Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance Master Class
Text Box: Testimonies from Autonomous Maintenance Master Class
Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability-Centered Maintenance Master Class
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Master Class
Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Master Class
Text Box: Team Energy Pagbilao, Philippines
Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps, March 30 to April 1, 2011

Long term benefits of Autonomous Maintenance to plant equipment especially with an ageing plant like Pagbilao as well as to the plant operators.  Autonomous Maintenance can improve or will help improve operator skills in equipment monitoring and maintenance.  From Eric Salvacion, Shift Manager, Team Energy Corporation, Pagbilao


This training is good and applicable for both maintenance and operations. This training should have been introduced way back say 5 to 6 years ago.  Name withheld, Team Energy Corporation, Pagbilao


Learnt how to properly monitor and maintain equipment and raise the knowledge of operators in maintaining their machines.  Learnt how to document and create a super A type of operators.  From A. Galang, Shift Supervisor, Team Energy Corporation, Pagbilao


As a responsible employee, any company is your second home.  So as a source of your income to support your beloved family, ownership and commitment to your job is really necessary because as your company succeed and grows, your status and condition as a whole will also follow.  Autonomous Maintenance can fully support the sustenance of our company.  From a Coal Plant Operator, Name withheld, Team Energy Corporation, Pagbilao


There were no dull moments during the 3 days training on Autonomous Maintenance.  Technical learning’s were more strengthened and clearly understood through easy to relate stories, videos and clips.  I wish that a time will come when people in the workplace will all think and do like this. From Jun Sainz, Coal Superintendent, Team Energy Corporation, Pagbilao


Text Box: Sunpower Corporation, Philippines
Reliability-Centered Maintenance, May 5 to 6, 2011

I have learned different approach about maintenance and what appropriate maintenance should be performed. I had also learned now that we can eliminate other maintenance activities that will not be needed.  This training should also be taught to operators, managers and operations to make the RCM more effective.  Name withheld, Sunpower Corporation


The good point about this training is that we will be able to learn on how to easily perform maintenance in a very effective way.  We also learn that we may delete some of the activities that really does not work in our current Preventive Maintenance.  From Mark Anthony Verola, Sunpower Corp.


Good points about this training  is that you can actually learn a lot from it especially in team worth we were taught that in performing RCM you need to have a representative from each department, meaning you need people from maintenance, operators and even operations.  RCM is not done by a single person but by a group of people or what we called team.  By learning this training we learned a different technique and approach in solving problems encountered in our machine.  Name withheld, Sunpower Corporation


Good things about the training was that the training was incorporated with different ways and modes of training.  Visual aids, were also used that made us all alive and interested on the topic.  Sir Rolly Angeles have an excellent and extensive knowledge on the topic.  He is really a good and worthy trainer.  From Bryan Alberto, Sunpower Corporation


This training gives us deeper knowledge and understanding on how RCM is being done from history to application of RCM.  This training will help us in the future on having a much better maintenance.  This training improved my understanding about the different types of maintenance and how to apply it.  From Ray Michael Aclan, E-technician, Sunpower Corporation


One of the good points about this training is the point of view towards maintenance.  We can change the culture towards maintenance in our company. I learned the best way and the do’s and don’t in our maintenance. From Ray Romulo, Equipment Technician, Sunpower Corporation


Text Box: RSA Public Training and Master Class 
Reliability-Centered Maintenance, March 14 to 15, 2011

Not depending on Preventive Maintenance alone but learning on 80% of failure are either infant mortality and random failure which will depend on other tasks such as Predictive and Proactive Maintenance approach.  On this workshop good points on FMEA. On quizzes and answering pre and post quiz, I realized that I improved more on this training and now more equipped and knowledgeable.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in Sunpower, we will be having a big heart in definitely implementing this RCM.  From Rizalino Quedado, Engineer, Sunpower, Solar Manufacturing Company


Very well knowledgeable on the topic.  Explained well all the topics. A very good speaker. Good training for all maintenance people and hope that more training comes in your field.  From Vladimir Cuenca, Site Equipment Supervisor, SPML, Fab2


Very well explained, discussed and in detail presentation.  Knowledgeable in topic discussion.  Very exciting class to attend and participate.  From Alberto Magsino, SPML Fab2, Supervisor


A very informative training.  This just not enhances my knowledge on tool maintenance but also reminds me that an equipment could perform better when we have the best maintenance people doing the job.  Every topics were discussed comprehensively and cites very good examples.  I would like to thank you Sir for sharing to us your knowledge.  Life is indeed like a cup of coffee.  Name withheld 


He always started on time.  Good training materials, very clear with enough examples.  Generous on sharing his materials that can be helpful to his students/listeners.  Obviously the speaker has a wide knowledge on what he is teaching.  “ASTIG” (hardcore), when it comes to maintenance.  Knowledgeable on related to maintenance topics.  From Paul Villavicencio, Sunpower Philippines, Supervisor


Text Box: Energy Development Corp. Ormoc, Phil's
World Class Maintenance, June 15 to 17, 2011

It showed that the maintenance procedures that we are presently adopting are still lacking in comparison to the ones being adopted by leading industries in the world.  We have been almost well versed in Preventive Maintenance but it was proven that this is almost primitive if compared with other maintenance management.  I’m very much interested on how to improve the operator maintenance relations through Autonomous Maintenance. From Dominici Pesebre, Senior Supervisor, EDC Steam


The resource person has the experience for a World Class Maintenance Practices.  He speaks the truth and reality of the condition of being a maintenance person.  We have learned a lot from the resource person on the discussion on the 12 disciplines of maintenance. From Gary Tan, Maintenance, Energy Development Corporation, Steam



Text Box: Energy Development Corporation (Power)
Root Cause Failure Analysis, May 11 to 13, 2011, Philippines

The case study especially on the shuttle challenger explosion is a very good example in the conduct of RCFA.  The Root Cause Failure Analysis as presented helped us to understand the concept of the training.  Elvie Orin, Power Generation, EDC


The seminar is quite informative. It has made some points understandable with regards to my misconception regarding RCFA.  The things I learned from this seminar will definitely be taken in my line of work. Mang Tibo should come on the next training.  Name withheld, EDC


Informative, interesting and new revelation.  This training is full of information new to my knowledge.  Root Cause Failure Analysis becomes a thing that needs to be given priority whenever there is an equipment or parts that fail.  By ignoring it, fatal incident could happen.  This training teaches participants how to conduct Root Cause Failure Analysis in the workplace.  It is full of relevant workshops and real situations in life.  Rolly was somehow able to elevate every worth not just because of the diploma but this principle I can apply in every aspect of life.  Ernesto Salarda, Chemist, Energy Development Corporation


It helped me understand and provide me the best practices and ideas in conducting RCFA especially on our bearing failures related problems in our plant site.  This training provides technical ideas on different bearing failure modes and gives a better understanding on some mechanical failures. Name withheld from Energy Development Corporation



Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis Master Class
Text Box: Asia Iknowledge, Malaysia
World Class Maintenance, The 12 Disciplines, June 20 to 22, 2011

Objective attended this course achieved.  Speaker’s ability to teach and update new ideas and information to maintenance.  Learned what to be achieved as a World Class Industry by providing understanding of the 12 disciplines.  From Khairul Hafiz Nordinn, Mechanical Engineer, MNFSB, Petro Chemical, Malaysia


After this training, I learned more and got knowledge about preventive Maintenance.  Enjoy this training.  I had learn and covered in this course. The trainer had made the learning a truly enjoyable experience. From Sarn Dasan, Western Digital, Malaysia


The presenter is very energetic and spiritual.  Easy to understand because the class come out with analogy. Gave a lot of point for improvement. Give new ideas to implement in our section and company. From Akmarulhaizan Abdul Prahim, Chargeman, Power Plant, Energy Utility, Malaysia


World Class Maintenance well defined and an eye opener for maintenance staff whom are so caught up with daily job routine s and pressure.  Thanks to the instructor.  Mr. Rolly who is very passionate on maintenance and brings out the value of maintenance.  At least this course enables me to be focused and know where to stand for my maintenance team.  That’s where basic discipline has been very applicable and beneficial.  CD in PowerPoint and excel makes life easy for me to train my staff.  Mr. Rolly leaves behind few moral stories and illustrations through videos  which makes the class interesting. From Calvin Chan, Service Manager, IT Services


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