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Mobile Phone : +63920-482-8225

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By Mail   : RSA Reliability & Maintenance Consultancy Firm

                 Phase III, Block 27, Lot 10, Golden City, Sta. Rosa,

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If you ever wonder that training people in your organization is pretty much expensive, then think about the cost of your repairs and breakdowns, it is much more expensive than the cost of training.  At my firm, we have the resources, experience, dedication and most important, the passion to impart these knowledge to your industry and we are just an email or phone call away in better serving your industry’s training needs.  Our small firm is in the business of helping industries improve their maintenance human resources and save you money in maintenance and that’s the bottom-line.


You may contact us if you are interested on the following:


1) If your industry is interested in having any of these maintenance and reliability courses we offered to be conducted in your plant for an in-house training.  Contact us and we shall send you our proposal.


2) If you are interested in purchasing any of our reliability and maintenance courses in CD online or purchase the book on World Class Maintenance Management –The 12 Disciplines or Maintenance—Roadmap to Reliability book and how you can avail of them. 


3) If your industry is interested in acquiring consultation, assessment or facilitation on the courses we offered such as WCM, RCM, TPM, RCFA, CBM, MEE Indices, LUB, MRR, or other courses.


4) If your plant or industry is interested in assessing your maintenance training needs and analysis.


5) If you are from another training industry or organization and is interested in having us as your resource speaker in the field of reliability and maintenance for offsite, public trainings, seminars and conferences.


6) If you are interested to attend in any of our RSA Maintenance Public Training and Workshops. Kindly   Click Here and send us an email and we will respond to you.


7) If your industry is interested to have a maintenance assessment to determine where your industry ranks from the very best to the worst in class.


8) If you as an individual or from industry have any questions, feedback, suggestions, request comments, don’t hesitate to email us. 

































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Our Reliability Newsletter will be provided ones a month to our valued RSA Reliability Subscribers. It provides highlights as well as issues and lessons regarding our most common link which is all about  improving the      reliability of equipment.

World Class Maintenance Management - The Twelve Disciplines and Maintenance—Roadmap to Reliability are now available here.  WCM book speaks about the 12 Disciplines on Maintenance and MRR book is about a sequel to WCM book.  These not only cover about the technical jargon on reliability and maintenance, it is a book that makes every single maintenance proud that they belong to the maintenance function.  If you have been living through the day to day pressures of doing maintenance then this is your story.  If you are interested in this book, send me an email.  Click Here!

You may view and watch these previous training slideshow  videos and together with my guitar covers on selected songs here on my You Tube Channel  and hope you subscribe for a regular update. Click Here!

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 If your industry is interested to join and participate in any of our upcoming public training and workshop for this year 2018 you  may send us an email or simply fill out the registration form provided on our schedule site.  You may Click here to visit our schedule training for 2018 Schedule.

 This portion is dedicated to the greatest band of all times “The Rolling Stones, which started in 1962 and still together. What made them stick together after simply five decades (fifty years) of music I simply can’t say,  As Keith Richards said in his book “Life. if I can excite Mick then Mick can excite the world.  Last   2012 they started celebrating their fifty years of Rock and Rolling as a band. 


We are very much flattered and humbled by your feedback and testimonies.  Your messages are the main reason for allowing us to stay in this business.  With all humility we say thank you and rest assure that we are continuously improving.  Without your support in our training there won’t be us.  Read More!

 Gallery: All 2017 training photos and pictures onwards will be uploaded in my Facebook.

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 In-house Training: Should your industry be interested for any of the courses we provide for in-house trainings kindly send us an email and we will provide you with a proposal.  We are now booking reservations for in-house training for both local and international countries.     Contact us.

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