Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance Training
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance – The 12 Disciplines
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines Training
Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance Training
Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance Training
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance - The 12 Disciplines Training

The training was an eye opener to the entire team that the best efforts we were putting in till now covers only 20% of the problems.  The strategically approach to our maintenance was very well understood.  The exercises in RCM was very useful. From BP. Brixley Carolson, Associate Manager / Sterlite Industries Ltd.


The course of the training was excellent.  The way of presentation was very good doing it with examples.  Focusing on reliability is more important than costs.  A team, a plan and a big heart is required for performing the smallest as well as the biggest tasks. From Manohar Gupta, Associate Manager / Sterlite Industries Ltd.


Flow of presentation was excellent.  The course content was close to practical maintenance life.  Case studies, video clips were very excellent and though provoking.  Examples shared were excellent.  The teaching to be a simple human being along with technical as well as systematic training was so unique feature of this programmed.  Facilitator’s openness and ways to transform the knowledge to all of us. From Kurhadkar Sandeep,  Associate Manager / Sterlite Industries Ltd.


Excellent training program on World Class Maintenance Strategies and Reliability-Centered Maintenance making participants involved by case studies, videos and real life experiences. Effective communication and lot of though provoking ideas. Creates a way among participants to operate and understand the maintenance function better. From R. Murali Krishnan, Associate Manager / Sterlite Industries


The class of Reliability-Centered Maintenance and World Class Maintenance were presented very nicely.  The examples given were easy to understand.  The workshop on performing an actual RCM analysis was very useful.  The approach towards maintenance strategies has been clearly explained. From Ramesh Ganesh, Associate Manager / Sterlite Industries Ltd.



No doubt, Mr. Rolly is an expert in the maintenance field.  I never came across such a beautiful learning ever.  Thanks to Mr. Rolly and my company BPCL.  His thrust on lubrication, RCFA and RCM gave us another dimension to our thought process. From MP Agrawal, DY Maintenance Manager /  Bharat Petroleum


Presentation was very good.  Knowledge and experience on the subject matter was excellent.  Makes participants enjoyed the workshop.  Very useful at work place.  The knowledge can be directly be used at our workplace.  Pattern of course has been kept simple and understandable.  Knowledge sharing is excellent. From Anant Kumar Gupta, Senior Officer Maintenance / Electrical / Bharat Petroleum


The good point was that I came to know all about the recent development in the field of maintenance related equipment that will help me to know the consequences of failure of my equipment. And also I came to know about the lubrication and its aspects and importance in the case of maintaining our equipment so lots of thanks to Mr. Rolly Angeles.  From  Pararnath M. Gosh, Officer Mechanical Maintenance / Bharat Petroleum


This training program made me proud to be a maintenance person. Maintenance  is the back bone of any successful, profit making “Brand Product” company. From B.K. Basu, Officer Maintenance Manager / Bharat Petroleum


The concept of World Class Maintenance was introduce first time to us.  Faculty has very good knowledge about the topic of seminars.  The presentation skill of the faculty was excellent. The content and material provided and also exercises carried out was a good feature of this program.  From  Ashwin Bhagat,  Officer Electrical Maintenance / Bharat Petroleum


The course coordinator Mr. Rolly Angeles has a vast knowledge on the subject.  All aspects of maintenance is known to him at the back of his hands. The flow of teaching was good and he has tremendous patience and takes the participants along with him. From PLN Murthy, CHMM Maintenance Head, Bharat Petroleum


Excellent knowledge.  Great training skills.  Highly passionate about the subject.  Can easily connect with the participants.  Live wired personality with a good blend of humor and subject matterFrom USN Bhat, Senior Manager Maintenance Planning / Bharat Petroleum


Thanks to IBC for the Excellent Workshop on RCM. As mentioned to you, on 27th September i.e. the last day of the Three Day Workshop, I was eagerly waiting for the feedback form and I am sharing my feedback about the Workshop  through this mail.  Mr. Rolly is one of the World Class Best Trainers I have come across during my 28 years career. The course was built up very methodically in the most simplest way. His presentation skills and his command on the various Maintenance Strategies made the workshop very interesting. Mr. Rolly is one of the few Maintenance Professionals I have come across who is very much attached and dedicated to the Maintenance Profession. His wealth of experience and his humor made the RCM Workshop even more interesting.  The structuring and delivery of the concept enables all the participants to initiate RCM studies very confidently.  The Training material provided by Mr. Rolly was excellent and was prepared with great care to ensure that all the participants are fully been benefited. I am sure that all the participants in this three day Workshop have been benefited by his technical and intellectual sharing of his knowledge. From Srinagesh Dy, General Manager / Reliance Industries Ltd.

Systematic approach towards effective maintenance.  Optimized the maintenance activities to cut the cost of maintenance.  Interactive, well documented teaching material supported by real case analysis.  The Faculty has a good intense knowledge and good communication skills. From Soinirasa M. Reddy, Manager / M/S BEML Bangalore


Methods to systematic approach for maintenance requirements.  Information regarding different strategies to be followed to arrive at the best results.  Cost effective and cost control maintenance methods through RCM.  Elaborate ways of explanations through practical samples were highlights of the program. Through RCM, lifespan of equipment will increase and equipment will be more effective. From H.V.L Venkatesh, Senior Manager / M/S BEML Bangalore


RCM concept in understanding the steps of implementation.  Importance of RCM concept for industries.  Case studies and its relevant to my industry.  Seems to be a complete bible for the equipment system for its trouble free operations and achieving our organization goal.  Maintenance people as a whole and organization will get benefited from the same. From Vinod Wagh, Associate General Manager / Sterlite Industries


Training materials and presentation was excellent.  The RCM concept and understanding was useful to carry out maintenance activities and thus helpful in the improvement of reliability.  Mr. Rolly Angeles has impaired the training and conducted the workshop in a very exceptional way.  From Anan Gupta, Senior Officer Maintenance / Electrical


This training has change my mind frame about maintenance strategy in our plant.  I am very enlighten about the Reliability-Centered Maintenance strategy.  Thank You Sir. I love the RCM Decision Diagram and workshop. From MP Agrawal, DY Maintenance Manager


I found the RCM concept good.  Makes the maintenance activity to be performed in a structured and scientific way.  Facilitator knowledge is excellent.  His command over language and though process is very good and keeps the participants interest going.  From VD Wadhwa, Maintenance Manager


Text Box: Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ltd., India
Reliability-Centered Maintenance, January 27 to 28, 2008

Provided Maintenance Strategy and techniques to be adopted in sequence suitable to our industry.  Different disciplines of Maintenance Management were discussed in detail and extensively.  Knowledge enhancement on maintenance management had been required for the duration of the training.  Case studies was an eye opener for the twelve different disciplines of maintenance. From B. Sathyamurthy, Associate Vice President / JSW Steel Ltd


Very seasoned, experience, witty, humorous speaker and presenter. Very interactive and approachable speaker. Topic covered were generalized and the training lecture shall be suited to all branch of maintenance department, operating personnel and may also be covered under the training to make us understand the problems on maintenance.  Case Studies narration is very practical and related to real life experiences.  May God Bless Rolly For Philippines !  From Moru Potom, Senior Engineer, Oil India Ltd.


Very wide and thorough coverage of the subject.  Facilitator is very thorough for both the theoretical and practical aspect.  Very good presentation skills and excellent humorous person. It was really worth attending your class.  We observed a very dedicated, knowledgeable personality in you.  Only few maintenance personnel came up to your level.  We hope to maintain in contact in the years to come and wish you all the best. From Ninan C.S. Chief Manager / Bharat Petroleum Corp  Ltd.


Text Box: IBC Sponsored Training at Chennai, India
World Class Maintenance Management Class, July 16 to 17, 2008
Text Box: Sterlite Industries Ltd., Toticurin, India
RCM and World Class Maintenance Class, October 13 to 17,  2008
Text Box: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.,
World Class Maintenance Management Class, Sept. 11 to 13, 2008
Text Box: IBC Sponsored Training, Mumbai, India
Reliability-Centered Maintenance Class, Sept. 25 to 27, 2008
Text Box: IBC Sponsored Training, Chennai, India
Reliability-Centered Maintenance Class, Sept. 22 to 24, 2008
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