Text Box: Testimonies from World Class Maintenance Management, January 2015
Text Box: Testimonies from Root Cause Failure Analysis, February 2015
Text Box: Testimonies from FMEA/FMECA Master Class, June 2015
Text Box: Testimonies from Advance Maintenance Leadership, May 2015
Text Box: Testimonies from MRO Spare Parts Management, March 2015
Text Box: Funai Electric, Cebu City, Philippines
Root Cause Failure Analysis for Industries, February 16 to 17, 2015

Program content and its relevance and usefulness.  Methods and skills used in imparting knowledge.  Facilitators rapport with the audience. From Mimi Bonsai, Funai Electric


Learned that all physical failures have a latent cause.  RCFA is a very good tool in solving equipment problems that recur in nature.  From Nestor de Jesus. Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Funai Electric


A practical way in solving problems.  This training definitely augmented my knowledge in problem solving problems.  This will help my organization through a better approach in solving problems. Ferdie Bartolabac Engineering Manager, Funai Electric


Learned the importance of preserving evidence.  Correct sequence of analysis and learned the different failure modes.  From Edwin Villanueva, Engineering Manager, Funai Electric


Very useful in solving problem in our product problems.  Can lead to the root cause in an orderly manager.   Learned ways in solving the root cause of the problem.  From Mark Warren Sava, QPE, Funai Electric


Very qualified trainer and appropriate training methodology about topics for the plant’s maintenance organization. From Cesar Espina Jr. Manager, Facilities


RCFA approach is very effective in the equipment failures.  This is every evidence based and the hypothesis separate from the acts through test and verification.  Learned the types of wear. The RMS Titanic and the Challenger Disaster.  From Allan Undang, Facilities Engineer


Slides are great with sample and easy to understand.  Instructor relates between daily life with maintenance.  Simple and good exercises between group members. Keep it up everything is ok.  From Mohd Izmir B. Azizan


Interesting slides.  Lots of refreshment that related to the course.  Lots of experience shared and given. From Khairul Nizam, Executive Engineering Maintenance


Learn what would take years of experience to learn on my own self learning.  Real world science and experience which cannot be learned in formal academic institutions.  Good music energizer. From Muhaimin ooyub, Head of Maintenance in Healthcare


The trainer was knowledgeable and full of passion to teach the trainees.  Presentations were full of interesting information.  Trainer provide problem solving to trainee’s problem at the plant. From Wan Abdul Hakim, Facilities Maintenance


Text Box: Asia Iknowledge, Subang, Malaysia
World Class Maintenance Management, Jan. 26 to 28, 2015

Text Box: Testimonies from Reliability Centered Maintenance, April 2015
Text Box: RSA Reliability Master Class, El Cielito
MRO Storeroom and Spare Parts, March 4 to 6, 2015

The training basically improved my knowledge in MRO storeroom and spare parts management.  It gave me the idea of how to fully manage the area where I belong in the warehouse, on how to properly lay-out or position our stocks, to make inventory control viable, to properly manage our lead time in ordering stocks.  To stock or not to stock spares and to adopt new automated practices to further enhance the value of being advance in terms of managing and controlling of the MRO spare stocks.  From Hector Alanes, Warehouse Supervisor, Aboitiz Power


Magandang buhay. Thank you for sharing your knowledge through this MRO Spare Parts Management training.  I will do my best to apply this training to improve more our spare parts management.  I will also recommend this training to my colleagues.  May the good lord bless and keep you and your family.  Thanks and God Bless.  From Roel John Corpuz


Knowledge about MRO storeroom and spare parts.  Learn to stock or not to stock a spare part.  Encourage lots of inputs and very applicable.  It can very much apply in our work. From Janice Lucas, Maintenance Technician, Temic


Attending this training educate us in the importance of having MRO storeroom and spare parts management and apply this in the department step by step.  Increasing my knowledge on the value of this training.  This 3 days training tackle a lot of issues that make improve my role as guardian of the store.  There are lots of improvement that can be imposed in our storeroom.  All critical parts should be identified.  Inventory system should also improve.  Most important is to manned the storeroom 24/7 to lower inventory discrepancy and avoid stock out.  From Andrew Jacob, Engineering Storekeeper, Philippine Bio Industries


Spare parts management well taught in this training.  Techniques are well taught to provide the participants a guide in implementing what was taught.  The facilitator has a broad knowledge of the industries application for spare parts management and answered all the queries.  From Darwin Abragante, Analog Devices


This can be applied in daily or day to day work activities.  This is guide to know how to handle where the items are to stock or not to stock.  We can use this to lessen or eliminate the stock out of parts.  Learned how to calculate the purchasing and carrying costs.  This is an effective way to help the company to achieve inventory accuracy. From Geraldine Bawagan, Purchasing Temic


Guide me on how to decide if the parts will be stock or not to be stock using a tree diagram.  I can use and apply all the lecture in my daily activities in my work.  I learned how to plant what parts my department needs and this training enhance my knowledge regarding spare parts management.  From Christine Elgar, Test Technician, Temic



The training let me know the difference between TPM and RCM.  I understand the failure consequences as well as reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance.  From ZH Zhou, Operations Manager, SSL, On Semiconductor, China


Very good training material and package.  Trainer more experience.  Fun and good presentation.  From Tony Wu, Operations Director, SSL, On Semiconductor


Bring a new concept to us which help us to identify where we should put our efforts in.  Systematically guide us to conduct RCM.  It is very useful.  The training is very vivid and the mentor is energetic.  From Kelvin Liao, Facility Manager, SSL, On Semiconductor


Exercises, discussion and examples help us to easily understand the important points.  Training is humorous , experience so the training is fun.  From Belinda Chan, QA Section Manager, On Semicon


Text Box: Salvo Global, Doha, Qatar
Advance Maintenance Leadership, May 24 to 28, 2015

The seminar is lively delivered.  Audio and visual presentation are excellent.  All topics are in detailed.  Hope to convince management to give seminar or technical and artisan level.  From Glenn Nario Grafane, Senior Maintenance Executive


RCM approach practical view is new understanding approach of clarifying maintenance tasks to use whether reactive, preventive, proactive or predictive .  ISO 55000 us the new subject learned and it should be good idea to keep management team informed.  Root cause analysis, MTBF and OEE has been explained in details.  From Manoj Chand, Facility Manager


Extensive knowledge of facilitator about the subject.  High energy presentation and elaborate explanations.  Good and large number of examples and case studies.  Friendly atmosphere.  Thoroughly and clearly organized presentation.  Interesting topics are RCM, RCFA and operators role in maintenance is an interesting topic.  From Firose Padath, Facility Manager


Text Box: On Semiconductor, Shenzhen, China
Reliability-Centered Maintenance, April 21 to 24, 2015
Text Box: Hedcor Inc., Benguet, Philippines
FMEA/FMECA Master Class, June 22, 2015

I was able to differentiate between FMEA and FMECA.  In order to come up with the Risk Priority Number, we should be able to know the severity, occurrence and detection that the failure will occur in the system.  From Marlon Torralba, Plant Operator, Hedcor Inc.,


FMEA/FMECA as a tool on effectively identifying of risks and failure.  Good start before attending RCM, opening knowledge on solving problem.  From Anselma Cobcobo, Plant Operator, Hedcor Inc.,


Very excellent facilitator.  I learned a lot about FMECA techniques and how to attack problem may arise on our plant through the use of this seminar.  Very clear discussion.  From Melchor Gallate, Plant Operator, Hedcor Inc.,


Knowledgeable speaker.  Lively.  Able to defend answers.  Good debate.  Timely for Risk Management plan and Asset Management plan preparation for the use of this seminar.  Very clear discussion.  From Melchor Gallate, Plant Operator, Hedcor Inc.,


It was clarified that conducting FMEA/MECA and getting the RPN does not immediately mean getting the higher RPN which means that higher priority should still be based on common sense.  Proper accomplishment of the FMEA/FMECA form.  From Cris Fuentecilla, Civil Maintenance


Understanding the objective of FMEA/FMECA, potential failure mode and effects analysis.  Criteria and severity of effects, likelihood and detecting design and controls.  Was able to determine the occurrence of the failure and recommended corrective actions.  From Ferdie, Operator


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