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The world will never be complete without music.  Music is a powerful and universal language that unites all culture, race and religion. At RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm, music is always alive . . .   

Music is a powerful and universal language and in my point of view there is a strong similarity between starting off with a reliability initiative in your plant and starting to play the guitar for the first time around.  Nobody that holds the guitar the first time can play like Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page or Steve Vai.  It takes time, a lot of time, passion, dedication, and most importantly the correct mindset to reach their levels.  Even if you try to duplicate all the gears, amps, effects and whatever they have, the tone you will produce will exactly sound like you and not them.  It takes time to be like them.  Like reliability, there are no shortcuts, improving the reliability of the plant will start with its basic foundation and that is through education and having the correct knowledge of the basics of discipline.

Part of me that I love to do besides my passion of teaching reliability and maintenance is playing music.  I started playing in 1976 but stopped and would like to give it another shot.  Although it is not my intention to become famous like them but rather express myself.  Perhaps if there are thoughts that I cannot express in words perhaps music can.  I have just started my you tube career and might as well taught of expressing myself and play songs I like and hope you like too.  Although not great yet as compared to other covers, I might as well give it a shot.  It is very inspiring to see ordinary people, mom and pops most especially Granma's and grandpa’s render their version of their songs they love to play on YouTube.  I hope you take the time to check my covers, post your comments, feedback and subscribe.  I will appreciate that greatly.  I would like to dedicate my YouTube channels to all reliability and maintenance mankind out there.  I will be uploading more and updating it on a regular basis.  Previous training of RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm are also uploaded in my YouTube Channel and I hope that you check them out.  You can click the each of the link below or you can go directly to my YouTube channel located at




Michael Jackson is the epitome of music. I consider to be the greatest entertainer of all times.  Started his career at 5 years old with the Jackson 5.  His music to me is not only entertaining but contains a lot of messages and metaphors and have connected in some of the training modules I teach.  I also have a lot of books about Michael Jackson which I have read such as Moonwalk which was authored by Michael himself, Unmasked by Ian Halperin, The Michael Jackson Tapes by Rabbi Shumley Boteach, Man in the Music by Joseph Vogel, The Magi, The Madness, The Whole Story Michael Jackson by J. Randy Taraborrelli, and Michael Jackson Life of a Legend by Michael Heatly and among these books the most controversial as far as I can say is Unmask by Ian Halperin,  which is one of the critics of Michael Jackson which he follows the prosecution of Michael Jackson regarding child molestation in which he quote that in the beginning I was convince that Michael Jackson is guilty of molesting a child but in the end, I cannot see a single shred of evidence and conclude that he was not guilty.  Michael to me is the greatest musician that ever lived and his music not only unites all culture but will live on.   

Paul Mc Cartney age 72, started his career with, the Beatles and have composed more than 200 songs that make it to the Top Ten Charts.  What can I say, a brilliant mind when it comes to composing songs.  There are songs he wrote that never seems to fade away such as Let It Be, Hey Jude that he sang on the 2012 London Olympics.  Devastated by the break up of the Beatles, finally he realized that music was in his soul and his whole life, so he formed his own group “The Wings” together with his wife Linda who died of breast cancer.  Paul continue to write beautiful songs and perhaps his song “No More Lonely Nights”, is a way of saying that after the Beatles, life goes on after all.  Awarded by the Music Hall of Fame and given the highest award on Music by the US President Barrack Obama himself.  As Obama quote, his music continues to inspire us for a cumulative of 32 years.  His song Yesterday had been covered by 2200 artists.  Have also done a musical collaboration with Michael Jackson which they sang “ The Girl is Mine” and live performance with Eric Clapton itself.  Truly, Sir Paul Mc Cartney to me is perhaps the most gifted, talented and the best composer of all times and continues to compose songs up to this day.  


Eric Clapton born in 1945, age 67 today, I can say to be one of the best guitarist in the world I admire.  Have composed classical songs such as Wonderful Tonight, Layla, Bell Bottom Blues, Tears in Heaven which he dedicate to his kid that died of a mishap.  If you go to you tube and type wonderful tonight cover, you will run out of a days time by just seeing all the covers made by different singers, and ordinary people not to mention also my cover on this one.  Eric started with the group The Yardbirds in 1963 and then decided to form his own group Cream and played the blues. Eric Clapton is the only person to received a three time inductee award into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist and during his times with the Yardstick and Cream. Nicknamed as slowhand because whenever Clapton broke a string on his guitar, he will replace it on stage creating a delay in which the audience would clap slowly waiting for Clapton to finish hence the word Slowhand was formed which means slow hand clapping.      

 I think the first thing is that we need to identify what is it we really want, because whatever it is we really want that’s what is going to come out.  The thing that your most comfortable with that you do the best because that is what your going to do best.  Like me, I have strength and weaknesses, I don’t work on my weaknesses, I ignore them and I cultivate my strengths . . . . .The level of achievement we have on anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it because the only thing that is holding you back is the way your thinking. 


Starting a reliability initiative in your plant is like playing the guitar the first time around.  It takes time, patience, discipline, passion, dedication, the right mind-set, knowledge and most importantly, a change in culture to achieve it and it ain’t gonna be done overnight.  It takes time to

become like them . . . Rolly Angeles

Rolling Stones started their career in 1962, and perhaps today I consider the longest running band in world.  The band is still together after 50 years.  They recently held a concert last November 2012 at UK and in the USA with 4 surviving members Larry Watts the drummer, Keith Richards guitarists, Mick Jagger their lead singer.  Ronnie Woods formally joined the band in 1979 but have some few gigs with them previously. What made them stick together that long still remains a mystery but much can be learn from it.  Most of their songs are composed by Mick and Keith Richards.  Keith and Mick first met on a train station with Mick carrying some Muddy Waters album which interest Keith.  This is somehow how they started their life long friendship.  The Rolling Stones started in 1962 playing gigs in clubs and in the name of their band Rolling Stones was picked by Brian Jones while talking to a phone placing an ad and applying to play in a club, when ask what was the name of their band, a Muddy Waters album was lying on the floor where track one was Rolling Stones Blues, and Brian quickly replied, our bands name is the Rolling Stones.

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All of them started unknown and unheard off but through their belief, faith and passion in music, to me they are considered to be the best musicians in the world

Memory Motel - Rolling Stones Cover

As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones Cover

Worried About You - Rolling Stones Cover

Wild Horses - Rolling Stones Cover

Text Box: Rolly Angeles - Rolling Stones Cover

Access to this part will only be available if your plant allows site such as YouTube if not then you can view this in your home or other places besides your industry.  These are my collections of my favorite band which is the Rolling Stones.   Highly appreciate it very much if you can comment, subscribe and like these covers on my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/rollyguitar63


Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones Cover

Streets of Love - Rolling Stones Cover

If You Really Want To Be My Friend - Cover

I’ve Got The Blues  - Rolling Stones Cover

Don’t Stop - Rolling Stones Cover

Fool To Cry - Rolling Stones Cover

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 This portion is dedicated to the greatest band of all times “The Rolling Stones, which started in 1962 and still together. What made them stick together after simply five decades (fifty years) of music I simply can’t say,  As Keith Richards said in his book “Life. if I can excite Mick then Mick can excite the world.  Last   2012 they started celebrating their fifty years of Rock and Rolling as a band. 


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