Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Management
Text Box: Asia Iknowledge, Glenmarie, Malaysia
Practical Condition Based Maintenance, January 27 to 28, 2011

All the topics are related to my job scope and I am also able to get extra information so that I can apply it on my daily job.  Besides as part time degree student in technology management, this training is very informative.  The training days should be extended as 2 days is not enough.  From Joshua, Technical Specialists Asia Failure Analysis Test Development


Very informative, clearly explained what CBM is all about.  Interactive.  Good and experienced training.  Very well time management.  Interesting games and quizzes. From Wanhaniza, Reliability Engineer, TNB Transmission


A big range of teaching method that can help the one which is fresh from working experience.  I found out this course will really help to lift up plant performance and efficiency but it will still depend on the Top Management to work up & implement this CBM.  From Bong Shau, Analyst, Boiler Maintenance


A foundation for CBM.  A good refreshment for those who already know CBM.  Generate some idea how to run CBM and which strategy to use to take care of the equipment.  From Chin Moo Shim, Mechanical Engineer, Condition Monitoring


Text Box: International Business Conference, India
World Class Maintenance, 12 Disciplines, Feb. 14 to 16, 2011
Text Box: Testimonies from Condition-Based Maintenance Training
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Management

It was a very good event. Mr. Rolly is a very good trainer and has a very good approach of teaching about maintenance.  From Navnit Bhimani, Pipavav Shipyard, Ltd.,


The presentation done by Rolly Angeles simply says that the power point slides on maintenance concept can be done by any maintenance person but the way it has to be presented is only possible by Mr., Rolly Angeles.  The explanations and the examples relevance which he sets for his explanation is absolutely non-comparable.  From Sri Balaji, Pipavav Shipyard Limited


It is an eye sight into the latest maintenance trend if you are an ordinary maintenance team member.  The materials is a good guidance.  Let us use it and share it.  From G. Muthumanickam ONGC


Excellent insight on the complexities of maintenance management.  A baby step to enhance the recognition of maintenance fraternity in the industries worldwide.  The best of luck.  From Vikas Tayal, ONGC


Comprehensive coverage of the topic. Very good practical samples.  Humorous and enjoyable atmosphere while conducting the training.  Excellent presentation. From Jayesh Koli, Mazagon Dock Ltd.,


Good knowledge sharing with practical experiences.  Various aspects of maintenance strategies discussed.  New and advance methods to achieve reliability of equipment.  New maintenance tools exposure.  Learnt new methodologies of maintenance like CBM, RCM, PdM, PM etc., from Pisharody Ajitkumar, Mundra Port, Manager


Faculty is well experienced down to earth, true maintenance man.  Good clear voice and covered most of the points in well organized manner.  Answered the queries, doubts with good light stories and examples.  Himanshu Mishra, Essar Steel Ltd., Senior Manager, Maintenance


Good blend of theory and practice.  Normally the one who take training classes have exposure to shop floor activities.  The speaker is very well aware with the shop floor problems.  The speaker is dedicated to have an eager to teach.  Good interactive skills and sense of humor.  From Sagar Upasane, Essar Steel


Good presentation skills with humor and variations.  Good simple examples to understand the different concepts.  Covers almost all dimensions of maintenance management.  Very passionate way of teaching.  Mr. Rolly is down to earth person with best practical examples to teach.  From Jitendra Malhatar, DY General Manager, Aditya Birta, . Good blend of theory and practice.


Excellent elaboration of the following subjects such as basic concepts of maintenance, lubrication and RCM.  Excellent way of presentation to drive in the concept to the participants.  Excellent sense of humor. Arvind Jarin, Senior General Manager, BIRLA Cellulosic


This training stands as a motivation to the motivators to start the journey at implementing World Class Maintenance practices in various organizations in India.  From Phani Bhushan, Associate Manager


A good speaker who always make the participants interactive.  Good knowledge on the subject and simplifies the subject content according to the participants. Good personal touch with the participants.  From R.P. Gupta, Mazagon Dack Ltd.,


Faculty is very much impressive and a good motivator.  The concept on maintenance improvement as world class maintenance is very interesting, needs to flow the message throughout the world.  I enjoy a lot here by listening to Mr. Rolly.  This type of program must be know to people from operations and production who do not know the abc’s of maintenance.  From Sanjay Sorte, DY Manager


Way of presentation is very excellent on understanding each one and every topics in details.  All topics are covered beautifully with practical examples.  Very sentimental way of conveying the message.  Excellent entertainment and videos in understanding the concept of maintenance topics.  From Rajendran Chaudhari, Senior Manager, Essar Industries Ltd.,


Text Box: PASAR Corporation, Leyte, Philippines
Lubrication Strategy and Contamination Control, Jan 20 to 21, 2011

More learning’s gained during the program.  Well participated throughout the program.  Very reliable speaker. Has a very good knowledge and background on the topic. From Gil Martin Guape, Area Manager, Converter Furnace


All topics discussed.  Mastery and knowledge of speaker about the topics.  Presentation materials and medium both audio and video were good.  Speaker’s humor and articulation in conducting the seminar and good process in conducting the session. From Frank Espanol, Senior Manager, Plant Services Department


The facilitator put us at ease to start with.  He kept the whole training fun and interesting by injecting video clips and jokes.  The training was outlined well.  This made it easy for us to understand the topics.  Industry practices were also discussed during the training and I find this very useful.  From Mon Philip Macalua, Area Manager, Smelter, Maintenance, Mechanical


I learned about the properties of oil. Equipment life will prolong with clean oil since contaminated oil can make the equipment fail.  Learnt about proper storage of oil lubricants to ensure clean and safe to use. Good filtration will definitely result to clean oil. From Jeremias Ocio, Area Manager, Conveyor, Mechanical Maintenance


Learned about World Class Lubrication practices. Lube room/tools to be used  and equipment to be used.  Highlighting the destructive effect of contamination.  Introduction of available oil analysis sample and techniques. Selection of the right filtration system.  Raising the morale of every maintenance personnel and learned how lubrication system affects the Total Maintenance Management in the plant.  From Paul Benting II, Area Manager, FD/FSFE


This training improved my knowledge in lubrication strategy.  Learned more about how to analyze particles and change my wrong lubrication application to the correct one.  Learned how to analyze contamination as well as learned about the different types of wear on the equipment.  From Ronie Libros, Lube man


Text Box: Energy Development Corp. Ormoc, Phil's
Reliability-Centered Maintenance, March 7 to 9, 2011

The RCM training have put into perspective the real need of a comprehensive failure analysis to prevent its recurrence.  In this period of stiff competition, prevention of failure is at the top most priority and consideration of management. With RCM this will be fully addressed.  Miguelito Abrasaldo, Department Manager, Power Generation, Energy Development Corporation


This training will help maintenance practices evolved more reliable and effective in maintaining company assets.  This training can also help the company save revenue by reducing the PM activities that are not needed.  This will lessen our maintenance activities yet be more effective.  From Dennis Puray, Energy Development Corporation


Teamwork activity is one of the good points in the training.  This will help to improve the old activities which must be changed. New methods were introduced in order for the improvement of the maintenance and know what know that maintenance really is. Name withheld


Provide information, inputs and different strategies in responding maintenance activities.  It impart in me as a new maintenance practitioner and a newly employed personnel in this company.  It helped a lot not only in boosting up and challenging us to strive more to contribute to the whole maintenance system in particular.  Name withheld


The RCM seminar was very much interesting and educational in as much as we were able to realized our inadequacy in the maintenance concept.  We learned that in RCM is not to eliminate failure but to minimized or keep within limits the failure consequences especially pertaining to environmental consequences . 


This is a good tool for performing our maintenance.  This can be helpful in our everyday tasks in facing and solving the activities in regards to maintenance of our EDC assets that could provide and satisfy the consumer wants and needs.  In maintaining the equipment, EDC assets, this RCM is a lot of help in implementing and improving our activities.  Name withheld


Comprehensive seminar on maintenance applicable to any type of industry.  If fully implemented, any organization can become World Class. Name withheld


Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance
Text Box: Abhishek, Trident Group, Punjab, India
World Class Maintenance, The 12 Disciplines, Feb. 21 to 23, 2011

Content was based on experience.  Training materials as one stop information for all maintenance matters. Learnt about Lubrication Management, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, good filtration and contamination control.  Information / training material flow.  Motivational videos and trainers control of the subject.  From Ajay Verma, Abhishek Industries Ltd.,


Detailed description about Preventive, Predictive, Autonomous Maintenance and Condition-Based Maintenance.  Understand the importance of Lubrication Management and benefits of Autonomous Maintenance.  Usage of Root Cause Failure Analysis and the correct manner and applicability in our problem areas.  Learnt about the advantages of Predictive Maintenance and different and various types of failures. From Rohit Bausal Abhishek Industries Ltd.,


Presentation style was very participative.  Concept was made easy to grasp.  Discussion of advance techniques and tools of various maintenance practices.  Connectivity with audience.  Very useful and practical.  This training should be attended by senior maintenance and operations people. From Dr. B.P. Gupta, Abhishek Industries Ltd.,


Good learning about failure, its pattern and how to address them.  Importance and use of Autonomous Maintenance and its benefits and training.  Learned about the different lubricants and the fact that it could be filtered.  Various equipment to monitor vibration, temperature and oil testing.  Root Cause Analysis deep understanding and reliability management.  From Kshijit Anand, Abhishek Industries Ltd.,


Text Box: Testimonies from Lubrication Strategy and Contamination Control
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