operation contamination sources like gases and liquids etc.,  so I need another step on this course so that I can improve again the plant availability as well.   From Rebagoho Gaatshameke


Operation will share the responsibility on the machine.  The relationship between operation will improve, hence less downtime and breakdowns.  Less cost since the operator will attend the problem early.  Create new departments which will monitor the plat machinery. From Brown Gabosebiwe


Good relationship between workers.   Empowers the operators on how to take good care of the equipment in our plant.   From Samson L.  Plant Operator, Botash Ash


Autonomous Maintenance can be good in our equipment or our plant in terms of time delaying of fitters on maintenance when they have worked off.  It can also give as a knowledge about how important is our equipment and how to protect it in a safer way in terms of repairing the equipment.  To develop skill in operation, build team work in both maintenance and operation strongly to develop operators to be independent on his self to do their jobs.  From Olladi M.  Salt Plant , Plant Attendant, Botash Ash


It improves the operator to understand fully the equipment that they are running and in terms of design , structure and operation. It also reinforces operation, maintenance relation in a positive way.  Operation and maintenance should be in a harmonious relation in regards to the plant running and maintenance.  From Gaone Bogopa, Plant Operator, Botash Ash


This is a very empowering course not only for operators but also some maintenance people should undertake it because it covers all faculties of engineering, mechanics, electrical, pneumatics and tribology so this type of a course have a provision for multi-skilled workforce.  From Oeoi Seisa, Plant Operation, Botash Ash


We had the best time of study and the best “Preacher” as he called himself.  The initiative to empower operators and make them have a sense of responsibility and have the right knowledge and skills to keep the plant running in absence of engineering.  I like it.  From Kassett Kholiya, Plant Operator


The Facilitator is very knowledgeable with good experience.  Most of his points were exactly what we have in the plant as our short comings.  Example oil storage if I were to give example as well as mixing of lubricants in the equipment.  Dithutego Zambo, Intern Engineer, Bostash Ash


Mr. Rolly, I would like to thank you a lot for your valuable knowledge and experience sharing to me.  Most of your materials and advise will help me to improve my maintenance activities.  I will contact you through email for any questions  related to maintenance activities/planning. From  Mohammad Aziman Bin Draham, Bintulu Port Sdn. BHD, Malaysia


I enjoy the class and have learned so much on reliability and how to improve our assets performance.  So far I am very satisfied with the course and hope to see you in your other classes in the future.  Thanks so much Mr. Rolly. From Rahimh Mohamed Nawat, Malaysia


I think that this training is very useful to me because it is very related to my scope of work.  Many new terms and the exact meaning of the technical words make me more understand and make some improvements to my place.  From Izzat Syafiq B.Kamarudin


I learn from the expert trainer which like sharing his knowledge and experience and also provides other training materials.  Thank you so much Mr. Rolly and hope to see you next time.  From Husma Bt. Hussin, Malaysia


The training is very useful  because it gives a better view on how to keep track on machine performance by using a quantitative method. From Hasrul Nizam B. Hussin


Organized well. Simple and understandable.  Very knowledgeable and exposed widely.  Able to clear doubts.  Ideas can be implemented.  Brighten our knowledge on how to start organize.  From Sangaran, Westports, Malaysia


Inspiring.  Learn the other side of TPM which is different from our mutual understanding.  Learn about new things such as how to save on cost.  From Mohd. Razman B. Ahmad Zaidir


Packed with methods to implement TPM, Lively presentation.  Relates to examples of other forms through songs and videos.  From Ng Wang, Mield Manufacturing, Malaysia


Learnt about how a maintenance facility can be organized into an excellent workforce following the guidelines of TPM.  Learnt about the Japanese way of conducting maintenance and what procedures are involved.  Acquired knowledge on how to identify breakdown failures, stoppages and to target and reduce them.  Learnt about calculations on OEE, reliability, performance efficiency, availability, loading time and downtime etc.,  From Vishiv Westports, Malaysia


Very detailed information.  Impressive example and handout material.  Well experience trainer.  Positive environment.  Clear understanding, inspirational content, enjoyable and energetic trainer.  From Aizat Haffizzul Faidr


Text Box: Botswana Ash, Botswana, Africa
Total Productive Maintenance, July 8 to 13, 2013

Provides a good start off platform for maintenance and operators collaboration. It clearly spells out that change needs to start with the individual.  The whole organization needs to buy into9 TPM, show commitment and continue with all the process of improving the production and maintenance.  TPM is not an intervention or once off program but a way of life for people at work and at home.  From Knomotso Mopipi, Vehicle Maintenance Foreman, Botash Ash


Excellent presentation, excellent materials (training aids), excellent course content.  Technical know-ledge is excellent and excellent instructor effectiveness.  From Norma Moekitsi, Maintenance Planner, Botash Ash


PM brings together operation and maintenance teams together.  The goals and objectives are clearly defined and aligned to Botash Strategy. TPM is practical and not fictional and all it needs is mindset and change.  Needs to be extended to the whole work force.  From Modise Modra, Divisional Engineer


The basic concept about TPM and the purpose of each of the 8 pillars.  Leaned how to implement TPM in any organization, sharing experiences and so cushioned on some reasons why other industries have failed to implement TPM and what to be aware of.  OEE well explained, case studies shared well empowered on this subject.  From Shingilani Matiashe, Senior Training Officer, Botswana Ash


The whole is so good that it is regarded as an eye opener and focusing on it will mean an impressive improvement on quality and productivity. The pillars of TPM well explained and their implementation will take any organization to the next level regardless of the geographical location.  From Collin HR Superintendent, Training and Development, Botswana Ash


Educate precisely on what TPM is all about and how an organization can implement it.  The instructor is plain on what is needed for  TPM implementation. From all in the organization from top to bottom, the pitfalls and reasons why TPM had failed in other organizations were spelled out.  From M. Kgaodi, Business Development and Projects, Botswana Ash


Packed with illustrative video clips, sharing maintenance concepts, walking the whole program, easy to follow and understands as well as internal concepts. There was clarity on how to calculate OEE and its value/importance in productionFrom Godfrey Nicalo, Superintendent Wellfields, Botswana Ash


Course gives an excellent overview on TPM. It gives an insight to improve the manufacturing cost by reducing downtime and make operations and maintenance to work together towards continuous improvement. From Thabane Malasa, Engineering, Botswana Ash


Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps Batch 1, July 2013
Text Box: Asia Iknowledge, Subang Malaysia
Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance
January 30 to 31, 2013

Troubleshooting is no longer an effective strategy.  Remember that when your people become really good at repairing failures then something is definitely wrong with your maintenance organization, why? Because they are doing it much too often, but when we expect a different result from the same things that we are doing, it’s just not possible, the Chinese called this “Insanity”.

Always remember that in any reliability improvement initiative, the focus will be on the people.  Provide them the skills they need and these skills will be used to improve their equipment.  Remember it is the people that will improve their equipment and it is not the other way around . . . . .


Text Box: Testimonies from Total Productive Maintenance, Malaysia, May 2013
Text Box: Testimonies from Total Productive Maintenance Botswana, July 2013
Text Box: Botswana Ash, Botswana, Africa
Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps,  Batch 2, July 16 to 18, 2013
Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps Batch 2, July 2013
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